*flings tablet*

For a good few minutes, I was ready to fling my tablet across the room because I was working on a fic that follows a timeline of the four seasons, and I thought I messed up and would have to rewrite everything because I couldn’t remember the order of the seasons. Like, my Internet was being really buggy, so I was lying down here while waiting for Google to load because I couldn’t remember if it was autumn or spring that came after summer. (’:

digital art drinking game. drink every time when

  • wrong layer
  • tablet driver is not working
  • where the fuck is tablet pen
  • you accidentally try to use normal pen on tablet
  • drawing program crashes (drink again if you didnt save)
  • 4+ layers on simple fast shitdoodle
  • you run out of undos
  • you almost fling your tablet across room because the cord was tangled somewhere