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but what if tomorrow trump just ripped off his hairpiece, looked at the cheering crowd, and said, "this is disappointing. The ruse has gone on way past when it should have ended. First of all, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to introduce you to the right-bait." Then, every individual Trump has ever insulted or humiliated walks onto the stage with a deep solemn face, takes each other's hands, and bows. It was all a ruse to expose how ugly the republican party was. Trump is really a genius.

Lady Eleanor: Lawbreaker. Robert Barr. Chicago: Rand McNally and Co. (1911). First edition. Original dust jacket and frontis art by John Drew.

A contemporary review states: “The heiress conceals the will so that her cousin, the disinherited son of the house, may come to his own. His first thought is to sell the estate to set Richard Sheridan the dramatist up in management. The will is discovered and the young man retires madly in love. The heiress going to Sheridan’s to pay over a sum promised by her cousin is discovered by him and there is a jealous outburst followed by a happy ending.”

I just want thank President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for being the greatest President and First Lady we’ve ever had. You guys were truly a blessing. You guys will be missed, and I wish you many blessings! President Obama will always be my president.