Fun FMA manga fact: This isn’t mentioned in Brotherhood, but the reason Roy and Riza came to Resembool scouting out the Elrics is because someone fucked up the ages on Ed and Al’s file. Literally Roy and Riza are riding in the back of some horse-drawn carriage into Resembool chatting with the driver like “yes we’ve heard rumors of two alchemist brothers here, Ed and Al Elric ages 31 and 30 respectively. Do you know where they live?” And the driver pretty much answers with “lol what? Those kids are like 10.” Except now Roy and Riza are already THERE so they decide “Fuck it. Let’s pay a visit anyway.” So everything that went down in the series is thanks to some mysterious fuck up in the Amestrian Intelligence Department and I salute that person.

You know what’s never not funny?

FMA03 Scar is just so bishie. He looks like he’s in danger of starting a boy band any second. He’s so delicate. So streamline and alluring. He was an extra in a shojo anime who stumbled on set and they were like “shit man we needed someone to play the vengeful murderer youre hired”

And Brotherhood Scar is just so goddamn shredded. 80% jawline. 15% cheek bones. 5% man pain. Dude coulda bench-pressed Sloth out of the fucking Briggs fortress if he’d just been around for it. Testosterone is ashamed of its masculinity around Brotherhood!Scar. Someone chiseled a block of marble and it started talking and everyone just rolled with it.

How are these two the same character howd this happen I’m just fucking laughing

“I like the new color of your suit, Kimblee.” remains to be the most savage destruction of any man I have ever seen to this day. Dude was literally bleeding out all over his white overcoat and some 8 year old roasted him. Imagine dying in the middle of nowhere with the president’s 3rd grader memeing on you.