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I’ll casually slap a JUNGSHOOK sticker on you too LOL

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It might actually be canon, but I think Harold's favorite color is purple. Or it was until he met John -- and then it became steely-blue like John's piercing eyes. What DON'T I love about Person of Interest? (Well, actually, the last couple of seasons were not my cup of tea, but that was more production issues than not...) My favorite part is the adoring way Harold and John look at each other when they think the other one isn't looking... :::flailing::: Rinch Forever!


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Or was it this one????? (x)

John honey what are you doing we get it he’s the most precious thing in your life…

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(Send me the thing you love most about POI and your headcanon for your fav character’s fav colour!)


For @racheltuckerrr because I gave her too much angst earlier.


Alex always considered herself very attentive. Even from a young age Alex was able to observe people, what made them tick, what secrets they were hiding. It’s part of what made her good at her job. Alex was good a reading people. Or so she thought.

The first time she heard her sister talk about Cat Grant, Kara was complaining that she had called her ‘Kiera’ and wouldn’t listen when she said that it wasn’t her name. The first time she saw Kara around Cat was when Alex placed a cupcake on her desk because it was Kara’s Kryptonian birthday. She saw them through the glass doors, Kara flailing her arms in an attempt to explain something and Cat listening to her with a smile on her face. She should’ve realized it then, should’ve known that there was more to their relationship than boss/employee.

The first time Kara invited Cat over for game night definitely should’ve set off something in Alex’s brain but once again, Alex thought nothing of it. It was only when game night actually started that Alex realized what was happening to her little sister. They were perfect together, they had a system. Alex had been dating Maggie for months but Kara, Kara knew exactly how to describe something to Cat. And Cat knew right away what Kara was doing. It was as if they shared a telepathic link. From then on, Alex decided to do what she did best, observe and experiment.

Over the course of a month, she noticed that they seemed to gravitate towards each other. No matter where they were, Alex knew the second they saw each other because Kara’s eyes would search for the other blonde and light up when they found who they were looking for. Any mention of Cat, Kara would turn into a blabbering fool. All of her stories were about Cat or at least had something to do with her. Alex felt like an idiot for not noticing it sooner. She didn’t even think that Kara herself knew it, but her little sister was in love.

Alex observed Cat as well. She noticed that Cat’s posture would relax when she found Kara and how she constantly fond a way to touch her. A graze of the arm, a hand on the small of her back. It was subtle but Alex saw it. Maggie took her to a lot of functions and Alex got to see them in action. She eavesdropped on conversations and noticed how Cat would gush about Supergirl when Kara was close. And how the compliments seemed to directed towards Kara. She wasn’t cold around the younger woman but when they were in public, they were different. Cat was different. Alex noticed how Cat’s smile brightened when Kara was near, her step seemed a little lighter. Whenever Cat seemed to get riled up, Kara’s whispered words soothed her. She saw how Cat looked at her sister when she thought no one was paying attention. They were quick glances, blink and you’ll miss it kind of glances. But she saw it. It was the same glance she saw the first night Kara brought her to game night. Cat’s shoulders would drop as she cocked her head slightly. And no matter who she was talking to, when her eyes found Kara’s her mouth would curl into a small smile. She would look away almost immediately but Alex saw a faint blush on the other woman’s cheeks and there was a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there before.

Alex knew, even if they didn’t quite know it themselves. Even if Kara didn’t want to admit it yet. Alex was ready to help her because she knew it. She saw the emotions radiating off her younger sister and she knew that they were for someone who was as crazy about her as Kara was. Alex smiled, wondering how long before they began to notice it as well. 

Escape from Fairy Land

Written for @seastarved’s Fantasy Pretzel Week Day 7, Feb 26: Any Modern Trope in a Elves/Fae/Nymph AU
Again, thanks to @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for flailing at me about this one :)

“Killian, what the actual fuck?” Emma’s panting, her eyes wide in distress, her hair tangled and her clothes torn. “What - what happened tonight?”

Killian studies the floor, he knows she’s had a hell of a night already and maybe if he just doesn’t answer her he can avoid making it a little bit worse.

“Killian. Killian!” She grabs his lapels and shakes him a little. He should’ve known that wouldn’t work: she’s as stubborn as they come. Nothing can deter her when she wants something - it’s what makes her such an excellent bailbonds person -

“Jesus fucking Christ! Talk to me now if you ever want to see me again.”

