Loved By You

Chapter Fifteen Part Two

I saw his throat bob as he swallowed, his darkened eyes boring into mine as his face inched just a bit closer. “Touch ya where?” he asked, his husky voice rumbling out from the center of his chest. My fingers curled over his and I gently nuzzled against his palm, my mouth sliding to press a tiny kiss against the heel of it. I could feel his hot breath pelting out against my skin as I kept my eyes on his and slowly began to ease his hand from my cheek down the span of my body.

My heart was racing wild in my chest, pounding so fast I was sure he could hear it just as my body reacted to the weight of his touch. Letting me guide his hand to wherever I wanted it, he darted his heavy stare with mine, the tip of his tongue peeking out of his parted mouth as the roughness of his fingers dragged down over my lower tummy. I pulled in a breath, holding it tight in my lungs as my knees parted just enough to let his hand fit between my legs, cupping right over my covered heat.

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Harry after literally almost dying for the 1000th time: Ouch that hurt!

Severus Snape: Hurt?? 😢😩 You don’t know🚫❌ REAL PAIN ☔📉 until the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE DIES 💀🔪🔪🚺 after marrying your worst enemy 💍💏💔 and now u gotta think of creative ways 🙅⭐ to torture their spawn ⚡👓 and all his shitty friends 💩💨 After all this time??👀😱😭💦 ALWAYS💦💋😫💕

“If you stick a needle in me, I will die.”
“What about if you need a shot, like, from a doctor?” Frank grabbed the book and pulled himself to sit up. “What happens then?”
Mikey laughed. “Oh my God, it’s hilarious. He has to lie down and the doctor has to do special breathing with him.”
“Shut up,” Gerard said, smiling.
“In through the nose, out through the mouth,” Mikey said in a high-pitched voice. "

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Every day, you ride the bus and count the minutes, hoping you’ll see her again. She smiles, and you feel a strange tingle up the back of your neck. Something carnal inside of you causes your body to break out in sweats. You feel like the luckiest man in the world. She sits alone, just like every other day, and looks out the window lost in her thoughts. You know that look. She’s just as alone as you are. But she doesn’t have to be. You could talk to her. Tell her you’d love to sit next to her today and every other day, because life is short, and no one deserves to ride the bus alone.