• Aot ch. 88: talks about everyone being connected by a nonphysical force
  • Aot ch. 88: talks about the truth existing outside our world
  • Wot ch. 88: talks about Ymir encountering the source of all organic material and gaining the power from it
  • Aot ch. 88: talks about crossing boundaries they probably shouldn't have and their loved ones paying the price
  • Aot up to this point: emphasizes on the ideas of human beings and pursuing freedom, especially in form of breaking walls or boundaries, and facing God as well as the price of doing so
  • me: what kind of fucked up Fullmetal Alchemist shit is this
Fullmetal Alchemist AU...

…where everything is the same, except everyone is a different variation of Roy Mustang.

For example, we have:

Angsty Teen Roy Mustang

Armored Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang irl

and the love interest Roy Mustang … with a gun.