unstrung, the ribs float,
overdone in their burning

to nowhere

I have been dreamt here
beyond the wide disquiet
of firs

there is not a shadow I do
not count

real and dear,
carved into the dark,
the spell of sleep

her hands at the river


by morning,
earth will be warm again,

stay your murdering hand

anonymous asked:

Ask night! I've actually sent an ask about how to get motivation to research for fics and stuff lol Well, i did all the research and accomplished the first chapter! Only 1.8k words tho. I cant publish it until i get the email from ao3 :,( Anywho! I love ur fics a lot and thank u fir devoting a lot of your time to make them and talk to us, while still doing yoyr homework and (maybe) sleeping <3

CONGRATS!!! <3 <3 And omg don’t worry about the length – whatever you think is best is best! Aww thank you so much for reading my fics and omg ilysm this is just so sweet thank you *sobs*


Yesterday, I saw snow up close for the first time!  I love snow!  I could have run around on it all day, but Mom freaked out about it being too cold for me and made me turn back around.  Moms are such party poopers!  🙄

This video is a bit long, but I promise I am cute through all of it!  Plus, if you turn up the volume, you can not only see, but also hear my snow tracks!  (And Mom’s deafeningly loud and clumsy steps, too.)