It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened and it wouldn’t be the last either. Getting out of this was simple enough with his strength but dealing with the wound afterwards was the worst…though at least it was a predictable pain.
However, what made this instance different was someone actually stopped to help him.

More dragon roy. This time: how Riza and Roy met. She met him when she was ten while gathering plant samples for her father and helped him free himself from a bear trap that had caught his tail. She got him some bandages and a washcloth to take care of his wound with, and while that occurred, the two began chatting and quickly became fast friends. The two would meet up regularly up until a little after her father died. She didn’t see him again until after the ishvalan war had started.
Hope you guys like this!

The second illustration created by the talented Dzioo. Again, the facial expressions are so amazing! And the way she made entire scene glow… 

I asked her to recreate this scene in Chapter 9 simply because it captures what the entire story was about. Dzioo went above and beyond here. Not only she managed to capture the scene from the initial draft (which has changed quite a bit after the editing and beta’ing), she made it better. I literally changed the entire dialogue at the end of the chapter to accentuate what Dzioo created. 

I’m lucky she decided to illustrate this story. I’m quite happy with the end product.

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Abraca—switch! Or The Tale of Edward Elric vs. the Mischievous Body-Snatcher

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