Μου είχαν πει για μια γενιά, εκεί γύρω στο `60 με `70.
Για μια επανάσταση κι αν χρειαζόταν η γενιά μου θα έκανε τα ίδια.
—  Η Ελλάδα πού να ζει;
Βάλανε στο φέρετρό της, ευρωπαϊκή επιγραφή.

 Isaviel’s endless list of favourite fictional characters
↳ Nihlus Kryik - Mass Effect

“Not all turians resent humanity. Some of us see the potential of your species. We see what you have to offer to the rest of the galaxy… and to the Spectres. We are an elite group. It’s rare to find an individual with the skills we seek. I don’t care that you’re human, Shepard. I only care that you can do the job.”

Back to the Beginning

Prequel to All About Us. After Harry and Louis share some of their story with the boy that stole their daughter’s heart we go back to where it all started. From the very beginning they fall in love and we see their lives without their kids and watch as their relationship is tested. The struggle of becoming teen parents and then turning their lives into what they have in All About Us.