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what would each of the chocobros' favorite ff game be?

FFXV Playing FF

•Noctis: FFXIII - Noctis started playing FFXII when it was the most recent game out at the time. He absolutely loves the characters of the game (especially Lightning). The gameplay is more his style: linear instead of open-world. He jams to the soundtrack constantly.

•Ignis: Type-0 - Noctis thought Type-0 was too hard and gave it to Ignis to beat. He really enjoys the real-time combat instead of turn-based. Before every major mission, he makes every Class Zero student the same level before starting.

•Gladio: FFVII - Gladio picked up FFVII because it was on sale and winded up playing it all in one weekend. The dynamic story just kept him in front of the screen the whole time! He’s a fan of Cloud’s Buster Sword and definitely didn’t tear up at Aerith’s death, absolutely not.

• Prompto: FFXIV - Prompto never really got into the older FF games, but once the MMORPG title came out, he had to play it. He enjoys playing with other people and has tried getting the rest of the Chocobros to join, to mixed results. He picked a Hyur as his first playthrough, then a Plainsfolk Lalafell as his second playthrough.

~ Mod Ace and Mod Lightning

Here’s another one: Favourite beverage. Feel free to add your own!

Tifa: Apple Cider
Aerith: Red Materia Cocktail
Barret: Peppermint Tea
Marlene: Mint Chocolate Chip Shake
Cloud: That-Thing-Mama-Strife-Used-To-Brew-Back-Home-Which-He-Didn’t-Know-Anything-About-And-He-Can’t-Exactly-Ask-Her-Anymore-Can-He

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Hey, just curious if you know of any ff (preferably ffvii / crisis core!) prompt groups or the like? Old LJ writer trying to navigate a new world order here.

Ahh, I’m afraid not. D: I don’t know of any active ones… it feel like prompt groups aren’t such a common thing anymore?? Prompts are still around, but the most common format I see is in those posts that go around every so often, like these ones, but they’re very general/au type prompts.

There’s some blogs that list prompt ideas, like the imagine your otp stuff, but again, super general. I don’t think there is anything actually specific to the FF fandom. DX (Except - not active any more - but there was a dirty final fantasy confessions blog that I actually ended up using some of the stuff from as a prompt, lol. But that’s not really what you’re meant to do, I just thought some of the confessions would make great smutfic. XD)

Other people might be able to give you a better idea of where to look, in the likely event I’ve overlooked something. orz;; But I feel like, in general, prompting has become more of an individualised thing between bloggers/their followers as opposed to having a big group for it.