Ali Krieger’s Professional Goals

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FFC Frankfurt: 2 goals
Washington Spirit: 2 goals 
USWNT: 1 goal 

*Krieger scored a penalty kick for the USWNT during the 2011 WWC in a penalty shootout. This doesn’t count as a professional goal but is worth noting. 

*While in college, Krieger scored 3 goals for the Washington Freedom. I didn’t count those here because she wasn’t on the team at the time she scored the goals, and wasn’t a professional. 

*Krieger scored 11 goals while in college at PSU. These are obviously not professional goals either, but I’m throwing that factoid in anyway :D

thanks to @semiblackgirl who helped confirm this information! 


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Ali Krieger

Nicknames: Kriegs, Warrior Princess

Age: 31

Position: Defender

College: Penn State

First Cap on NT: 2008

Number of NT Caps: 80

NWSL Team: Washington Spirit

Current Status: Playing for NT and NWSL

What You Should Know: Has a brother named Kyle Krieger who makes YouTube videos and is very outspoken on Twitter. Played for FFC Frankfurt from 2007-2012. Tore her ACL during qualifying for the 2012 Olympics. 1/5 of the Department of Defense (x). “Look good, feel good, play good” (x). Good friends with Ashlyn Harris (fandom calls them Krashlyn). Did the 2015 Body Issue. Has one World Cup.