<3 Here’s a piece of my favourite character from Fullmetal Alchemist! - I’m still working on the full piece but I noticed while I was messing with the layers that this looked alright so I thought I’d share it early!

Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist |  鋼の錬金術師 | Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

Small and kinda cute AU idea

Ok, but imagine if the make a wish foundation existed in Amestris. With how big the military is there and how much State Alchemists are put on pedistals, at least in some areas, plus the significant lack of comic book heros, there would probably be a decent number of kids who ask to either meet a state alchemist or have someone show them alchemy. And because it would be free promotion and propaganda, the military would probably very compliant.
–Imagine Major Armstrong visiting little kids in the hospital to inspire their recovery and take photos with them where they pose dramatically together.
–and that being where he got the idea to do so for Ed and Al in the first episode of brotherhood
– roy being asked to do a psedo fireworks display for some kid who doesn’t get to leave the hospital
–Edward Elric being annoyed as he’s dragged into Mustang’s office, thinking he’s beong sent on some crappy mission
–Only to find out some bed ridden kid had requested him because he was the kids idol due to his automail and how he had become the youngest state alchemist.
–he gets requested often among young kids and kids his age. He ends up befriending a lot of them
–Tries very had to not get upset when the kids call him the “little alchemist”
– He continues to visit after the promised day, even though he isn’t an alchemist
–Alphonse also visits some kids after he gets his body back and returns from xing
–Also imagine non alchemists being requested
–Kids asking for briggs soldiers to come and visit them.
–Captain Buckaneer visiting kids who are going to get amputations or go through automail surgery
–(because in the manga Jean goes through physical therapy to get his legs back) Even Jean Havoc get a request from a parapligic kid to meet him because they were inspired by his recovery and how he was able to assist during the promised day.
–Imagine the volunteer’s being worried when a young girl wants to meet General Olivier Armstrong because they think she won’t want to leave briggs, but she emmitiatly makes time to come down and inspire the girl to never let any man push her arround and become a badass general in her own time