I tried to sync-watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood with my friends

More-legit: did he just punch a cockatoo to death
Gr8: I am confused
Legit: wat
Gr8: what is eibh watching
More-Legit: episode 2
Legit: I don’t know but I want to watch it
More-Legit: the suit of armor just punched a cockatoo
Legit: are you watching brotherhood
More-Legit: that girl thought it was her boyfriend
More-Legit: yes
More-Legit: isn’t that what we’re watching
Legit: yes
More-Legit: FMA Brotherhood
Gr8: where in the episode are you
More-Legit: episode 2
Legit: i’m so confused
Gr8: same
Gr8: what point are you at time wise
More-Legit: 7:53 minutes left
More-Legit: cockatoo was a while back though
Legit: oooh, was it stylized Ed
More-Legit: that Rose girl wanted that Cornello or whatever he’s called to bring back her boyfriend
Legite: with his hair sticking up
More-Legit: and she thinks he’s back but he’s a cockatoo
Legit: lawl
More-Legit: and the suit of armor punched it
Legit: that was Ed eibh
More-Legit: who’s Ed?
Legit: Edward Elric
Legit: the main character
Legit: of FMA
More-Legit: what
More-Legit: wait
More-Legit: is Ed the the suit of armor or blondie
Legit: blondie
Legit: Ed is the blonde kid
Legit: Al is the suit of armor
More-Legit: okay why was he dressed as a cockatoo
More-Legit: why did the suit of armor punch him
Legit: because sometimes they do a style thing
More-Legit: what
Legit: where it’s just his hair sticking up
More-Legit: this shit makes no sense you know that right
Gr8: when even was that bit I skipped
More-Legit: no no no no, that wasn’t his hair
More-Legit: he was a cockatoo
More-Legit: he had a beak
More-Legit: and wings
More-Legit: and he was flying in the air to attack that rose girl
Legit: eibh no ;_;
More-Legit: wtf is this shit
More-Legit: what are you making me watch
More-Legit: I don’t understand
Legit: just continue watching
Legit: all will make sense in time
More-Legit: more dead birds
Gr8: if you’d started with steins gate it has none of the stylised stuff just sayin
More-Legit: wtf does “stylised” mean
More-Legit: he was a fucking cockatoo
Gr8: I can’t even remember that bit and I skipped to get to your point
Gr8: so I dunno what it is
More-Legit: I don’t understand
Legit: just embrace it eibh
Gr8: I can’t find where it was in the episode
Gr8: or where it would even make sense
Gr8: meg do you know the point it happens?
Legit: yes
Gr8: what time approx
Legit: it’s when Al hits him and he goes all white
Legit: and his hair sticks up
More-Legit: no
More-Legit: no
More-Legit: he had a beak
Legit: stop focusing on that and just watch the important part
More-Legit: okay let’s pause before episode 3 okay
More-Legit: no I need to get this
Legit: he just got made a state alchemist
Gr8: yeah but like, when
Gr8: oh later on than I thought
More-Legit: 12:13 in
More-Legit: that is a fucking cockatoo
Gr8: oh okay earlier on
Legit: lolol
More-Legit: i know what I saw
Legit: it’s just funnies eibh
More-Legit: 12:27
More-Legit: punched on the floor
More-Legit: still a fucking cockatoo
More-Legit: not funny
Gr8: when I go to that point
Gr8: it’s just the two guys talking?
More-Legit: why is there a cockatoo attacking her
Legit: can you like
Legit: screenshot what you see
More-Legit: hold on

Gr8: what

More-Legit: that is a fucking evil cockatoo
Gr8: that is a cockatoo but
Gr8: that isn’t this episode
More-Legit: I don’t understand where it came from
Gr8: unless I missed something
Legit: okay yeah
Legit: you are on the wrong episode
Legit: completely
More-Legit: no that is ep 2
Gr8: of part
More-Legit: wait hold on
More-Legit: wtf
Gr8: lmao
More-Legit: my Netflix is glitching
Legit: bless
More-Legit: I select FMAB and it goes to FMA
Gr8: ;_;
Legit: no wonder we were having a meltdown
More-Legit: why is it doing that
More-Legit: let me watch FMAB dammit
Legit: I’m sorry I doubted you eibh
Legit: that was indeed a fucking cockatoo
Gr8: I didn’t think the bird thing was in this one
Gr8: as in
Gr8: Ed as bird
Gr8: I was so confused meg
Legit: so was I
More-Legit: ok you were starting to freak me out
More-Legit: okay
More-Legit: so I selected FMA
More-Legit: and it’s now taking me to FMAB
More-Legit: I don’t get this

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i hate that the acronym for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is FMAB because i keep reading it as “female male assigned at birth” and struggling to understand what it means