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Gom and kagami wedding headcanons Pls? Thank you

headcanons of what wedding dress they would like on their s/o is here <3


  • A small yet very romantic wedding. Probably on a beach.
  • Lots of pretty flowers and colors.


  • Very spectacular. (He’d plan it perfectly)  
  • Lots of colors and music and decorations.  


  • Simple yet memorable. 
  • Lots of food and music.


  • A small wedding in a church is his ideal wedding. 
  • Not just any ole church, a church with nice stain glass and looks rather old but in a beautiful way.


  • A large yet relaxed wedding. 
  • A huge cake but of course. 


  • Very fancy and organized. Somewhere with a beautiful setting and will be very memorable.
  • Lots and lots of nice music, fancy food, pretty lights, amazing flowers, and a beautiful cake. 


  • A medium or small wedding so it’s not too overwhelming.
  • Lots of food and fun party music to dance to.