Final Fantasy 12: Balthier & Fran [Circa ~2007]
Traditional Art; Pencil

Oh hey, lookie at this doodle I found in the depths of my scanned folders from many years ago… It’s amazing because FFXII is my third-favorite FF title, yet I drew so little fanart of it… And 90% of the time said fanart was of Balthier and Fran. Rightfully so, I love these two.

I really wish I was able to do pencil sketching like I used to… those that knew me back in the 2000~2008 “era of Karniz” probably remembers me doodling endlessly and posting 20+ sketches a week. /sighs

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final fantasy xii hd screencap gallery

The capital of the Archadian Empire. Still small when it first formed as a city-state, it grew tremendously during the long peace fostered by the Galtean Alliance. When the Empire was formed, the city center was re-located, forming the Archades we know today. Though poor in both natural resources and land, Archades came to prominence as a city of innovation and learning. All information and technology gathers here, and the famed mages and artificers born within her walls are legion. Knowledge, then, is the true strength of the Archadian Empire. The city of Archades forms an octagon with the Imperial Palace at its center. Around the Palace sit the Senate Chambers and other administrative quarters, beyond which lies a booming mercantile district. The buildings in the city center are quite tall, with the lower floors being used mainly as residences. The difference in heights between the various buildings makes this a city of small airships, that being the most efficient means of accessing all levels of the metropolis. More than half the population of Archades is hume, and while at one time all lived near the ground, of late, those of power or particular wealth have taken to living in the higher apartments and traveling exclusively by private airship.

–Sage Knowledge 55

Ashe… I’ve been trying to paint more again now uni is over for the year…I feel like even tho I do an art degree I never get time to do art related to this blog…water-colour painting feels so, I dunno, different now. I feel like everytime I take a break from it, I’ve changed my approach when I come back. Anyhow, just a progress shot, I’ll hopefully add more in tomorrow :)