A few reasons why Lunafreya Nox Flueret is JUST as badass, if not more so than Stella ever was:

- She jumped out of a Niflheim airship because she didn’t want to sit around while everything went to shit, which imho was not very logical but u go girl

- She got nabbed by a giant octopus and only looked mildly distressed about it

- She takes on LEVIATHAN by herself (and that’s just what we know about so far)

- Bitch was about to jump over the ledge of a building to save the ring of the Lucii

- She then proceeded to try and put on the ring, which I’m 100% sure she would have gone through with and told those Kings what’s what if Nyx hadn’t grabbed it

That’s just stuff off the top of my head. Feel free to add more as you see fit. If you think Luna is weak FIGHT ME.


A quick personal project post. I recently did a small experiment with Siser’s Silver Crystal holographic vinyl to make a magical flag of Lucis bag. Top shot is under normal lighting, bottom shot is under bright lighting.

While the result is great, the vinyl is a bit too finicky for making items for sale. (Just the cutting and weeding process for this was 70 minutes)


This is the link to the new ATR, begins in 28 hrs. XD, I hope to see a funny Chancellor, or some crazy attitude, or something similar :D

Tomorrow, later I again update this link.

ruebird  asked:

BARREL ROLLS IN HERE WITH "Listen to me, you are going to be fine."

Here is some highly exaggerated hurt!Noctis for the hurt/comfort meme. TW for violence and I guess some gore, aftermath of torture, and also spoilers. In my head this is Ignoct but reads as gen or brot4, too!

They find Noctis pinned like a butterfly over the open maw of the crystal.

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