This is part of my Drabble Game and is written for @increasinglyweird

Prompts: ‘He held her for what felt like decade.’ and “It just…hurts.”

Ilona was numb. She could not hear the voices surrounding her, or taste the food in her mouth, nor could she see through the haze of shock threatening to boil over in tears. All she could do was sit and stare at the dark stones of the wall. Even as those around her shared in congratulatory mirth, she could not be shaken from her trance. Her breath barely kept coming as the news sunk like an anvil on her shoulders, weighing her down, crushing her beneath it.

Fili was smiling. That was what had hurt her deepest. When Thorin had told of his engagement to Andra of the Iron Hills, the rusty-haired dwarrow from the cousin kingdom. Oh, that smile had caused pain she could have never imagined. And Andra entering in her sapphire blue gown of cutout brocade over silver silk, looking more radiant than any dwarf should. It had all brought Ilona’s doom down upon her.

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Wedding date

A Drabble Games fic requested by @queencaitlin135, featuring Fili

02: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the hell out of me.”
03: “I almost lost you.” 


The silvery chime of a bell heralded your arrival as you pushed open the door of the Blue Mountain Roastery, letting the warm smell of coffee waft over you. A smile immediately brightened the face of a plump, raven-haired lady behind the counter who balanced a large tray of freshly baked pastries, ready to find their home in the glass bakery case.

“Good morning, dear,” she called, “so nice to see you again.”

“Thanks, Dis, it’s great to be back.”

Dis’ younger son pushed an unruly mop of dark curls away from his face to greet you with a cheeky grin from where he stood on a stepladder, stocking a display shelf with small bags of coffee beans.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in.”

“Hey, Kili,” you chuckled. “How’s the wedding planning coming?”

Kili gave a mutinous roll of his eyes, lowering his voice. “Let’s just say Mum’s idea of a small wedding is different from mine and Tauriel’s. Eloping has never sounded so good.”

“Well, not long now, at least,” you consoled him, turning toward the counter and steeling yourself for the flutter of your stomach that had nothing to do with hunger.

Your eyes met Fili’s sea-blue ones over the cash register, and his stubbled cheeks dimpled with a dazzling smile as he wiped his hands on his apron before resting them on his hips.

“Haven’t seen you all week,” he noted, with a teasing twinkle in his eye. “Don’t tell me I almost lost you to Starbucks.”

“Bite your tongue,” you mock-scolded, “I was at a conference for work.”

“Well, you’re in luck, your favorite table is empty and I’ll get the usual started for you, hmm?”

“Thanks, Fili,” you grinned, making a beeline for the table in the corner as the bell tinkled again, bringing more people into the cafe.

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Originally posted by safelystowed

Prompt: “He loves you. He really does love you.”

Characters: Kili x Reader (character suggested by anon)

You’d decided to join the quest to have an adventure, to make friends, to actually live your life… You didn’t realise that you’d fall in love with a silly dwarf. You became very close to the golden haired and dark haired dwarves and it was in Kili that you found the thing you’d been missing your whole life.

Kili brought something new, something exciting, to your life. He was reckless and silly as anything but he was smart and respectful; he cared and those were only a few of reasons why you loved him so. 

Kili had shown that he shared these feelings, too… but there was something in the way, or rather, someone. Tauriel, the beautiful female elf, had caught Kili’s eye and now, you didn’t know where you stood. You were angry - livid - but you were more confused than anything.

“He loves you,” Fili told you quietly as he watched you gather the firewood, “He really does love you.” Fili was the only one who you’d admitted your feelings to, everyone else could assume but Fili knew the definite answer of your feelings for his younger brother.

You rolled your eyes, “He has a funny way of showing it.”

Fili sighed, moving to help take the bundle of sticks from your arms, “He told me, last night,” he furthered, “he told me he loved you… Tauriel caught his interest but he loves you.”

“Tell him to tell me this, you shouldn’t have to.” And then, with a shake of your head, you told him to drop the subject. You didn’t want to talk about this anymore; you didn’t want the sadness to be any worse. 

Kili approached you once you and Fili got back to camp but you moved past him, wondering about whether he looked at Tauriel the way he looked at you. As you walked past, Kili’s heart sunk, knowing that he had hurt you in a horrible way and all he could think about was if things would ever be right again.