So Brie’s plasying FFXIII right now and I was saying “show me my husband!!!!!” during a cut scene and Snow showed up and I went THERE HE IS!!! GET A LOAD OF THAT GUY! And then Barthandelus showed up on screen for the boss fight and my mom said “there’s mine” and Brie and I go “MOM NO!!!!!!” And my mom goes “Yeah. That’s my husband.” And Brie goes “Mom. Please don’t marry Barthandelus. I’m about to fight him.”  And Mom goes “Good, once he dies I get all of his money.” And Brie and I are just sitting here like ???? And my mom said “do you think I could go to a convention and tell everyone I’m his wife” And we’re like MOM. PEople Do THAT YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.

She’s telling us her backstory as I type this.