*finally closes photoshop*

So I started this in June 2013 (!) and it’s sat half-finished until a couple of nights ago. I’ll probably find a million things wrong with the proportions next time I look at this, so I won’t look at it anymore! It’s done! Smiles are hard. :O

Anyway, I thought she was cute in the screencap I referenced off.

browse in bridge no more

I saw a post on my dash about being so frustrated when you accidentally click ‘browse in Bridge’ in Photoshop and i saw plenty of people having the same frustrations. me too, until I found out you can actually disable that option from showing and no longer have to scream at your pc whilst waiting for Bridge to finally close again.

first open up Photoshop, go to Edit -> Menus (or simply press alt+ctrl+shift+M). There you can find all the tabs from Photoshop. Click the one saying File and from there click on the little eye next to Browse in Bridge so it’s gone. Close the popup and there u have it, it’s gone! 

and there’s no stopping us right now.