#those two tho#like look at han#he’s nervous and he doesn’t know how to act and he clearly wants something from her that he doesn’t get#cause she’s all cold and professionalism and dignity and surpressed anger#and he’s confused and upset and he storms off like a petulant child#cause yikes @ communication and expressing emotions amirite#but like#the moment he leaves#all of leia’s pride flies out of the window and she runs after him like ‘haaAAAN’#they’re so dumb i love them so much

Best Friend Bucky

Summary: You’re best friends with Bucky but you struggle with being around him due to the fact that you have feelings for him and boy does he love to flirt. You talk to Steve all the time about your liking towards Bucky and how you think he may like you back but then you start to notice how close he’s gotten with Natasha and that thread of hope flies out the window.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst (a smol bit), flufffff, swearing

A/N: This is my first time every attempting to write an imagine or ‘drabble’ if you will on here so if it sucks or comes out weird or anything along those lines I am deeply sorry and okay I’ll let you guys read now. p.s. I’m still trying to get used to Tumblr so bear with me. also Y/N means your name :)

When Bucky Barnes first came to the Avengers Tower, everyone was a bit hesitant about him. They didn’t know whether to trust him or not but due to all the stories Steve had told you about him you couldn’t wait to meet him.

You were apart of the Avengers, having the ability to control metal as well as teleportation.

“Does he really have a metal arm?” you would always ask and Steve would always reply with, “yes Y/N, you always ask me this.” to which you smile.

It almost seems like yesterday when Steve walked into the tower with Bucky by his side. You remember how excited you were, sitting on the bar stool as you talked with Tony and Sam. Tony was in mid sentence when Steve spoke up.

“Hey guys, I’m back.” he shouts and your head turns to the hallway where he’d be coming from. “and I brought someone.”

The two super soldiers turn the corner and everyone stops what their doing to stare at them. Bucky specifically. Not caring what the others may think, you shot out of your seat and made your way to Bucky and Steve.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” you stick your hand out for him to shake. He hesitates before shaking your outstretched hand.

“James Barnes but you can call me Bucky.” he says, a small smile forming on his lips at your kindness.

“I know. Steve has told me all about you.” you grin up at him before your eyes trail down to his exposed metal arm. He noticed your sudden interest in his arm and tensed up, being insecure about his killer arm. Literally. But, you being you didn’t care what he has done with it and stepped forward, lifting it up as you examined it. “Woah. Steve wasn’t lying. You do have a metal arm.”

Your eyes meet his and you smile big.

“That’s so fucking awesome.” you beam, causing Bucky to smile. He was happy there was someone other than Steve who looked past what he did with that arm and that person just so happened to be a pretty girl who thought it was ‘fucking awesome’.

Since that day you two became inseparable, doing almost everything with each other. You loved his company and over the three years you got to know him, you grew feelings for him. Bad.

You watched Bucky and Natasha from your spot on the couch, laughing and talking, making it obvious that there was something going on between them. You glare at Natasha. How dare she. You didn’t hate her, god no. She was your second best friend, Bucky being first of course (don’t tell Steve). You hated the fact that he liked her and she liked him back while you’ve been here hoping he’d come clean and tell you he likes you back.

“Stop staring Y/N.” Steve speaks, startling you. You look over at him and glare.

“I’m not staring just simply observing.” you mumble

“Observing what, exactly?” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice and it made you frown.

“Observing what Nat has that I don’t.” you respond softly, not wanting Bucky or Nat to hear you. You see them lean closer to each other - too close for your liking and you shift on the couch. “What if I just..” you trail off as you focused on Bucky.

“Y/N no.” Steve scolds, knowing exactly what you’re about to do but honestly, when did you ever listen to Steve?

Your eyes focus on his metal arm which was holding his head up from slamming against the counter as he talked to Natasha. In one swift move you make his metal arm move right, causing his head to fall. Before it could slam against the counter he picks his head back up, making eye contact with you. You immediately look at Steve, pretending you didn’t do anything but Bucky knows it was you and with a smirk he excuses himself from Natasha, making his was over to the couch you were on. He leans over it, mouth close to your ear as he spoke.

