Ed & Roy are parallel characters.

Made a mistake in their life that they deeply regret and want to account for it.

A ‘rage against the machine’ personality.

Dork who studies a lot.

Cares more for their friends/family than themselves.

Married to/gets married to a busty blonde woman who scolds them on a regular basis.

Hellfire exist in their glare.

Introversive person. Prefers small groups than large crowds of friends.


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seriously tho when I remember how lan fan developed from a small child who believed that she, every part of her, was dispensable and that the people around her were either black and white, those who should die and those who shouldn’t

into a beautiful hardened but warm bodyguard who knew that while her duty came first, even before familial bonds, it’s important to be willing to accept the help from others and learn of one’s own value and the value of even those who seemed insignificant or opposing to the goals of her clan, who was able to know her right to speak her mind even to her lord and acknowledge the strength and struggles of her enemies and find a spot for them in her heart, and yeah man I’m like fucking dead at this point and you say that she’s a flat side character well fuck you I’m whisking my girlfriend off to the “rounded and developed characters with perfect flaws” section whether you say so or not

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Can you draw RoyEd's wedding pls???

Heeeeeeh, I could, but I dunno where to begin! o.o

hmm…something related to cake, maybe

Ed slamming a slice into Roy’s face when he says a joke about his height or maybe calls Ed his wife


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oooh people are bashing the married with kids ending bc of Bleach?? :( I haven't read FMA (yet) but I remember Rave Master had that ending and I thought it was nice, since there'd been implied romantic feelings between the main characters for a while..

Nah people aren’t bashing the married kids ending because of Bleach, but Bleach is another name to the list of stories which potentially screwed up the ending by opting for the “married with kids” path without explaining why or how the story developed to that point - perceived to be a lazy formulaic cop out without any substantial plot development to justify the ending for it to be relatable or believable.

Disappointed a lot of readers, because Bleach at the height of it’s glory did demonstrate its capability to exhibit consistent, coherent and compelling plot. 

Read FMA! You won’t regret it, I will bet u my arm and my leg.

Yeah, that’s the thing with Bleach, it’s not like Rave Master. The endgame pairing only had an awkward one-sided romantic interest that was very painful for a lot of people to even read throughout the course of the series, because the girl idolised the main character too much and it was more admiration rather than understanding, and the main character never really showed any special romantic interest towards said girl. I think they both deserved better.

Therefore, it was very hard to fill in the blanks of how it happened, especially since all the struggle, the pain, the fighting, the war, in their lives had ended by the time of the last chapter, but it would have been precisely that time of chaos and struggle that could have made such a large formative part of their relationship. However, nothing in terms romantic interest development for the girl the main character “ended up” with really took place throughout the course of the entire story, so it was very hard to understand and reconcile the endgame pairing and it was not a believable relationship for a lot of people.  

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It just jumped directly from war end —> married with kids, and it kind of undermined everything that the story had been building up to. That’s basically why people are bashing the ending of bleach, that it opted for a lazy “married with kids” ending without explaining how or why in the entire 686 chapters of the story that such an ending was justified or believable.