The funniest thing to me is in FFXIII-2 when Serah literally scolded a bunch of monsters into submission into behaving and Noel is just standing there like “O_O yeah she’s definitely Lightning’s sister”


Request Stream Results! 

The prompt was: Character + Dress 

@irispassion​​ requested Miraculous Ladybug’s Marinette and Tikki

@wdniko4rt requested their Undertale OC/Sona

@jynxtsilevon and @spokenwithhands requested Dragonite

@lynns-art-blog requested Sonata Chara

 @haemokin requested Lightning

@zc-undertale​ requested Undyne

@ask-drunk-chara requested Wedding Toriel

@rustnut requested Owlboy

Author’s Note

I would like to thank you all for this wonderful year. It’s thanks to you guys that, when my old laptop died two weeks ago, I was able to afford a replacement and continue my art.

Thank you all for your support and for commissioning me. It’s made this topsyturvy year just a little bit more manageable. 

Next year I’ll be opening new commission tiers, as well as hopefully launching a patreon and webcomic! So please stick with me and also continue to commission me because I’m broke again after the computer debacle lol.