My biggest gripe about Case 3 of Spirit of Justice is this: Maya Fey cannot be called a serial killer with only two kills, even if she had been the murderer.

You have to have 3 kills to your name in order to be a serial killer. And considering that the murders happened so closely to each other, if you were going to accuse her of being a murderer, she’d fit the bill of “mass murderer” more than “serial killer” because serial killers also require for there to be an extensive period of time between kills. They tend to be ritualistic killings, with things in common, though not always (there are outlier cases where a serial killer did commit the murder, but the methods clash with other murders connected to the killer) and will often be months apart from each other. Two murders in two days or the same night does not count as serial killing.

The only way you’d be able to consider Maya Fey as a serial killer would be if you believed that Phoenix Wright had gotten Maya Fey off of criminal charges for murders she actually did commit. Meaning Khura’in would have to be believing that Maya Fey had actually killed Mia Fey and Dr. Grey. (I don’t think Maya was ever formally accused of killing Misty Fey? And she’s not in AJ:AA or Dual Destinies.)

It’s just a personal gripe of mine lol. Like, I know what they’re trying to get at, but she couldn’t be a serial killer even if she had killed them. 2 kills does not a serial killer make. 3 or more do.