karmaalma replied to your post “I’m so frustrated with FFXV because why do they keep giving us tiny…”

i am literally so tired of downloading like 5 GB of update every single month,it doesn’t even have any big changes.they made a mistake,they released an unfinished game, understandable,but what i don’t understand is why they hold back,they should just fix this mess without asking us questions and shit,what are they waiting for?they already made profit,people already bought and played the game,they are not going to just wait till it’s finally complete,they will move on

and it’s not that Square doesn’t listen to fan feedback if FFXIII2 was anything to go by but like….they just really fucked up with FFXV. So many people are mad because they didn’t deliver on what they promised. I’m so tired of FFXV fans also acting like this game is a masterpiece and bashing on FFXIII at any given opportunity like seriously this one’s a headache.