You know it’s a good thing creatures like The Beast don’t exist (or at least don’t bother me in a physical sense) because all it would take is that voice and I’d be done.

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So… I decided to watch a few movies I had in my computer’s memory, and OH MY, I laugh so hard because… I found not one, but TWO “Castiels” in the movies.

To check this, please watch the movies, I just lost it. Omar is more similar because of the music thing tho…

Se me dio en estos dias por mirar algunas peli viejas que tenia en la memoria de la pc y DIOS, no encontre UNO, sino DOS “Castiels” en las peliculas.

Si desean chequearlo, por favor, miren las peliculas. Omar diria que se parece mas por todo lo de la musica.

I had a dream about Bog working on cutting down trees/construction (slightly FernGully AU) and he stumbled across the Fairy Kingdom. He subtly steered the workers away and became friends with the fairies and elves by helping out around the kingdom (moving logs/houses/bridges). He also built dollhouses as a hobby, so, you can see where I’m going with this. I’m just imagining a HUGE human Bog (because he’s even big in human standards) giving Marianne a tiny throne.

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Shot in the dark- Hexxus, for ferngully?

Guess my top 10 characters || [ x ]

1. Street Fighter
2. Magic: The Gathering
3. Overwatch
4. Ferngully: Hexxus
5. Batman
6. Outlast
7. Mass Effect
8. Star Trek
9. We Happy Few
10. Overwatch

Oh my gosh, this is the one I never thought someone would guess! :’^) Yes! I love Hexxus, and Toxic Love was the highlight of my childhood. I think I wore out the VHS as a kid rewinding that particular scene. As a blob of smog, he developed well as a villain, and at the time, I thought he was terrifying. I had nightmares about him my first couple of Ferngully watch-throughs!

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What I like the most about them: She’s got a nice sense of style and class while still being a goofy kid

What I like the least about them: Too easily persuaded by what is considered fantastical, like in Sworn to the Sword.

What I would I do if I could spend one day with them: Talk about headcanons and shipping and theories because she’s probably great at it.

If I could ask them one question: Valor or Mystic?!

Would I marry them if I could: No man she’s 12.

Romantic OTP: Connverse!

Non-romantic OTP: Still Connverse… I’d be totally cool with them remaining friends

Weird Headcanons: She played with legos as a kid

Weird Sexcanons: No man… She’s a kid.

Top three songs I’d pick to describe her: The Batty Rap from FernGully is all that comes to mind

Unpopular Opinion: She reminds me too much of middle school…

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one song: That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain
two movies: Coraline and FernGully
three TV shows: Gilmore Girls, Treehouse Masters and Person of Interest
four people: Sebastian Stan, Kirstie Allsopp, Drew Pritchard, Pete Nelson
five foods: Pol’s Pasta Salad, Shepherd’s Pie, That One Vegetarian Pizza With The Sour Peppers, ABM Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup, Frozen Yoghurt

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