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Have you two ever been to a dance together? What was it like?

“Of course. We’ve shared a dance or two in military balls… and each time was breathtaking.”

You know what I love? The fact that these three share the same English VA

Thank you Mike McFarland for voicing my precious undercut sporting, Jean named assholes I LOVE MY JEANS

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Riza cause I want angst from the letter c :D (sorry)

Thank you for requesting Riza, my beautiful wife who I love and think about 24/7

Send me a character and you’ll get 4 different kinds of headcanons

Realistic: Though Riza specializes in shooting pistols and rifles, as a teenager she was also very talented with shotguns, and she’s upset Central doesn’t have a decent shotgun range to practice at. When she was younger, she used to win hunting competitions with a bird dog her kind, elderly neighbor used to let her train and hunt with from time to time.

Hilarious: One night when Riza couldn’t sleep, she decided to learn how to knit, and made Hayate a little sweater, and herself a matching one on another night. She’s very proud, and the two of them have gone out in public in their sweaters.

Heart-Crushing: Once, in the time between Ishval and canon, Riza befriended an Ishvalan woman who worked at a fruit stand near where she lived, who didn’t know Riza was in the army, and thought Riza was a sweet girl for always walking her dog along with her to get groceries. Eventually, Riza finds out that the woman fled Ishval during the war, and has managed to avoid the military police in Central so far to earn her living working in the stand. Riza eventually becomes close enough with the woman to learn that she had to watch her husband and two children die right in front of her eyes, both shot in the head by the infamous “Hawk’s Eye”, just for trying to escape the violence and never participating in it. The woman says the cowardly sniper who murdered her family is one of the reasons she despises the Amestrian military, and that the sniper deserves the worst death possible for their crimes. She tells Riza she’s so lucky to have nice girl like her to talk about everything with, and get her feelings out. After that experience, Riza’s depression worsens, and she feels awful because she doesn’t even remember having shot that woman’s family- it all blurs together with the rest of her kills. She never buys fruit from there again, and Riza can only hope that the woman is doing alright on her own.

Canon sucks: When Gluttony attacks her in episode 18, Riza just fuckin decks him, and Gluttony falls off of the building and Roy shows up all frantic and expecting to have to rescue her, but Riza is just sipping on some lemonade and repeatedly shooting at Gluttony on the ground and keeping him from coming back up to attack her.

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I feel I should let you know that your adorable art of Winry and posts of her caused me to develop such a crush that I am now finally watching the show :D Thank you for my new anime girlfriend hehe

@empresspilaf HGGDJIGGKFK OMG GOO D!!!!!!

listen, fmab is……my fave of all faves and Winry is the Number One of my heart forever and always, Raygun Artachoke wHOMST???

aaaaaaa she’s so cute, isn’t she?? gosh I know you’ll love her, she’s Amazing I love her so much I could cRY please tell her I love her next time she comes on screen

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