*fight club

Hold up - you mean there are people who watch Fight Club and don’t realise that Tyler Durden is meant to be full of shit?

I mean, his doctrine of radical individualism is a sham that ultimately reduces his followers to faceless conformity. This isn’t deep metatextual wankery - it’s the literal text of the film.

How do you see the film and not get that?


“The Best Films of the Decade: 1990-1999”

created by Minimal-Pulse-Art [minimal-pulse.tumblr.com]

All writing is a political statement. Characters, setting, aesthetics of a story, all are drenched in the themes and beliefs the authors are pushing, intentionally or unintentionally. 

A cast of all-white dudes kickin’ ass and savin’ the day? That’s a political statement.

A cast full of diversity of colour, sexuality, and gender? That’s a political statement. 

A setting where automation has lead to utopia is as politically charged as a setting where it has lead to corporate domination and dystopia. Every setting, from Predator to Star Wars to Fight Club to bloody Scooby Doo is all political, it’s all reflective of the creator’s agenda and thoughts and is intended to show why the author is right or wrong in what they present. 

That’s why “we don’t want politics in our media!” is, and always will be, bullshit. Every story has something they want to tell, and things they tell without meaning to. Implications abound in every character, every arc, every story. 

To say you don’t want politics in your media is to say you don’t want media itself.