[ I am so mad that I don’t have my computer so my pics are even shittier than usual (I TOOK THIS WITH A WEBCAM PEOPLE. THAT IS WHAT I’VE BEEN REDUCED TO) but I wasn’t about to wait however many weeks to post this

There are many headcanons in here including:

  1. Ferngully was baby Aerith’s jam
  2. That kid rocked overalls like nobody’s business
  3. A Dream Worth Keeping is the ultimate Zaerith anthem and no one can tell me otherwise

Also that they lived happily together to a ripe old age and nothing bad ever happened to them ever.]

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Ahhh Fern makes me think of that movie “FernGully”! ;V; It´s a cartoon fairytale sort of movie about a bunch of magical creatures like fairies and stuff that has to protect their rain-forest home from destruction! ;V; I think I´ve only seen it once and I was like 5 years old so I can´t remember it too well…. But my sister absolutely loved it!

I’m watching Avatar (the movie… with the blue people… because as far as I know, it is the only movie that exists called “Avatar”), and it’s really good so far (despite being a CGI version of Ferngully and Pocahontas mixed into one), but there are two hours left? How much shit is going to get fucked up that it’s going to take two more hours?

I’m thinking Wal-Mart is plotting my demise, because they’ve recently started putting all my favorite childhood movies in the 5$ DVD bin. I’ve already gotten Shrek 2 and Shark Tales and Ferngully. Ahhhhh. I’m not complaining though. Keep it up 👍🏻

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[SO MY FRIEND AND I BOTH DECIDED THAT LANTERN IS ACTUALLY PIPS FROM FERNGULLY][My sister says Faraday should be Hexxus, and I'm thinkin Crysta!Autumn and Zak!Baird][and maybe Batty!CJ][idk maybe its a trope "consistently angry magical ginger" + "curious and hopeful magical friend who has much to learn" paired with "the big one who can't be with them" + "the one with wings"][idk i think im seeing a pattern here]

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One song: All Apologies - Nirvana

Two movies:   Ferngully and Lord of the Rings

Three TV shows: Doctor Who, Yugioh, and Black Butler

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Five foods: Spaghetti, Hamburgers, Shrimp, Candy, and Chocolate Milk.   

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