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Why do people shit on words like "guyliner" and other words like that because they supposedly prove "fragile masculinity" but then use words like "man spreading" and "mansplaining?" Why can they make up words specifically for men only when they can be used against men?

Because of our male privilege ofc.



This was submitted by dfreeman7 which cracked me up. Since it includes Anita, this falls under radical feminism even if it’s a parody piece.

Thanks much to dfreeman7!

- Kuzco

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1. Write your name in song titles:

Blue Spotted Tail by Fleet Foxes

Rhythm Section Want Ad by They Might Be Giants

Especially Me by Low

Night Light by The Mountain Goats

No One Said it Would be Easy by Cloud Cult

And She Was by Talking Heads

I managed to include a good chunk of my favorite bands in this and I’m proud of myself. This is a pretty decent playlist if I do say so myself.

2. Why did you choose your URL?

At one point, hertzprung, trinarystarsystem, morelikecrapitalism and I were all changing our URLs to astronomy URLs and this is one I found that I liked that wasn’t taken. It stuck.

3. What’s your middle name / or / what’s the meaning of your first name?

My middle name is Anne.

4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

I would be the Baba Yaga. 

5. Favorite Color?

Yellow. I look really good in yellow. Matt Frewer confirms.

6. Favorite Song

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes

I’m not someone overly given to sentimentality but this song makes me feel like I could be whole. 

7. Top 3 Fandoms

Discworld, always and forever.

Fullmetal Alchemist (excluding the ‘03 anime)

Ace Attorney, but only the original trilogy and vs. Professor Layton. (Probably the new one will also be included because Shu Takumi is back)

8. Why do you like Tumblr?

I’ve made a lot of friends on here. Shout out to the Arizona crew.

9. Tag 9 More People

Uhh, xraen, befriande, raplapla, tigerlilywatson, rheniite, trinarystarsystem, seruphim, heronfem, morelikecrapitalism 

I stopped believing in queer theory as soon as I heard of the identity “demigirl.” Queer theory taught me that anyone could be a woman and that there’s no “right way” to be a woman, but then I was told that you could be “almost a woman.” How could you be “almost a woman” if there’s no “right way” to be a woman? I wanted to ask, but I was afraid of being dismissed as transphobic. 

man, I remember one time a customer came in and I greeted him at the door immediately with the “Hey, welcome to GameStop, what can I do for you today?” and he just BLEW RIGHT PAST ME and walked up to my male then-trainee and was like “my PS3 isn’t showing up on the TV” and this kid was brand new so he didn’t know what to say so he just looked at me and was like “Hey, do you know what could cause that?” and I said “Yeah it could be [this, this, or this], have you done any of those things?”  And the customer just answered like the trainee had been the one to ask.

So that initiated a ten minute long conversation where the customer would ask a question, the new guy would turn and ask me, I would answer it, and the customer would comment back to the new guy.

 It was like some kind of fucked up selfish retail threeway and I will never be able to scrub it from my mind

If male socialisation does not exist and trans women have never had male privilege...

Why is the highest paid female CEO a trans woman?
Why does the Wikipedia article for notable trans men have only 41 names compared to 117 for notable trans women?
Where are the household name trans male celebrities?
Where is the trans male cotton ceiling?
Why are trans women allowed to disrupt, damage and destroy the scant few women-only spaces that we fought so hard for, when trans men, despite the whole planet being effectively one large men’s only club, are unable to take up space, to loudly demand?

The answer is male socialisation.