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Loosely based on a scene from this fic. The fic itself isn’t exactly parental but the image of Roy struggling to get off the bed without waking Elicia is too adorable not to draw

Do you guys ever wonder if the MHA kids watch “classical” anime?

Like maybe Kirishima stays up late sometimes watching Naruto.

Or Uraraka streams Sailor Moon on her laptop.

Maybe Shoto has the entire collection of Inu Yasha DVD’s back home in his room.

Bakugo probably thought Roy Mustang was the most suave and bad ass dude in the world.

Luffy could have been Izuku’s idol at some point.

The Iida brothers would watch Gundam Wing together every night when they were young.

Jiro knows how to play the Fairy Tail battle music on her guitar.

And some nights, after a long week, the class gets together and puts on a Hiyo Miyazaki movie in the lounge to listen to the slow music and unwind.

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Hello I am an author of fan fictions and I am writing a piece inspired by your most recent work, Nina Tucker Grows Up / Despite Her Condition. I will of course credit you upon publication, but it seems only proper to ask, first. Additionally, if you have any ideas/details you would like included, please let me know. I'm on ask or chat, whichever.

Oh of course it’s alright, I’m not even really the first to propose an AU where Nina survives :D

I’ve mostly been thinking about the specific health issues her body situation would cause, since I need to rewatch FMA:B and refresh my memory on plot type stuff… I think the main chronic issues she would have would be joint pains (from having a skeleton somewhere in between a dog and a human but specialized for neither range of motion), digestive issues (trouble digesting fiber-heavy plant material do to a shorter gut, some human foods like chocolate/garlic possibly poisonous to her now), poorer color vision and difficulty focusing on close objects in detail (hence the corrective lenses I drew on her), and difficulty with speech related to having less dexterous lips and tongue. Most of these could be mediated with medical alchemy and physical therapy, though her doctors would certainly have an interesting time figuring out her treatment plan.

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For the expression art chart, how about a Winry for C6? 😁

If you think that has anything to do with Edward you’re terribly wrong she just noticed a new automail model.

Thank you for your ask Anon! I was going to say “How did you know I loved her” but that’s a bad question. She’s awesome.

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ParentalFMAWeek Day 2: AU.
Parental!RoyEd mostly, a little Parental!RizaAl, Parental!EdxEdwin baby

Words: 2857
Romantic Royai, Edwin

Really could you expect anything from me but Reverse Dad? I had actually planned to post this around Father’s Day, but then I missed out on one of my posts from yesterday and thought this was an easy one to whip up. So, without further ado… 

Also pardon the part where Ed and Al are actually learning how to dance, because I do not know how to dance and I certainly don’t know how one would teach it. They’re learning, I swear.

“Stop it, Roy.”

Ed looked up from his book, where his nose had been buried after being thoroughly squashed in a board game. His eyes rested on his parents—his new parents, of less than a year. They were being ridiculous and lovey dovey again, like they always were when Ed and Al got home. Like they were whenever Ed and Al saw them.

Roy whipped Riza around quickly, hands held secure in a soulful embrace as he turned with her. Riza laughed loudly, her hands loose and trusting him fully. Her eyes shone with delight and with love, the smile across her face unending as she swayed and spun with the man of her dreams.

A gentle tune sang from the radio, but the dance was very clearly not set to pace it. They had been at this for a while now—Ed was sort of amazed they weren’t getting tired. Although—he supposed love could do that to you. Maybe. Give you the energies of a thousand sugar pops and the wings to fly across the sky. It was all very poetic, he assumed.

He also thought it was very, remarkably lame.

“You’re going to make me fall, Roy Mustang,” Riza laughed, held tight to her husband’s chest. Her legs shook with exertion, but there was no desire to quit in her coffee colored eyes.

“Well,” Roy said, loud and proud. His face was buried in her hair, smile big as the sun. “What is the point of dancing if I can’t sweep the love of my life right off of her very feet?” And like that, his arm went from around her waist to her thighs and, with no hesitation, he did just as he’d said, sweeping her up into his arms like she weighed nothing. Riza’s arms went around his neck and they embraced for just a moment, before Riza shed all forethought and kissed him hard.

Ed grimaced hard and looked away before he got too big an eyeful, noticing Al, curled up on the other end of the couch and halfway to a nap, had glanced over as well.

Ed punched his finger into his mouth and pretended to gag, faking the act but feeling the disgust deep in his core.

Honestly. It was like watching your mom and dad kiss…

He paused and for a moment his eyes went very soft. He thought of his new legal name change and the very real documents drawn up at City Hall, the trip they had all made to Resembool so Roy and Riza could officially meet the rest of Ed and Al’s family, amd request permission to welcome them into their family.

He supposed it was just like watching your parents kiss.

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