*fire emblem awakening

So I redid my very first post! Which I will not link because reasons coughs I’m grateful you guys ever even followed me in the first place //cries and also dies lol

Here is training with the male shepherds! 

Chrom: The two of you develop a quick competitive spirit in your training. You leap, dodge, and parry with all your might until you resort to unorthodox methods. When Chrom averts his eyes at the most opportune moment, you dart forward and begin tickling at his sides.

“Wait,” he gasps after a loud peal of laughter. “That’s—that’s cheating!” He bats at your arm to get you to stop, but you render him helpless. You’re the only one that knows his weakest spots, and he’s at your complete mercy now. Your swords fall to the ground and your intense training session has turned into playtime, and you spend the rest of the afternoon chasing each other around and around until you’re all tuckered out.

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Woah it’s not Death Note :0 RIP old FEH save file, Some time early 2017 - July 2017

Old doodle I dug up man

I used to have a Robin-Leo-Spring G00gle Chrome-Tacky team, but I’d use (the shittiest archer can we please not do this to my beb) Niles sometimes instead

I like to think that Takumi is not hapi