Conversation with my mom
  • Me:*singing All Star* my world's on firs, how 'bout yours?
  • Mom:that reminds me, what's that book your little friends wrote? the fire book?
  • Me:my friends wrote a fire book?
  • Mom:yeah. it was like world on fire, amazing fire?
  • Me:did... did you mean the amazing book is not on fire?
My headcanons for voltron ages.

Just some thoughts on that, because I was wondering - how old I think they all are.

Lance, Hunk, Keith - 19.
Shiro - 22.
And I will tell about Pidge later.

So in the show Lance said “In the firs year of flight school they call me…” So it’s their second year, right? I would not let anyone under 18 to make it to flight school tbh. So they where 18 on the first year and become 19 on the second. There is a possibility that because of difference in birth dates someone can be 20.

So by that thought I assume that Shiro was 18 on his first year as well, 19 on his second and 20 on his third. I looked that 3 year at flight school is normal(?) (2 year and 10 month as I saw). So he wasn’t student when he was on Kerberos, he was graduate and 21 years old (I thought that it wad his first big mission, bc he was so excited). And after Kerberos and one year of being captured he become 22.

Pidge is a difficult one, because she hacked the system to get in Garrison. But I’m sure she wasn’t 18 at the time of Kerberos mission. First - she wasn’t wearing uniform as Matt at that dinner. Second - Lance asked “Who is… Pidge Gunderson?” So she never was at first year of flight school. I wonder why she ended on second year then. Why not on first? But whatever. That mean that she can be 14-17 at that time. The fact that she is small isn’t about her age: I saw a girl who was 4 year older then me and 10 cm shorter(I was 16, she was 20). I kinda doubt that she’s 14. I think she was 16 at the Kerberos mission time. And now she is 17.

So yeah. That’s my headcanons. I do not obligate you to like them or agree with them. I just wanted you to understand how I see that. Thank you.

It was a pretty cool evening. The sun was setting and everyone was heading home for the night. Soon rhe street lamps flickered on and the party animals were out and about. Though one small figure did not belong amongst the crowd of teens and adults. It was a child, seemingly eight years old but actually ten. The kept their head low and dove into an alleyway with a gulp. The child wore a black hoodie that was a bit too big and was unzipped, a midday sky blue t-shirt with a silver waning crescent moon symbol on the front, a long silver ninja scarf, blue jean shorts that were a bit past her knees, and no shoes on her feet but instead there were white bandages around them. The child sat down tge silver knapsack on the ground and sat next to it as blood dripped from the child’s hidden face, down their chin and onto their lap. The child sighed and relaxed fir a bit as an angry group of people ran oast the alleyway.

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