It’s an original that first turned us on to fast rising Winnipeg producer Vincent, but today, I give to you his phenomenal remix of Kehlani’s Gangsta. It’s no wonder the track has blown up on Soundcloud since I first flagged it as a must share late last week, Vincent’s Gangsta is glorious. It slow builds its way to future bass magnificence, culminating in swift dexterous arpeggios and glitchy chopped vocals that leave us tingling with exhilaration. Vincent’s remix is theatrical and gripping, an emotional and affecting journey. And it’s a free download, here.


That hairstyle on Jooheon just fucking kills me.
I just … (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

anonymous asked:

there seem to suddenly be a load of kinfessions about being tall before but now being short, like all at once. is it just one person who sent in a load of similar asks or did everyone else in that situation suddenly get frustrated by it today?

Sorry just saw this! But eh, no clue! Sometimes there’ll be a couple of submissions that are worded differently, but are in the same theme! We just figure there’s a popular text post floating around out there, or maybe an anon/their friends forgot they submitted it already?

Or they thought it got eaten! Or they read it on this blog, forgot they read it, and submitted it again? Who knows, it’s one of life’s great mysteries! Kind of like who in the world Sombra is!

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Yo dudes

To all of you out there that aren’t inactive or porn bots I’ll let ya know that I made a new blog called @cyberprisms

Also a brief history and explanation no one gives a fuck about I’m sure:

This blog started out as snowflakesanddreamsforhermajesty a Disney/Dreamworks cringey fandom and even (I’m ashamed to admit) some superwholock… *shivers*

These were dark days.

Eventually I became less horrible but also worse and a meme loving fuck and changed it to blueshiftprism cuz I like prisms and also blue

But yeah I’m leaving the horrible past and middle school years behind to start a new blog so yeah go follow me @cyberprisms for some COOL AND RELATABLE CONTENT SUCH AS MEMES AND AESTHETIC and probably some cool art and shit

See ya

also, and this isn’t a fully fleshed out idea or anything so bear with me, but so much discourse on the left seems to discourage the poor from seeking economic advancement. Not only with “do what you love or your life is meaningless” rhetoric but also like “don’t give in to capitalism, focus on the revolution” shit. Like it’s really not anyone’s fucking business to tell someone living in poverty that they shouldn’t pursue money and tbh since a lot of this discourse comes out of academia, it’s oftentimes written and discussed by some pretty elite members of society.