you’re made to feel that you need attention on the internet to have selfworth.  then you’re made to feel petty and superficial for seeking that kind of attention.  then you’re made to feel empty for having these base desires.  they say go outside and meet real people.  none of us are real online.  we flip open the laptop and the moment our fingertips touch the keyboard we cease to exist.  you’re made to feel you should make music for its own sake.  you’re made to feel that all you’re allowed is pleasure in the process.  you’re made to feel that it’s foolish to believe you can find an audience who will care about what you do.  you disconnect to regain some humanity in the world.  you sit on things and look at buildings.  you touch flowers and walk up dirt paths.  that’s living they say.  on the internet you can only choose between being one of two things: a follower or follower-dependent.  it’s how you mean something.  it’s how there’s inequity of love in the world, all flowing up.  


As the door flew open, he was greeted with the sight of the hylian, out of breath and exhausted. But what caught his eyes were the wounds by her side. She tried to hide it, but of course to an assassin, he knew just to notice where wounds have been inflicted. 


The death god clicked his tongue as he picked the girl up and set her down on the couch. He remembered seeing  her having some bandages around. The assassin went to look for them and settled back, tending to her wounds, ignoring any complaints she had. He wasn’t going to listen to her nag at him any longer. 

He had enough

Koro had observed her all this time, he knew she was weak….

          …that she could die just as easily as a normal human.



she goes to his apartment instead of hers. newspaper tucked 
under her arm, she uses her spare key to get in and finds him
sitting at the counter on his laptop. 

flipping the newspaper open to the right page, she slides it to
him, taps at the headline. MUTANT ‘ACTIVIST’ MAKES BROAD
it reads, in bold, crisp news-

          “I guess I should be happy they used a nice photo,
           and not one where I look like Cruella.”

Viande Rouge, Redux:

Evil_Saint, you asked for some Kylo POV for Viande Rouge, otherwise known as “The One Where Kylo Ren Eats People”.  Ask, and you shall receive, because, apparently, I had it in me.

@saltandlimes, I am sorry.

Warnings: Kylo Ren still eats people, no happy endings, everything is horrible and everything hurts, and all that entails. Hux, I really am sorry. Really. 

In the mornings, while he eats his breakfast, Kylo likes watching Hux sleep.

He settles at the kitchen island, laptop flipped open, works at his plate with fork and knife as he watches the screen, the camera focused on the cage bars.

It’s hard to make out everything; the overhead lamp is off for the evening, and the little night light picks out the glimmer of the metal, the lock on the gate, the water bottle outside, within Hux’s reach when he needs it.

Hux is curled up into a corner, one hand tucked boyishly under his cheek. He’s bent himself practically in half; Kylo can see the outline of his knees under his blanket, sharp and bony and almost touching his chest. His mouth is half open, a trickle of wet glistening down his chin, more already drying on the padding underneath. His shoulders shift, chest rising and falling with fitful breaths; if he squints, pushes closer to the screen, Kylo can see his throat quiver, the soft flutter of his lashes over his pale, damp cheeks.

Hux sighs in his sleep, deep and low; the blanket slides down his chest as he turns, stretches out one long skinny arm. The sight of it, so defenseless on the cage floor, Hux’s delicate fingers, his narrow wrist with the dark ring of cuff-scraped skin, fills Kylo with a sudden tenderness, a soft indescribable joy that bubbles up from the pit of his stomach, up through his chest, like it’s about to spill forth from his throat.

He touches a hand to the screen. Traces Hux’s shape, leaving a fingerprint behind.

Breakfast finished, Kylo gets up, puts his plate into the sink, pours himself a quick glass of water.

When he turns back, the basement light has turned on bright and stark on the screen, his own back in the frame as he crouches in front of the cage bars.

Kylo pauses the recording. He already knows what he says next.

Wake up, sweetheart. It’s time.

Reverb 2016: Fair Winds and a Following Sea
By Organization for Transformative Works

“There’s an old Viking legend that people tell in the ports, about the Baltic Sea and its guardians.”
Ryu and Nidhogg. Surface and abyss. Good and bad. Light and dark.
One can’t exist without the other, and the sea can’t exist without them.
That’s just how legends work.
When the Nidhogg dies and the Baltic Sea becomes an eternal storm, Soul and Black Star take their weapons, recruit a crew, and set sails towards the unknown. Their mission? To kill the Ryu without dying in the process, and return the peace to the sea. Their life expectancy? Not too long.
But who cares about that, when you have an adventure at your feet?

The art is from sweet, sweet feather97 and is here :3

*flips table*

*flips laptop*

*flips life*

*flips boyfriend*

*remembers Witchcraft has been in HIATUS for two months and cries*

But it was still fun :3

I’d like to do it again, when it doesn’t crosses right in the middle of my final exams and Witchcraft is done.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ll go back to writting Witchcraft, I have a debt to pay with my dear, dear readers (and I miss them so much ;w; )

anonymous asked:

˙ʎɐp pooƃ ɐ uo sıɥʇ əʞıl sʞlɐʇ ʎləʇıuıɟəp ouƃuıssıɯ 'ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ (probably)

i had to flip my laptop upside down to see this

Fangirl Problems
  • Me:*Scrolling through a bunch of gay fics and fan art*
  • Sister:*Knocks on door before entering* Hey, Blox?
  • Me:Wha-! *Slams laptop lid shut*
  • Sister:You okay? What are you doing?
  • Me:I totally wasn't reading smutty Drarry fics! What?! You're crazy for ever thinking that!
  • Sister:Ooo-kay? *Shuts door and leaves the room*
  • Me:*Flips open laptop lid, almost braking it. Looses place in the fic* *Screams at the top of her lungs*