“I know that was you, Doll.” he says with a grin and you look up at him.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” you respond, causing Steve to chuckle.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about Y/N.” Bucky answered. Your eyes meet his blue ones and you nearly forgot how to breathe. He was so breathtaking.

“Oh, wait, you mean this?” you say, making his metal arm slap himself. He stands there shocked as to what just happened but you continued, feeling sad and angry at the fact that he didn’t like you back. “Or this?” you force his metal arm to the side, making Bucky collide with the wall and he groans. You can hear Steve and Nat laugh and your eyes widen when he makes complete eye contact with you.

“Y/N.” Bucky says but instead of staying in the room with them you teleport back to your room quickly, making sure to lock your door.

A/N: I think I’ll do a part 2 to this but yaaayyy this is my first writing on here! I hope this is good.

  • Mercy:Reyes, can you hear me? How do you feel?
  • Reyes:[sits bolt upright] BAD THINGS ARE GOOD.
  • Mercy:Reyes, lie back down you-
  • Mercy:Scheiße! [hurriedly trying to shut down the resurrection process]
  • Reaper:I'M GOING TO PUT ON AN OWL MASK! [turns into a spooky ghost, flies out the window] DEATH BLOSSOM SOUNDS COOL!
  • Mercy:Damn it... Um... [stamps Reyes' file "deceased"] There. No one will suspect a thing.

christiancgtomas replied to your post: “I do love the idea, but I can’t …

Lol omg. I thought I’d just dip my toe in the water and now I’m in the deep end.

At this point I legit think you have more than I do.

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lololol i’m in deep and i can’t get out. was on the phone with my mom and along with cheering me up, she kept me on the line as she went to target and i now have ashlynn/hunter, cupid, and briar waiting for me at home!

That’s great! :D The packaging is absolutely beautiful, I think you’ll really like it!


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I'm not hating on lucaya shippers because some of my friends ship lucaya which is fine we all have opinion but some of you are so annoying you's act as if Lucas isn't sunshine and rainbows smiling and happy every second in every shot that means he regrets his decision picking Riley and he really loves Maya.

I’m not saying he “regrets his decision,” although we already know it was the wrong one (https://twitter.com/gmwwriters/status/757336723202437120, not to mention the way basically every lesson these kids have ever learned flies out the window in the non-triangle arc). I’m just saying he’s obviously not happy or pleased. For what reason? We can only guess and theorize. But the scene was acted, shot, and edited that way for a reason.

Best Friend Bucky Part 2

Summary: You’re best friends with Bucky but you struggle with being around him due to the fact that you have feelings for him and boy does he love to flirt. You talk to Steve all the time about your liking towards Bucky and how you think he may like you back but then you start to notice how close he’s gotten with Natasha and that thread of hope flies out the window.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

*Warnings: angst (maybe), definitely fluff this time, swearing*

A/N: I didn’t expect people to like the first part lol but anyways here’s the 2nd :)

Bucky stood there not knowing what to do, not even knowing what just happened or why Y/N lashed out like that. He stared at Steve then Natasha then back at Steve again before Steve rolled his eyes.

“Go talk to her you idiot.” he says but Bucky doesn’t move. Sure he wants to know why you had basically thrown him against the wall but he didn’t want to bother you at the moment. I mean sure you’ve messed with his left arm before, pulling it out from under him or making it swing around like crazy but not once had you thrown him to the wall.

“I don’t want to bother her right now.” he speaks softly and Natasha scoffs.

“Don’t be a dumbass and go talk to her. Your plan obviously failed.” she speaks, causing Steve to look at her with a confused look. Great Nat, thanks for opening your mouth, he thought to himself.

“What plan?” he questions and Bucky clears his throat.

“I’ll tell him frosty, you go talk to your girl.” Natasha says as she shooed him away. Bucky grunts, a smile growing on his lips. His girl. he liked the sound of that.

Without another word he sprints off to your room, knocking three times but gets no answer.

