On 22 October, 2003, 26-year-old Christina Mae Watson from Helena, Alabama, died under suspicious circumstances while scuba diving on her honeymoon with new husband, David Gabriel Watson, in Queensland, Australia. David had told authorities that the current was too strong and had noticed that she had  a look of worry on her face before she accidentally knocked his mask off. He claimed that when he placed his mask back on, Christina was sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He also reported that he had an ear issue which prevented him from swimming down and helping her. 

Another diver, Dr Stanley Stutz told authorities that he had witnessed David giving Christina a “bear hug” as she was flailing in the water, clearly distressed, before he saw David reappear at the surface as Christina sunk to the bottom. Another diver, Gary Stempler, snapped the disturbing above photograph which shows Christina lying on the bottom of the ocean. The photos were developed a few weeks after her death. Due to the inconsistencies in David’s story as to what had occurred, he was tried for her murder. It was argued that he had turned her air supply off before tightly holding her as she fell unconscious. During his trial it was revealed that he had told 16 separate stories as to what had taken place on that fateful day and not one matched any of the witnesses versions of events. He was acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Exo Reactions To You Popping Out & Scaring Them

Okay, so I kind of took artistic liberties with this. I hope that’s okay. Also I have no idea if it’s going to make sense because I was tired -___- xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *lets out a high pitched scream, falling against the wall & grabbing his heart, obviously overreacting, & regrets it when he realizes that it was just you scaring him, facepalming but laughs at himself for the rest of the day*

Chanyeol: *shrieks loudly & flails around wildly, though he vehemently tries to deny that you scared him, secretly hoping he can make you feel bad by pouting all day so that you’ll apologize & offer to make it up to him*

Chen: *comes down the hall too early & ends up scaring you instead somehow then laughs at your reaction for literally hours afterwards, teasing you for being bad at pranks & reassuring you that you’ll get better*

D.O.: *sees you pop out but doesn’t actually react & barely acknowledges the prank, impressed that you tried so hard & that you put so much work into trying to scare him, even if it didn’t work, patting your head & smilling cutely*

Kai: *runs off & hides as soon as you pop out, getting shy when you find him because he’s embarrassed & needs a minute to recover from the mini heart attack that you gave him, making you promise not to do it again*

Kris: *wails loudly, knocks over a chair, loses his balance & falls flat on his butt when you pop out, doesn’t get up or say anything once he realizes what happened, just rolls away & hopes that you won’t ever tell anyone about it*

Lay: *stands there for a minute, frozen, mostly confused & a little bit worried about why you popped out at him in the middle of the night, but not really scared by it, considers maybe asking if you’re okay & if you need help*

Luhan: *screams like a little girl & swats at you when you pop out, quickly getting pissy at you when you won’t stop laughing at him for it & then he stubbornly tries his hardest to convince you that he did it on purpose to be funny*

Sehun: *goes pale & screams for help at first, then sees that it’s you & goes quiet for the rest of the night, ashamed by the way he reacted & the sounds that he made, unable to accept how stupid he probably sounded & looked*

Suho: *screams so loud that you almost go deaf, but then pretends that he wasn’t scared & insists that the way he screamed was just him singing, smiling creepily to cover up the fact that he almost shit his pants* 

Tao: *when he’s done screaming his head off, he pouts at you & scolds you for being so mean to him, refusing to let you laugh at him & almost crying several times thinking about how scared he was, even if it was just you*

Xiumin: *doesn’t flinch at all & just smiles at you when you look disappointed that you didn’t scare him, but offers to pretend that it scared him a little & lets out an obviously fake scream to make you feel better*

More Reactions

its never that deep so who cares tbh i should stop thinkin!! im gonna dance around my room and flail my arms around & just like love Myself!! i deserve it!! woohooo!!!

Impossible Quiz Pt.2 Summary
  • Danisnotonfire:It is time to return to the IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ
  • Danny Boy:Are you even listening to me?
  • Daniel James Howell:*is consumed by chins*
  • Danny McFringe:budd's titson.
  • Daniel the Spaniel:OHHHHH THANK GOD!!!1!! OH MY GOD. IM LIKE ACTUALLY 95 RIGHT NOW!!!11!1!
  • Danisnotatop:*shakes finger*
  • Dan Howell:*softly* Phil, I'm so proud of you
  • Actual Dan Howell Two Seconds Later:*satan shrieks* YES!!!!!! PHIL LESTER!!!!! YOURE A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!
  • Danny Jay:*turns into a human squish*
  • Danisnotstraight:Ermagerd, it's wingdings
  • Danvolio:snake? SnAKE?! SNAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!
  • DJ Howell™:*flails arms*
  • Dăn'yel:I was an editor on the Lost Wiki, I should know. *sips ribena*
  • Dannnnnyyy:that's a carrot. or is that a carrot? that's a carrot. oh shit man.
  • Dan The Trash Can:*Slams fist furiously against the desk*
  • Dan Is Not On Fire:NOOOoooooooOOoOooooOOoOOOOOOOOOOoo

Grenade flail, courtesy of @fed-ex-official. The least most practical weapon of all time, it carries a surprisingly high WAF - it was actually her idea to buy it!

