reyes: alright boys when i talk to moira i’m going to need you both standing behind me to the right and left, facing either side and not looking at the camera
genji, an expert with selfie angles: got it
mccree: the fuck you mean ‘camera’? there’s gonna be cameras??
reyes, running a hand over his shaved head: jesse when will you learn that wherever i go there are always cameras

moira: hey
reyes: hey
moira: why are your guys standing behind you like… that

Had a few mins to kill before work so picked up three witch-adjacent books at the charity shop.

I can tell “who were the Celts” is going to be terrible before I even open it, but it should be a useful jumping off point for actual study 😁.

Nem todos irão notar a sua dor, nem todos irão te ajudar, nem todos serão bons para você como você foi para com eles, mas há um Deus que é diferente das pessoas. Há O Deus, que apesar de todos os pesares, sempre conosco está, que sempre vê, que sempre se importa, que é bom para conosco mesmo quando não somos bons para com Ele.
—  Carol Giovannini, Chance com Deus.

valentines day is in like four months so I thought I’d share my current personal status with you all

god what I’d give to be a barnacle in a symbiotic relationship with a whale