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Okay i'm taking a break from getting anxious over s7 to flail over the wedding spoiler lol. So I've always though there was a good chance CS would not get a formal wedding because of all the shit that tends to go down in Storybrooke. But Eduardo's comments make me think otherwise cause you know he must be designing a dress ~ Jen must be giving input, right?

I agree, he must be designing a dress along with other wedding attire. (What will Killian wear?)

This has me so excited!  I know better than anyone that Eddy is a troll and likes to make jokes, rather than answer questions seriously, but I have to admit that he annoyed me at SDCC when he said that Emma would get married in red leather. 

Because… NO.

Emma deserves a pretty dress!  

There are those that always say that Emma is not traditional, and she wouldn’t have a traditional wedding, but I say that’s crap. This is a woman who put on a pretty pink retro dress for her first date with Hook.  A woman who wore sexy form-fitting dresses in New York and Boston.  A woman who wore elaborate lace gown in Camelot. A woman who has been wearing florals and softer styles since Hook moved in with her.  

A woman who was born to be a Princess even though that was stolen from her. 

Personally, I hope her wedding dress is beautiful and fit for a princess. 

minimalist book cover….I found the picture last night, and couldn’t stop myself….I know that it’s not perfectly centered….but it’s as good as I can get it on my iPad….I hope that you like it….


ShieldShock Photo Manip Art Cover from @mcgregorswench 

for my ShieldShock Fanfiction StoryRiding Out the Day’s Events at Ao3

In the story, Darcy has a favorite print that she hangs in her apartment and eventually in the apartment she shares with Steve.  The print depicts the Brooklyn Bridge against a star-filled sky. :)

Okay, reader participation time: 

A few days ago, I mentioned that I was writing a story and felt I was slipping too easily having certain characters in certain roles. I have six Freelancers coming back from a mission that went wrong.  So here’s what I need from you:

1. one character completely uninjured

2. one character incapacitated, but conscious and talking (currently have broken ribs/flail chest kind of thing - feel free to suggest something else)

3. one character that is hiding an injury, trying to help out

4. one character that is seriously injured and currently unresponsive

5. one character that is bloodied, slightly dazed 

6. one character with a compromised limb (currently have a dislocated shoulder)

Send me an ask with your characters and their roles that you would choose.  As soon as I’m finished writing the version I’ve already started, I will look at all submissions and rewrite my story based on the suggestions I’ve received.  I’ll post them together in a few days and we can see how interactions between the characters are different. 

You can choose any of the nine main Freelancers - I’m not going to tell you who I picked - just go with what you’d want to see.

Thanks in advance - I look forward to hearing from you!

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I just want to say that I'm fixating so badly on the writing style of ANBU legacy right now because it's so insanely fluid and light and awesome omg I don't think you understand how much I adore it but it's really fucking lovely and if I could have a crush on writing styles this would be it

Wow. Thank you. This means so much!

I’m going to save this comment to reread on days when it seems nothing we write is working. 

We’ve put a lot of practice and effort into establishing a consistent writing style–or at least, learning from each others’ strengths, coaching each other through flaws, and flailing incoherently at each others’ shiniest sentences. I am delighted that you enjoy it. <3 

- Ki 

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I'm the same. The spoilers themselves are fine but the flailing always gets a bit unbearable.

Bless you for commiserating. I am not a flaily person in general, and the way this fandom overreacts to pretty much every little spoiler that comes out seriously tests my patience. I try not to harsh people’s squee, so I keep my trap shut (at least here on tumblr), but the way people get spun up about information either good or bad seriously diminishes my enjoyment of the show and participating in fandom. I blacklist a whole lot and I block anyone who regularly uses hyperbole, all caps, or feels the need to “die” at every turn. Still, shit gets through and I find myself exhausted from the bleed through of high levels of others’ emotions.   

I wish those of us who don’t enjoy that level of emotional feedback for spoilers could chill together in a low key way. In the meantime, this is pretty much me during spoiler season:


Fan at the back: “I LOVE YOU JAY!”
Another fan added: “DADDY!”
Jay Park: “I love you too baby thank you.”  OMG. xDDDDD

the clearer exchange of I love yous……*dead*