This motherfucker is heavy enough to actually kill a man, and may well become my new HD weapon of choice. Ain’t nobody gonna fuck with a dude charging at them stark naked swinging a goddamn flail over their head.

on the one hand it’s like “who cares if it’s accurate to canon? who cares if the characterisation is my own and may seem a little off compared to canon? who cares if the plot is a little over-dramatic and maybe a lil cheesy or cliche? just fucking write it” but on the other hand it’s like “i want it to be good, i want it to fit into canon nicely and for the characters to feel really accurate, i want it to be a good work of fiction and i want it to seem well-written and well put together” and i’m s c reaming

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Root was up to some really sketchy, "Consent? What's that? *I've* never heard of it."-type shit. So why not perpetuating the bloodlines of Konoha shinobi that irrationally refuse to settle down? Genma is Jiraiya's kid (concieved before Root went "underground" - perhaps part of the reason Sarutobi shut it down?). Sai is Orochimaru's. Shin is Kakashi's. And nobody can convince me otherwise... mostly because I want to watch the flailing after Sakura has the presence of mind to run a DNA test.

Gdit, now I want to write this so badly fuck

Okay. Okay. This just…may have possibly slid to the very top of my idea pile and will not be going anywhere any time soon. :’D

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WELCOME to the third an final installment of my neotag old art day posts. 

when we left off, i was in the throws of art requests BUT soon i discovered an even trendier way to spend my drawing days. that’s right: screenies

complete with flailing arms, terrible fonts, and a regression of my comedic genius (which, if you remember in part 1 of this journey, was quite spectacular)

me too winnie, me too,,,,,,

speaking of winnie, i eventually fleshed out an early character for her, one that would continue to develop and change throughout the years.

naked spy baby?? eventually evolved into the “archaeologist who is really from space who moved to neopia to escape her abusive family and follow her passion for history when she was trained as a spy for the resistance” character she is today. i still got that touch for the dramatic. 

and lastly, saving best for last…

my first and last submission for the art gallery. it never got accepted.

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34, 56 with jimin pls^^

34.“Blood. Blood everywhere.” And 56. “That is not your problem.” With Jimin

Jimin is not equipped for this. Nope, not even a little bit. He thought he’s gotten better at this parent thing over the last twelve years, but this day just hit the reset button on that. He knows absolutely nothing. He shudders as he remembers the scene he found in the bathroom before pressing your contact on his phone.

“Blood. Blood everywhere,” he says as soon as you pick up. On the other side of the line, you sigh.

“Now don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic, honey?”

“But there was so much of it!” Jimin’s arms flail as he talks, expressing himself even though you can’t see him.

“Okay, okay, just take a few breaths.” Jimin follows your instructions. “Now, can you put her on the phone?”

“Y-yeah.” Jimin walks over to his daughter’s room, knocking on the door with his free hand. “Sweetie? Can you open up? Your mother’s on the phone.”

“…fine.” The door opens just wide enough for her to stick out her hand, holding it out for Jimin gives the phone to her. He just sighs as he presses the device into his daughter’s palm, which she quickly withdraws back into her room before slamming the door on him. He heaves one more sigh before trudging back to the living room.

About fifteen minutes later, his daughter comes into the living room with his phone.

“Here,” is all she says, tossing his phone on the couch before she disappears back into her room. He notices that the call with you is still open. He puts the phone up to his ear hesitantly.

“So, how is she?” He asks. “Does it like… hurt?”

“…That is not your problem.” It comes out probably a bit snappier than intended. “Just, can you go to the store and buy some pads? I’m on my way home right now.”

“Do I have to?”

“Jimin.” Your stern tone makes Jimin shudder, and he knows he probably shouldn’t protest anymore.

~ ~ ~
A/N: Parent!AU with Dad!Jimin

Drabble requests are now closed! Thank you to everyone who sent one in!

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[balance flails over pari, hugging her and then slapping her cheeks] *paaaaari! *you're my little bluuuuuee... *little bluuuue, mind if i get something? [what an odd thing to say... he's an adult... and one that's been around longer than her, why would he EVER need permission?] *it's very important and you might like it... maybe... maybe not.

“Erm.. Balance? You know you don’t have to ask me about getting anything. Really! And I’m sure I’ll roll with it no matter what it is.. That’s how we are, right?” She pressed a smooch on one of the hands that patted her cheeks.