“I’m sorry Mr. Barnes but Ms. Y/L/N does not want to speak to anyone at the moment.” FRIDAY’s voice startles Bucky and he sighs.

“Please open the door FRIDAY I need to speak with her.” Bucky insists, leaning his head on her door.

“Go away.” Y/N’s voice could be heard on the other side of the door.

“Not till you talk to me, Doll.” Bucky replies, wanting nothing more than to see her beautiful face.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” she responds and Bucky sighs yet again at the stubborn girls response.

“Please Y/N?” he nearly whimpers and with a blink of an eye Y/N teleports outside of her room, standing behind Bucky who still had his forehead pressed against the door.

“What do you want?” she speaks and Bucky turns around, embracing her. As much as she wanted to hate it, she couldn’t so, she hugged back. After a while he refused to let go of her so she started pushing at him to get him away. “Shouldn’t you be with Nat?” the question wasn’t even a question.

He pulls away from you finally, the crease between his eyebrows prominent.

“Why would I be with her?” he inquired, tilting his head like a cute puppy. Damn you Barnes for being so goddamn cute.

“Well I mean it’s obvious you two have a thing for each other. You guys are always talking and laughing and having a grand ol’ fucking time together.” you spit, crossing your arms over your chest. Yup, you were jealous and there was no point in hiding it now.

“Wait what? Nat and I-” you don’t let him finish

“Are dating. I get it.” you speak for him. “I get that ever since you got your memory back that you want to live a normal life and date and all that shit but don’t rub it in my face, James.”

He smiles at the use of his first name. He loves when you address him by his first name. He finds it quite sexy actually.

“I think it’s hot when you call me by my first name.” he speaks out loud and Y/N’s cheeks flush red. Is he really?

“Are you serious Buck? Nat would fucking kill you if she heard you say that.” you say. Natasha is very possessive when it comes to things that belong to her and by the looks of it, Bucky belongs to her.

“Why would she kill me?” he questions. “Not like she hasn’t tried before.”

“Because she’s your girlfriend, Bucky. Stop acting stupid.” you reply, rolling your eyes at the brunette that was standing in front of you.

He nearly chokes on his own spit at your words before remembering that that’s what he wanted you to think. A smirk spreads across his lips, knowing he had you right where he wanted you.

“Natasha isn’t my girlfriend.” he shakes his head as he steps closer to you, causing you to take a step back. Your eyebrows furrow in confusion as he says this.

“What? But I - You - Shit.” you breathe, becoming flustered. You hold your left hand up to your forehead as you breathed in and out. Bucky’s hand lays on your shoulder and you look up at him.

“Nat and I pretended to be into each other because I wanted to make you jealous.” he confessed and you groan.

“Well it worked.” you grumble and Bucky laughs. You fight the smile that wants to come forth, still trying to be angry at Bucky but as you look at his face, you sigh.

Bucky takes hold of both your hands, lacing them with his as he looked into your eyes. Bucky smiled. He absolutely loves your eyes.

“I love you.” he blurts. “I have for three years now.”

Your eyes widen at his confession and you pull your hands from his, teleporting back into your room. You lean against  your door with your hands covering your mouth as you processed what just happened. Bucky likes you back - he loves you. A smile forms on your lips from under your hands and you hear Bucky sigh on the other end of the door.

“If you don’t feel the same way, that’s fine but I’ve kept that in for three years.” he speaks. “I hope we can still be friends.”

He sighs again before you can hear his footsteps getting farther and farther. Go after him. What are you doing Y/N?

“FRIDAY where’d Bucky go?” you sigh. You fucked up by not telling him you felt the same way but you were shocked. You didn’t expect him to reciprocate your feelings.

“Back to the lounge with Mr. Rogers and Ms. Romanoff.” the A.I. speaks and you thank the voice before teleporting to the living room area.

“She doesn’t feel the same way, I should have known-”

“Hey soldier,” you speak. Bucky turns around to face you with sadness in his eyes. “You gonna come over here and kiss me or what?”

