Morning PT and an Evening 50 Minutes of Run

I’m going to be sore tomorrow. This morning during Navy PT I led the physical training of our, how should I say, less physically fit members. The goal is to help these guys lose weight so they can pass their physical fitness tests. I decided to use one of the workouts I found on here.

I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow but I think I may have killed the guys I was working out. Hopefully this motivates them to stop being out of shape so they don’t have to work out with me anymore. 

I love the feel of going out for a run and finding that zone where everything just clicks and the run is almost effortless. That’s exactly how I felt tonight. 

I set out with one goal today, go slower than yesterday. Going slower definitely made this a more enjoyable run. 

I asked coach today when training starts for my upcoming 50K. Apparently it starts Monday. He told me to enjoy the runs for the rest of the week because my training is “going to get crazy”. He didn’t specify exactly what he meant by that but I’m a little scared. 

so i very much recommend watching On The Spot: RTX 2015 with the game grumps on it because

danny and arin do a little snuggle/sidehug

their team name is Frighteningly Enormous Penis (FEP)

theres some gay stuff

the terms “baby” are thrown around

the host (i think his name is john) jumps into danny’s arms and danny hugs him really close

when danny lets the host go, arin goes “why dont you do that to me?” and danny responds “later, later” in a bit of a flirtatious manner

danny calls himself Daddy


have fun