An Alternate Ending (Jojian)

By @auspiciousautumn

Joji looked at himself in the mirror at suit he was going to be wearing to marry Max for a skit. He put on his cap and goggles, then looked at himself in the mirror again. It was perfect for Frank.

“Hey, you ready to go?”

Joji turned around to see Ian standing in the doorway wearing his chef outfit with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“Yeah, what do you think?” He started flailing his arms around to make Ian laugh.

“GEORGE, LET’S GO. WHERE’S IAN!?” Max’s booming voice caused Ian to jump away from Joji and run off to find Max, to Joji’s disappointment.

They wrapped up filming around dusk and were cleaning up Max’s house. Julian, Warren, and Chad were cleaning up the kitchen and dinning room, while Max was taking a shower. This left Joji and Ian to clean up the backyard.

Ian had just come back from throwing the last of the trash away, when he heard music playing again in the backyard. Joji was dancing around as he leaned the folding chairs and card table against the house. He noticed Ian and motioned for him to come forward.

Ian shook his head, but Joji insisted and grabbed his hand. He led Ian to the middle of the yard and put his hands on Ian’s waist. The taller man blushed and tried to pull away, but Joji insisted and sang to Ian.

Ian gave up and danced with Joji, and was having a good time. He blushed as he felt his friend’s hands go lower and lower on his back. “You know Ian, I kinda wished I had married you instead for that video. Max was clearly uncomfortable with kissing me again, and even though he came off as having fun later on, I think we would have had more fun.”

Ian’s heart picked up speed and he smiled awkwardly at Joji. “Oh yeah? What would we have done differently? I thought this was a pretty good video.”

Joji leaned in close to Ian. “No wedding dress. Just you and me in chef outfits, making out.”

Ian laughed. “Maybe we can do that for another video.”

Joji looked into Ian’s eyes, as he moved his hands down to his ass. “You didn’t used to be okay with people touching you. That time I kissed you during Hair Cake was the only time I’ve seen you be comfortable with it. What’s changed?”

Ian’s eyes flicked down to Joji’s lips, and he understood. Joji leaned in and kissed Ian. At first it was just a peck, just to check that Ian was actually okay with doing this. He pulled away to see Ian opening his eyes in a daze. He leaned in once more and gave his lips another short kiss. Before he could pull away again to assess how he felt about the second kiss, Ian leaned to kiss him. They relaxed in each other’s arms and kissed with passion that seemed to increase between each breath.

One of Joji’s experienced hands moved from Ian’s ass to the closure on his pants. Ian groaned when he felt his friend’s hand rubbing his dick and the other hand started to unfasten his pants. He leaned into Joji’s hand, while he let his long fingers run through Joji’s hair. Ian felt himself being pushed against the house and was excited for what was going to happen next.

Suddenly Joji pulled away from Ian. “What the fuck, George?” Ian angrily snarled, but Joji was looking away from him.

Ian turned and felt his face go white when he saw Max grinning with his Polaroid camera. He blew on the picture and waved it around. “Nearly had a porno there, boys. If I hadn’t had the flash on, I probably would have gotten something better than just a picture you two groping and making out. Oh, wait.” Chad came around the corner with another camera—one that could take video. “I think this could be a nice sequel to the last Cake video—or at least an amazing behind-the-scenes video.”

Ian was embarrassed about being caught like that by his friends, but Joji recovered quickly. He pulled Ian towards Max and Chad, while he was fixing his pants. “Hey Max, can we use your bedroom to fuck? Thanks!” Joji sprinted with Ian into the house, and locked Chad and Max out of the house.

Joji shut the blinds to Max’s room and moved stuff around to make it look like they had fucked in his room.

“How long are you going to leave them out there?” Ian asked, concerned about it still being winter.

Joji shrugged. “However long it takes Warren, Julian, or Katt to decide to let them back in.”

Ian smiled at Joji. “Are you sure they won’t just let them in now?”

Joji kissed Ian lightly. “We won’t know until they do. So, we better make the most our time by making out and jerking each other off, shouldn’t we?”

Beneath the Floor

“Let me go!” 

The Banshee called out hoarsely as she bucked and flailed violently against the three men who over powered her. She tossed her head back and kicked even though it was useless with the steel toed boots. She tried to dig the heels of her feet so they had to drag her with more force. She reached out if she even got a hand free for one second to try to scratch at anything but one them was always able to grab her wrist. 

“Please! Please Let me go!” she chocked out. 


rewatching the doctor:

I’m legit cracking up cos it looks like they’re pulling Killian out from a mass of flailing fangirls.

“there’s someone under there!”

“please! help me!”

“what happened?”

“these women came out of nowhere. tackled me to the ground and proceeded to die from flailing. I hid underneath the bodies so the remaining couldn’t find me. It was all I could do to survive.”