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For the expression art chart, how about a Winry for C6? 😁

If you think that has anything to do with Edward you’re terribly wrong she just noticed a new automail model.

Thank you for your ask Anon! I was going to say “How did you know I loved her” but that’s a bad question. She’s awesome.

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Imagine how much funnier brotherhood would’ve been if Ed were one of the sins?

Like, he’s Pride and can use shadows to make a Shield over his organic arm while his metal arm is the sword. He uses the shadows as a boost if the ground he transmutes doesn’t get him high enough. He’s so much stronger and can intimidate literally anyone who gets in his way by feeding them to the darkness…

And he still gets clomped with a wrench by his wife Winry when the arm gets busted. He tries to hide it by wrapping a shadow over the damages but Winry pesters him until he shamefully shows her the impact.

Ed, the ‘dark metal alchemist’ is feared by so many criminals. His stare is known to make grown men wet themselves. Yet he’s terrified of a local housewife named Izumi.


FMAB moodboards: Hellbound AU.  

I’m sorry, sir. It looks like I won’t follow you, after all. Instead, it seems that I will likely be hellbound long before you. Chapter 5.

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Rating: T

Pairing: EdWin/Edward x Winry

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fullmetal Alchemist.

Word Count: 1060

Title: Grief

Description: EdWin One Shot

The night Ed, Al, and Winry return to Central to find Lt. Hughes is dead.

A/N: Comments are always appreciated. Enjoy!


Mr. Hughes is dead.

My stupid pillow is soaked with tears. I didn’t know him that well, honestly. But…I really liked the him I did know. And I do miss him. He was a kind, sweet, good man. Wonderful father. Great husband. My dad was like that. I think. And after I lost him…Mr. Hughes was…almost like…

And Ed and Al. They were his friends. They… I know they feel responsible, which only makes it worse. Plus, since they’re such boys, they can’t figure out how to be sad properly about things, so…I do it.

Not to mention Ms. Gracia and Elicia. I’ve never…never seen such pure grief before. Even behind her smile, Ms. Gracia couldn’t hide that pain. And the way Elicia hugged me outside the door… I’ve never felt so incredibly helpless.

I mean, when Al carried a bleeding, dying, soaked-to-the-bone Edward to our door that…awful night, at least I felt useful—getting things for Granny and working with her on the automail after.

This… I can’t make sense of this.

A knock on my door pulls me out of my head.

“Winry? You in there?”

Ed. I’d better see what he wants. Rubbing a hand over my puffy, red eyes, I pad over to the door and pull it open.

“You haven’t eaten yet have you?” His voice is hesitant, like…like that’s not really what he wants to say, but… Well, what else is there to say?

I can’t… I can’t even lift my eyes to look at him. The lump in my throat is too large to talk around. Like it’s suffocating me.

“You might want to hurry. The…the dining room is closing soon.”

“Mmm.” I nod slightly. Even that feels exhausting.

“You know you have to eat. To keep up your strength.

“Mm-hmm.” I repeat the motion.

“Okay. I’ll go back to my room.”

He starts to walk off, when my hand reaches out and grabs his—my fingers closing around the automail without me telling them to. He turns back instantly. I finally look up at him only to find a hint of surprise on his face. I guess I seem pretty uninterested in socialization. That said…I don’t want to be alone now.

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