Learning to Swim

A brave and reckless parent may throw their baby into a pool to teach it to swim (please don’t try this at home). The baby would likely be scared entering the water but would instinctively hold its breath, float, and begin crawling back through the water to the safety of its parent, swimming because it is in the water and that’s how to move in the water.

If you throw an older child or an adult, who doesn’t know how to swim, into deep water (also, please don’t try this), they would not have the presence of the baby to see what happens as they fill with fear. They would never notice that brief moment where they were floating, so they wouldn’t float. They would panic and flail and drown. Water is dangerous and unforgiving that way.

Learning to swim, is learning to trust the idea that you can float. It is embracing the buoyant nature of your body and putting it to the test. Once the trust is there, in yourself and your nature, water is no longer frightening, and swimming can be fun and relaxing. Floating in the water, you are weightless.

Fear has that tendency to drag us down. Not only do we not trust in our own nature, we doubt that it is there. In all kinds of situations in life, we doubt our ability to float. We panic and flail within our life circumstances, and we forget to take that moment to recognize that we are floating. We are floating on a planet, hurtling through vast, empty space. The planet gives us air to breath, food to eat, water to drink, and people to keep us company. When we have the presence of mind to think about the great marvel of all of that, in that moment, we are floating. We can test our buoyant nature by taking a deep breath and noticing that this improbable planet is sustaining us. Then we can start crawling through the water to the safety of our parent.

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i just had such a cute thought and this might be a two part ask because i have to tell you ahah, can you imagine spencer dating someone even more shy than him? someone quiet and soft like a flippin disney princess, he'd take them to meet the team (1)

(2) and they’d hide behind him, holding his hand and looking around like a child and the entire team is giggling like crazy because they look *so perfect* for spencer and its just so much cuteness like really, picture it omg

I’m flailing because this is so cute :’)

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Edited my Periscope into a reaction of Black Mirror’s 3x04 ‘San Junipero’ episode.

Note: I only started filming about 8 minutes in so unfortunately missed the start but just imagine more flailing and giggling.

Mae Rosenthal had tensed for a split second, almost certain that Ruran was about to push her under the water as he began to demonstrate the first step in learning how to swim: kicking your feet. But his touch on her shoulders was light, despite having to brace herself slightly to keep him in one place. Understanding the simple rhythm seemed to touch her, and a slow smile smile spread over her lips. Slowly, perhaps, she was getting more comfortable.

Which made the crawling sensation over her toes all the worse. She couldn’t really say what happened next. Her instant reaction was to get her feet off the sand, which happened the same time she gave a yelp and sucked in a salty breath. With the man’s weight there for at least the second after it happened, she felt herself sink some ways. It was a show of flailing arms and panic to keep herself afloat and not touch the sand.

“Mae!” He quickly let go of her shoulders and let his feet touch the bottom, and then swiftly moved in to put his arms around her and keep her from slipping underwater. “What is it, what’s wrong?” He wasn’t sure if his questions would be heard or even be helpful, but there they were.

The Ishgardian had always prided herself on remaining calm in stressful situations. She wondered now if that had been years of false imagery. She was up in the man’s arms now, her own wrapped around his shoulders, with her knees gripping at his hips, and nearly knocking off his half-mask in the process. He was a glorified ladder that kept her from touching the ocean floor. Her eyes stared down at the disturbed water, hunting for the culprit, words leaving in a single breath, “What lives below these depths?”

Ruran’s head tilted. He kept her in his arms, of course, worry wrinkling his brow as he followed her gaze. A shark? An eel? A jellyfish? There were countless things that could bring harm—things that he wouldn’t dare speak aloud to Mae. But, in the shifting sand near where she once stood, he saw a little blotch of red and brown scuttling along the dips in the sand. A small, innocent crab.

And there it was: his mouth twitched…and then stretched into a wide grin. Humor lit his blue-green eyes, and a sound that the knight had not made in moons escaped him: a pure, good-natured laugh.

It lifted his features in a way Mae had never seen before, and it was enough to stun her for a moment, to make her forget the near-death experience and realize her proximity to the man. And his grin, and his chuckle. Some of the tenseness in her body faded, though she did not attempt to remove herself from him. “I suppose that is your way of telling me that I have overreacted,” she said, her words warm and touched with a smile.

The woman watched the grin a moment longer, committing it to memory as much as she had the sound of his laughter.

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Cleo: *Dumps him in front of other fatesona children* Okay, m'boy~ Have fun, make friends, and no biting!

