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I keep pretending that greed survived because it's the only way I'll survive

I present you with a Concept anon!!

remember when Ling was like ‘ahh…I guess he rubbed off on me after all”? what if it’s bc Greed, being ya know. greedy and all, was like ‘yeah, I really did want friends…..aND THAT’S WHY I GOTTA HANG ONTO THIS KID A LITTLE BIT LONGER’ so he makes a gamble right before he lets Father absorb him and leaves a little piece of himself to regenerate within Ling 

it takes a long ass time for him to get to a point where he’s conscious bc he’s got a limited amount of energy to work with, plus he has to supplement what he doesn’t have with energy Ling’s body produces, but one day, Ling hears a familiar but weak voice say to him “sorry kid, looks like I told you two lies in the end” and at first Ling thinks he’s just imagining things, but Lan Fan confirms that she can sense something within him and Ling just grins even as tears are forming in his eyes and says “don’t scare me like that again, you asshole”