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PAUL GUSTAVE FISCHER Danish (1860-1934)


How can this baby be so sweet? Today and yesterday he took a nap like this. I’m amazed of how cuddly he is, since the 1st day, as if he had known me since he was born. The man at the pet shop told me he is about 3 months old.

I got some new toys for him, Keiji and Puchi, but I’ll give them… after the nap… zzz…


In memory of Beanie who would be 3 years in March. May my precious bean rest in peace. So the reason I’m bringing this story up is due to the importance of proper birdcare and responsible ownership, that STARTS in responsible rehoming from the person selling the bird.

An all excited, young and niave Bec went into a bird store one day seeking a lovebird which I found on the internet. They hadn’t yet been weaned, and after picking the one I wanted from about 15 different cute faces, the salesman said you better take it now they will go super fast. Being eager and easily persuaded I went back 3 days later, he gave me some hand rearing mix, told me to keep him in a box for another week, just feed it seed and the hand rearing mix. I bought beanie home that day. No refunds. Something seemed a little skeptical at that moment.

Day 1 - I started noticing he wasn’t taking to his food very well, finally looked at the packet and read it was insectivore mix…… For a parrot? Was this guy serious? I thought it seemed off when he said “oh this one will do”. I basically starved him that night and went to change the food the next day.

Day 2 - was at my work/volunteer job at a vet and mum called to say beanie was looking flat, so she drove 20 mins to get him checked out. Turns out he had early stages of hypothermia and we fixed him up with some good ol’ heat lamp and parrot rearing mix. He perked up, jumped out of his box bright as Gold.

Day 3 - It was a warm sunny day, so left him in the sun in a cosy hut and went to classes. Came back home and mum said he was flat again. As he started to go down hill quickly I realised hypothermia had set in again, more.extreme this time. After trying to keep him warm near a heater plus body warmth nothing improved so rushed him to the nearest vet where he was pronounced DOA. My heart tore to a million tiny shreds as I kept blaming myself for everything that went wrong.

Please if anything trust the breeder you get your birds from. Do your research. Don’t make decisions too lightly. I should have known hand rearing a bird would be risky, not easy at all, especially for my first time. Dont do it unless you’re experienced.

A good, caring breeder or rehoming place will wait until the bird is weaned, be it hand raised or parent raised - not just in it to make a buck.

I then found Louies independent lovebird breeder and got him by default, he was weaned, 4 months old, completely on solid foods and healthy. Updating the breeder on his progress, she is so happy he went to a good home. She cares about where her birds go and ensures they will live happy and fulfilled lives. Unlike the shmuck who sold me precious beanie. In general I don’t recommend buying from pet shops, and this story is only part of the reason why.

Please know what you’re going into before making a purchase, make sure you are comfortable with the service the breeder provides you and that it’s coming from a healthy home.