Vincent : I’m not obsessed with your mother.

Vincent : [trips][thousands of pictures of lucrecia crescent fall out of his cloak] Shit- [desperately trying to catch them] It’s not what it looks like. I’m just holding these for Hojo-[slips on photos] No- [pockets explode with hundreds more]

Sephiroth : …

Vincent : Maybe I’m a little bit obsessed. [pulls out photo wallet]

Vincent : Anyway wanna see them?

TOZX finale

The game had bad parts. The manga had bad parts. The novel had bad parts. The anime had bad parts. We hated those.

The game had good parts. The manga had good parts. The novel had good parts. The anime had good parts. We loved those.

Just mix and match everything for the Definitive Edition, guys.

It occurred to me that given their line of work it’s probably not uncommon to see SOLDIERs who’ve lost limbs. And, since people on Gaia can make transformer arms that switch between machine guns (with ammo storage?) and perfectly articulated hands (does Barret’s hand have a neural sensory component because it really looks like it?) then a leg that can hold up to all a SOLDIER needs to put it through is really quite a reasonable thing to exist - assuming the SOLDIER wants to keep SOLDIERing anyway.

The foot is modeled off a mountain goat’s hoof for reasons I have mostly forgotten. (Traction and benefits when climbing? Or something.)

anonymous asked:

I don't know If you've played FFVII but my friend stuck on my head the concept of Cloud being born on the Naruto world, and him growing up to be one of the most feared mercenaries there. (Alt. he's one of Oro's experiments) Nobody takes him seriously at first glance but then shit goes down and I cannot take out of my head Kisame wanting so badly to duel with him.

I was actually just contemplating the reverse of this??? But this way would be amazing as well! 

(I love FFVII, and I originally didn’t care for Cloud but fanfiction has convinced me otherwise. FFVIII is still my baby, though.)

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I had like a dozen OCs when I was 12 but one that is particularly terrible was one was my Vampire god Arsis (don't ask) who was just the sexiest and super bi of course so I could pair him with anyone. His outfit was a black and red version of Sephiroth's from FFVII and his hair was like a red version of Sephiroth's with bangs over one eye for ultimate emo. I eventually *refurbished* him into another character when I was 20 and then abandoned him

holy shit