Decided to update my baby behemoth pattern and try something different.

I wanted to more closely represent what is in game. I found a fabric that I felt gave a great shiny look while still being pleasant to touch. 

I hope to use it on future projects, it was a bit troublesome to work with. I ended up having to line the plush to prevent “bearding” (when the stuffing pokes trough the fabric). Worth the extra effort though!

anonymous asked:

is it odd playing a male miqote? i was thinking about playing one for something different.

Most of the characters that I play are male, not weird for me at all!

Also, they have an adorable ear waggle.

Aidan the Insaitiable [meme]

Good lord I was tagged like a billion times for this FINE ILL DO IT

Full Name: Aidan Khontus

Gender and Sexuality: Male (bisexual)

Pronouns: He

Ethnicity/Species: Wildwood/elezen “Xaela/ au ra”

Birthplace and Birthdate: North Shroud, 4th sun 2nd Astal moon

Guilty Pleasures: Gardening, sweet cakes and cookies. Miqote

Phobias: Claustrophobia and he doesn’t like people poking into his navel at all.

What They Would Be Famous For : Man with big dick in tiny clothes

What Have They / Would They Gotten Arrested For:  Public indecency.

OC(s) You Ship Them With: Oh jesus like everyone in the fandom and anyone who will have him. @tiergan-vashir @sedatayuun @zornsable @etherelle-ffxiv @jace-hunter @kokiron @reksblanc @cero-tia I can’t think of any other URLs off the top of my head

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Why would someone do that. Also probably someone looking to get their head bitten off

Favorite Book Genre: Sappy romance novels and hot steamy ones. He hides them in book sleeves that have boring science titles or generally anything regarding geography on his book shelf is prolly a smutty novel.

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Poetry is not his favorite.

Talents and/or Powers:

  • The ability to fit into leather subligar without breaking it is a talent and possibly a magical power.
  • Oh right he can also turn into a wyvern  (link to picture)
  • He’s actually a very impressive dragoon but he prefer to be a pacifist regarding any combat.
  • He can stand on one foot for one whole minute before stumbling and knocking over everything in the room.

Why Someone Might Love Them:  Easy going and willing to go at the pace of his lovers. He’s thoughtful, forgiving, and full of patience. He’s all sugar and honey.

Why Someone Might Hate Them: Cause they’re bitter. Or a dragon slayer. A bitter dragon slayer. (stares at Estinien)

How They Change: Typically Aidan is super shy and modest. It takes him a lot of working up and confidence for him to try and do anything that’s outside his comforts. He’ll easily ask you out for coffee, but then not speak a word on the date cause he didn’t think he’d get that far. Usually for my ERP I leave all this googly nonsense out

Why You Love Them: Cause hes big buff speedo puff. And also cause hes a dragon now that makes me 100% like him more.

K’mahna Yohko.

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OMG I was tagged by a lot of people so if I didn’t include you, I’m sorryyyy!!!

Full Name:
K’mahna Yohko, but known informally as Ahna.

Gender and Sexuality:
Female, Pansexual.

Miqo’te, seeker of the sun.

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