Somebody To You

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by madlypieced

When Clarke flips her laptop open, she feels an urge to faint and, hopefully, stay unconscious forever.

“What the fuck is a sugar baby?!”

Clarke isn’t sure what to be more horrified of: the fact that she has a fully functional account on a site that seems to sell sex or the fact that her profile picture is of her in sweats, post-breakup, devouring Coco Puffs.


AU where a loveless Lexa buys a heartbroken Clarke to become her girlfriend

Words: 3010, Chapters: 2/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1LgUY9a
A New Speedster? (Closed RP)


Eobard Thawne rolled his wheelchair into his home, his large entryway doors closing behind him. His home was an incredibly fancy, grandiose place, complete with huge glass windows on his ceilings and more rooms than he could ever hope to actually use. In his guise of Harrison Wells, he was an incredibly beloved and wealthy scientist, before the particle accelerator incident made him into a pariah.

As soon as the doors were shut, Thawne stood up from his wheelchair, walking over to a table and pouring himself a glass of wine. Taking a few sips of it, he walked over to a laptop computer, flipping it open and glossing over Iris West’s blog, talking about any metahuman activity sightings, most of which Thawne was already well aware of.

But this story was new. Apparently, a blur very similar to the Flash had been going around Central City, stealing food and goods all over the city. Clearly, it was someone with super-speed… but not the Flash. No, this blur was much smaller. A child, perhaps.

Thawne couldn’t help but grin as he read the report. A child speedster that was most likely homeless. How perfect. Another speedster meant another pawn that Thawne could use to get himself back to his time faster. The fact that he was homeless and a thief meant that he’d probably be very easy to take in and ‘save’. And the fact that was a child would no doubt make him incredibly easy to manipulate, and prone to hero worship.

Thawne finished the rest of his wine before calmly setting the glass down next to his computer. The very next instant, Thawne disappeared, a yellow streak shooting out of the building surrounded by red lightning, now dressed in his Reverse-Flash costume.

As he ran, he tried tapping into the Speed Force, trying to find any sense of this new speedster somewhere in the city. There was one he could sense that was most definitely Barry. He knew that feeling in his gut anywhere, that intense mixture of long-time hate and newfound love and respect. But there was something else… a surge of confusion and desperation, that he felt coming from further away. This must be the new kid.

I’ll be there soon, Thawne thought to himself with a smirk. You won’t be stealing to survive for too much longer.

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                        DEEP IN HIS SLUMBER was where the wounds of the past  &&  the new horrors of his newly gained HERO status came together. Peter was often a sound sleeper. He had the ability to banish his thoughts so well  &&  so far down that he could manage living with them on the back of his mind for twenty six years, but some nights they slipped through the cracks.

everything that scared him was melted into one chaotic  &&  meaningless scenario. he was walking within an incomplete painting almost. the burnt whiskey color of the barren ground crumbled under his feet —— though the Earth was blessed with rain. 

a rain of BLOOD.

   “  No no no… “

he was on his planet, which he figured by the destruction  &&  the eerie space stations planted in random areas that it was ENSLAVED. by who, or how, or what, did not matter. it just meant that he failed the only thing he did without HALF TRYING. he poured his entire being into protecting the galaxy even if he hid behind  BRAVADO  &&  COCKINESS.  

Peter felt like air got knocked out of his lungs. There were people, little kids dead on the ground  &&  among them he could see those that were MISFITS, his loons, his family… laying motionless.

he wanted to shout. he wanted to CONFRONT whoever did this  &&  he burnt with vengeance so badly that his ears started to RING loudly with each hit of desperation taking him over.

he wouldn’t become too frantic if he didn’t see his MOTHER among the corpses. how ? how was that possible ? was this what was going to happen ? he was going to fail everybody like YONDU always told him he would. 

because he was soft in his heart.

the fire of DISAPPOINTMENT was somehow being soothed. there was something ICE cold spreading from his arms, which then pulled him out of his sleep without a noise, without a sound, his TRAUMA was woven into SILENCE.

                                  “  ……………. “

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omg what? how would that work? dedication right there.. u r too cute + i love seeing u on my dash aw