His eyes widen at your words while you only smirk at the handsome man in front of you.

“Looks like she feels the same way after all.” Natasha smirks and Steve nods

“We’ll leave ya to it.” Steve pats his friend on the shoulder before exiting the living room with Natasha.

“So,” you start off, slowly making your way over to Bucky, “you gonna kiss me?”

“I - I don’t understand. I thought you didn’t feel the same way?” he says as you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

“I never said that.” you reply. “I just didn’t say anything because I never thought you’d feel the same way.”

The super soldier chuckles, arms wrapping around your waist as he inches his face closer to yours.

“Well I do.” he smirks right back at you. “Can I kiss you now?”

With a single nod he dips down slightly, connecting your lips in a much needed kiss. You’ve waited for this moment for a long time and it’s even better than you thought it would be. You both pull away breathlessly, Bucky tucking your hair behind your ear as he looked into those eyes of yours.

“I love you.” he breathes, cupping your face in his hand.

“I love you too, James.” you reply and Bucky groans, kissing you once more.

“I love when you call me James.” he growls against your lips, causing you laugh.

A/N: Welp I hope ya liked it! I’ll be back with some more unless you have an idea for me to use because in that case send ‘em in! :)

the idea that gillian anderson saying she looked like old gregg but without a ‘messed up downstairs’ makes her a TERF and a transmisogynist is literally baffling because A) old gregg is a goddamn man fish creature with otherworldly genitals that emit blinding light and how that could be seen as even close to being a representation of trans women is a reach Mr Fantastic would have trouble with and B) IF ANYTHING it’s intersexist since he refers to his genitals as a ‘mangina’ and gillian anderson insinuating she doesn’t have the same genitalia as him and that it’s ‘messed up’ implies it isn’t just a plain old vagina (so the ‘transphobic against trans men’ argument also flies out the window)

in conclusion what the fuck is wrong with yall

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Reigen is pretty contradictory too. He's always looking for ways to make more money and doesn't pay Mob well, but at the same time he doesn't overprice his service and works hard to sell his con (at this point, I'm pretty sure Reigen would earn more money as a stylist/massage therapist) He approaches problems rationally most of the times ("We should call the police. This isn't our job") but he gets pretty reckless when Mob is in danger. I can't still figure him out. What do you think of him?

reigen’s a great guy! no matter how smarmy or how much of a con he is, his end goal is to leave his customers satisfied. whether they’re being plagued by actual ghosts or not, reigen always finds ways to get rid of the problem at hand.

of course, when mob is in the equation, reigen’s charitable agenda flies out the window. when mob expresses genuine distress over a situation reigen’ll take priority on his feelings over the client’s; the broken vase and the kids with the ghost family, for example. both situations, i feel, could have had outcomes where all parties involved would be satisfied.

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What do u mean by drug scheduling, if u don't mind answering. I tried googling it but I'm still kinda confused about what specifically ur referring to as being bad

Classifying drugs by Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. They’re basically levels of criminalization, based on supposed “danger” or the extremely vague “lack of medical usage” of the drug. But this flies out the window when you look at Schedule 1 drugs, the most “dangerous” it includes marijuana which has no directly caused deaths attributed to it and has an exceedingly impressive list of medical benefits.

Everyone knows that patience is a virtue. However when it comes to wanting someone who can’t always be around, patience flies out the window. You become irritated and impatient as the days start to add into weeks without seeing that someone. When they ask you how you’re doing you want to tell them that you’re sad because another day has come where they aren’t here. But you don’t. You just say that you’re good because you know that person works a lot and barely sleeps and barely eats and barely has enough time for themselves and you don’t want to make them feel bad. You want to make them laugh and smile and help them get through the long day. Why? Because you know when that someone finally comes it will be so worth it. So you wait. You get sad some days but you wait. You get mad and want to start an argument but you don’t and you wait. You wait and hope that all the time lost is worth the wait. If someone is important to you then time lost isn’t “love” lost. So yes, patience is a virtue, but so is the ability to understand and relate and support and care.