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Tifa Lockhart Appreciation Week
Day One: Favorite Tifa Scene(s) - Case of Tifa. 

I couldn’t erase my past. I could only compromise and live on.

I have a lot of favorite Tifa moments but I decided to focus on how Tifa’s depicted in Case of Tifa. Originally, I wasn’t too fond of the novel but I’ve really grown to appreciate how introspective it is and how the reader gets to see just how multi-dimensional Tifa is. You see Tifa at one of her lowest points at the start of the novel and there are so many great moments - from her breaking down crying over Aerith at her burial site to resolving to live on with her regrets and guilt about AVALANCHE’s actions during the original game instead of trying to run away from it. I really wish this novel would have gotten the ‘Eternal Calm’ treatment and had gotten it’s own animated short because personally I think the events in CoT are essential to understanding Tifa and her position in Advent Children.


Tifa Appreciation Week~ 

Day One: Favorite Scene (1 / 2)

so do i play FFX (fuk u seymour flux i literally cannot right now), watch vinesauce majora’s mask past-streams while i sew, or just sit here without moving an inch and play FFVII on my psp?