Tools of spanking

Let me start by saying that all these methods should be used with a partner that is willing and has given permission. Always talk before placing any punishment in your punishments list. Please remember most spanking tools other than your hand can leave permanent damage use caution. Never whip,spank or use any of these tools on the face or neck. Any spanking method can break skin although it depends on what you use and how hard you use it.

Flogging whips: flogging whips are thin long strips of leather connected at the end by a handle. Floggers can be used for teasing, or light whiping. However used with force can leave the spot red or even permanent scaring. It can be used on any part of the body because it is a soft material.

Switch: switches are usually thin banches from a tree. They are more likely to cause more damage and cut into the skin of the submissive causing permanent scaring. Do not use switches on the back, shins or lower back. The ideal place is on the buttocks. If you use it anywhere other than the buttocks it could cause permanent damages such as back problems and walking problems. With switches you will most likely experience blood more than you would if you were to use your hand or a Flogger.

Whips: regular whips are dangerous and arent the best to use. They are harder to control and will leave scaring. However they are available if that is your thing.

Paddles: Paddles are ideal to use. They are easy to control and are better to judge how many spankings can/should be administered. They also come with holes drilled into the wood to prevent wind residents. Paddles is less likely to leave  a permanent mark and will most likely just turn the bottom red. Always use paddles on the bottom never anywhere else

Belts: When using belts hold it in half and hold it by the buckle. Never let the buckle hit your sub and never whip them with it. Always hold it in half. If the belt is not folded it is harder to control and will likely cut the skin (like a whip) however if it is folded it is easier to handle.

Thats it for this post. I know it was very basic but ill make another post exploring more into the subject. Remember when thinking of punishments talk with your partner and never do anything they’re not comfortable with. When spanking if youre just starting out always use the hand and build up. As always be safe.

Wholesome Week Day 2: Parents - Axe Me No Questions...

“Now remember, dear,” said King River, “the axe may not have the speed and finesse of the sword, but the weight gives it a lot more power!”

“Got it, dad…” said Star Butterfly, age 11. Her tone was annoyed, but she smiled while she said it.

“Good form there! Just move your hand up a bit… you want a good balance of grip and leverage.”

“Got it, dad…”

“And one more thing…” said River, looking around nervously. “Let’s not go telling your mother about these lessons, shall we?”

Star stifled a giggle. “Got it, dad…”