Elias: Okay, Mom. *when she leaves* YOU SHALL ALL FEAR ME AND MY FUR. (*thinking* Why did is say that??) *GETS PETTED* *BLUSHES AND FLAILS* S-STOP… O-OKAY ONE MORE MINUTE…

Bonus - Let me know if you can’t read it >.<

Black = Springer, Pink = Cleo, Blue = Elias

Springer (me): LOL This was me drawing on different software.

Cleo: Ohh~ My bby looks nice~

Springer: Doesn’t he~! - it'snotlikeIwaswatchingyuri!onicewhiledrawingthisandsawvictorwithlonghairmygod - For some reason I think guys with long hair look,nice!

Cleo: Well IDK about that but he does look wonderful. Ladies and gentlemen, he is young and single- a bit immature but ready to mingle~!

Springer: LOLOL

Elias: OMG MOM! NO! (T-That’s embarassing *blush face*)

For the title of what I’m not writing meme, @thassalia suggested, “Doctor Sock Says that’s perfectly acceptable”

Dr. Sock Sez That’s A-Ok

This is the story of when our valiant heroes get stuck holding the baby, but it’s before anyone else knows about Clint’s family.  So he’s the clandestine expert that Natasha and Nick defer to, while everyone else thinks his relaxed battle-scarred parenting attitudes are horrifying.

Bruce pulls the poor thing out of the gestation canister, flailing and sputtering because they’d taken out the power for the base before they realized the focus of the main lab was this baby in a fucking jar, and the only thing that keeps him from hulking out is not that Tony makes a ‘filthy Bene Tleilax’ joke, but that Steve gets it.

“That’s incredibly inappropriate,” the Captain bites out, “be useful and fetch the Bruce Out Kit.”

Blankets, Bruce thinks, would make it easier to keep a hold of this squirmy damp girl, who’s not much bigger than a handful but is putting up a good fight.

“Hey, Steve’s up to Herbert on the list!”  Tony says, “If he’s up to Lovecraft does that mean we can’t call the baby Mi-Go?”

Natasha unfreezes, but her face is still blank with horror as she watches Bruce curl the tiny angry newborn against his shirt.  She lunges toward the control panel and starts breaking into the system.  She will find out exactly what they had done, were doing, planned to do with that girl.

Thor comes to the rescue first, whipping off his cape and handing it to Bruce to wrap up the baby.  He darts away, spinning the hammer almost nervously.  “Not a lot of babies on Asgard, I take it.”

Thor catches himself midway to patting Bruce’s arm and instead says, “I’ll clear a path for you both.”

Clint meets them in the quinjet, and he’s a weird guy with a tendency to zig when most people zag, but Bruce is still not prepared for the look on his face, like constipation and amusement. “So I guess we’re stopping on the way home for milk.”

Dr. Sock sez, “Good luck getting meconium out of your cape, sucker.”


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i love your blog so much! i love it, i love it. I started really reading historicals last year (my ebook collection is some serious business) and i really want to start buying the beautiful paperbacks. SOO my question(s) to you - what are some of your all time favorites? favorite heroines and heroes? do you have a goodreads account?


Sorry it took me so long to get to your ask! I’m flailing in a sea of research and homework lately.


My all time, desert-island, if I had to chose a book books (okay so that doesn’t quite work but anyway…) are as follows:

Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey- I just can’t with this book, okay? It was my first, and what a first it was. And this isn’t just the nostalgia talking- this book STILL makes me laugh. Everytime.

Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase - This book, I think most historical readers will tell you, is an eternal classic of the genre. In a lot of ways it was, and continues to be revolutionary.

Rules of Surrender by Christina Dodd - This is the first in a trilogy that then went on to become a longer series, “The Governess Brides”, and I love it SOOOOO much. So much. It’s a little on the old school side but Wynter is just so unrelenting and that… um… kind of does it for me, to be honest. (Come on, anyone who has been following me for a while is NOT surprised by this.)

“The Bedwyn Saga” by Mary Balogh - *happy sigh* My babies. My funny-nosed, our family against the world, babies. Just ALL these books. 

I know there are others, but I could go for days soooo….

Anyway. I DO have a goodreads account, but I don’t really use it - I’m not fond of goodreads TBH. I don’t find it’s social aspect user friendly. 

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Oh my goodness. You have to draw bab Ton falling onto his face and him flailing his legs trying to get back up now. You gotta. It's required legally.

I’m gonna heheh