I hate to post one of these, but I’m in need of some help. About two years ago I found out that I have some problems with my heart (I have a deformed valve which causes leakage in my heart and will eventually require surgery, as well as an irregular heartbeat and murmur). This past Monday I had a regular checkup with my PCP, and she noticed something “new” when checking my heartbeat. So today I went in for an EKG and it doesn’t look all that great, at least judging from what the nurse who performed the EKG was saying. I don’t have the full results yet, but he said there is definitely something else wrong, so I’ll be finding that out next week sometime when the full results are back. I’ve been having to call off work quite a lot lately (I went from only two call offs in a span of one year to five in the last month). Luckily my boss is very understanding, but I’m struggling now with money. I started a second job, but am still in the training process so I’m only doing 4 hours a week until they put me for regular time. 

How can you help (if you want to)? I’m selling some cosplays and wigs, and would just GREATLY appreciate it if people bought them. Photos of what I’m selling and their prices will be under the “keep reading.” I’m just having no luck in the facebook cosplay sale groups and figure I could maybe try my luck on here? 

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Headcannon meme for Lightis happy headcannon please 😖

Headcanon Meme~

☆ - happy headcanon

Why not just throw all that I can think of right now?

Lightning cannot wait until she’s off-duty to spend time with Noctis, she’s totally against socializing during her shifts, the job always comes first unless there are emergencies. While off-duty, Light is more relaxed to spend her time with friends and family. Noctis, of course, has to learn how to share or just come along with her. Light is baffled how the prince could get away from his royal obligations while Noct just assures her that he’s not lax with the important things he has to do.

Noctis, due to his experiences as a part-time cook and with Ignis’ help, works hard to recreate Light’s beloved behemoth steaks though he never does get it quite right in the beginning. He gets it right eventually with Light’s help, it’s the only thing she could actually cook well.

Chocolate and all things sweet are something these two indulge in, but even they have standards. Just imagine those two eating ice cream straight out of the carton or they dined on a box full of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Noctis’ form of expression might be more direct than Light’s subtle ways, but something they both cherish from the other is doing things for each other like… getting gas for the Regalia or polishing and applying a whetstone to the Blazefire Saber.

When these two are wed, they wouldn’t get much time to themselves but when they do. They don on the ugliest clothing they could find, much like how celebrities would disguise themselves, and go out in public. They have numerous adventures and close-calls, but the experiences are eye-opening to how much work they must do to alleviate the pain and suffering of the disadvantaged. Lightning was a commoner before she became the Queen of Lucis and she could never let the council or her husband forget about their people.

Their child or children are the couple’s happiness. Because Light lost her parents at a young age and Noct being aware that his duties as monarch would take much of his time away from family, they do their best with their children. Guide and raise them well, these two would be hands-on with their parenting and try to give them lives that they didn’t quite have at their age. Noct and Light would be so damn proud of their children that a majority of the couple’s conversations would be about their offspring.

An older!Lightis where the love and how much they have overcame over the years never once diminished. Always getting the other one to smile and the wrinkles are from laughing (and from squeezing each other’s cheeks and stretching them). They are each other’s true companions from this world and the next, inseparable.

Noctis owns a motorcycle that Light isn’t very fond of riding on. Noctis drives the way he does on purpose to get Light to hold on to him a little tighter and elicit responses from her. It was Light’s initial observation that the prince was born on a vehicle by the way he maneuvers them. Noctis drives the way he does so to feel the wind hits his face that the pain mentally distances him from having to be a prince or a king for a little while. Light’s capable of crazy driving as well, but definitely not for those reasons and Noctis feels that riding next to her during those moments made his stomach turn and if he survives, he swear that he would pray to the gods everyday and spread the word if they would let him live. He literally kisses the ground and doesn’t keep his promise.

I’m just gonna throw this in from an old fic: Lightning being personally taught white magic, more importantly from a Caelum. Noctis has the superb patience even when Light burned his hands at one point. Light wanted to give up after that, arguing that potions and basic medical training would suffice but Noct insisted that she learned, there might be a time where she wouldn’t have either except for the magic. The stakes are higher because the pinkette isn’t a descendant of the royal bloodline but Noctis entrusts her with the family magic. Light studies diligently, she carries a marker, board, and numerous medical books. Noct offers his body as a study aid when he sees her working hard. They take turns circling and scribbling names of body parts and organs, laughing when they got further and further away from just studying.


Lightning is the perfect avatar for a global, heroic woman and for a world where social networks and communications are now seamlessly woven into our life. She is also the symbol of new pictorial processes. How can you create an image that goes beyond the classic principles of photography and design? Lightning heralds a new era of expression.” – Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of Louis Vuitton