🌸 🌸 Bloom {Sakura Katana} 🌸 🌸

 + ~ A mix dedicated to giving you that Sakura Katana-chan aesthetic we all know and love ~ +

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Panel belongs to death–420

1. Credens Justitiam - Kajiura Yuki
2. TwinkleHeart - Jun
3. Japan Air (Ft. M33sh) - Anamanaguchi
4. Connect (Madoka Magica) - Shō Watanabe / ClariS
5. 1,000 Cherry Blossoms - VOCALOID {Gumi}
6. Meow - Anamanaguchi
7. Ah, It’s A Wonderful Cat Life! - VOCALOID {Gumi & Len}
8. Love Shine - Ryu Kosaka

Can someone tell me why JFK is glorified so readily by the American public, other than the fact he was assassinated? Is it because of his achievements? Because he’s conventionally attractive? People on both sides of the aisle admire this man and some even delve so deep as to almost worship him. Lincoln isn’t glorified this much and he died under similar circumstances with much bigger “achievements” under his belt. So what is with the obsession our culture has with him?