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How was Aunt Tanyas first meeting with Uncle Marks parents? Did they liked her from the beginning? If yes, how did she do it?

They always loved her. Aunt Tanya knows how to charm, believe me. Mark is from California, so she didn’t get to meet his parents until they were already engaged and he took her there for a family reunion. She really saved the day when the caterers fell through and she helped Marks mom make all the food the day before the party. His parents were really impressed with how serious and downright bossy she suddenly got when it came to cooking. They always said Mark needed someone to boss him around or he wouldn’t get any work done. And they liked how confident she was when the reunion actually started.

Morning Swim

So, this morning I woke up before 6am. I was hoping to wake up early enough to swim, but I didn’t want to set my alarm in case I really needed more rest after last nights run.

I got to the pool at 7 and sew a group of about 15 high school kids walking into the building. 1 girl, the rest boys. You go girl!

Anyway, turns out it was a track club from New Haven and they were doing some sort of pool track practice. But there were still 3 lanes for swimming and only one was used.

I ended up doing a couple of long sets and a 4x 100. 2400 total yards. 1 hour 10 minutes.

Warm up
200 w/pb

100 ea cu/he/1a
150 2bk
50 kb

4x100 on 2'15" (1'47" ea)

These are my notes:

Little sluggish at times. Tried to focus on balance on my right side. Breathing, gliding, pulling though. And extending my left arm.
Practiced some flip turns.

I would really like to start doing flip turns. I practiced some during my 500. The problem I have is that it takes about ½ length of the pool to recover from the energy it takes me to do the flip turn. I’m all out of breath. I’m hoping if I keep practicing they will get smoother. I just don’t want them to ruin the whole swimming part.

Any suggestions @swimfit @perpetuallykelsey or anyone else would be welcome 😊


That was probably the wrong answer…


“Black women are taking over Rio!” 

Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is coming home from Rio with an impressive four gold medals and one bronze medal. #Love it!


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco