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Hi you're a super charming and intelligent person wow what a *delight* ;P have a nice day bye felicia

Thank you, mysterious person of the intraweb! I hope you have a lovely day, too


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・゚✧* - is that Felicia Day? No, that’s just Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural. She is 32 and is said to be impulsive & sarcastic but also resourceful & highly intelligent. [Jo, GMT, She/her, 22]

welcome to seattle, charlie bradbury !! you have eighteen hours to send in your account! if you need an extension, don’t hesitate to ask !!


I’m so happy! I had Felicia Day and Jim Beaver sign my supernatural bag! I just told Jim how muched I love him on Supernatural and that I’ve seen him in Psych and Bones and asked him if he’s been here in KC before and it was his first time haha. I may not see Ron todat bc the line was SUPER LONG but I saw him from the side. Hopefully his line won’t be as long tomorrow.

I hate that so many of Felicia Day’s fans are terrible I hate that she’s ever been treated with anything other than the utmost respect and kindness

This is late but....

If you plan on being at Planet Comicon in Kansas City MO tomorrow then track me down and say Hi!!! Would love to meet some fans of mine and even get a picture with you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️

I’ll be posting a photo tomorrow so you all know what I look like! :)

I’ll be getting to meet with Jim Beaver or as we all know him “Bobby”. And also with Felicia Day “Charlie” and I get to meet Ron Perlman “Clay” from sons of anarchy!!

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"I don't feel like doing the leg work."= I don't actually have enough proof. Go find somebody else to do it for me." Really honey, as a women, let me politely ask you to STOP. I don't need a wannabe Viking 'defending' me or any other woman from teh big bad goobergaters. The fact they treat me with more respect than your lot really should be a wake up call for you.

Wait, ‘as a women’ … HOW MANY IS YOU?!

I mean if you call attacking women who don’t support the movement (sending them death threats, doxing them, etc) “respect” then okay. You are entitled to your wrong obviously opinion. I’m sure Felicia Day and Anita Sarkeesian both feel very respected by the calm, level-headed men of GamerGate and their respectfulness.

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What was meeting Felicia like? I'm hoping to meet her at Boston Comic Con in August (my first con - a huge step for me as someone with anxiety) and I'd love to hear about your experience.

OMG SHE WAS SO NICE sadly it was only for a minute but she was super sweet and smiling the whole time. I told her congrats on her new baby and then i got a selfie with her.

yeah ik the feeling damn anxiety but i wasn’t as nervous as i thought i was going to be, maybe bc this is my second con so i knew what to expect.

she ended up being like an hour late to her booth though so i waited over an hour but i was pretty close to the front so i wasn’t going to lose my spot. but when she arrived in KC, one the people that were working for her was like “OKAY PEOPLE FELICIA DAY IS IN KANSAS CITY! WE ARE OFFICIALLY BREATHING THE SAME AIR!” and that made us all really excited especially since we’ve been waiting even longer than originally scheduled.

then felicia finally came up to us and was startled by all of our cheering haha. she actually stopped in her tracks and blinked like “whoa guys!” i didn’t think she was expecting that kind of reaction i guess haha

and her panel was great too. thanks to a new friend who looked for better seats, i sat four rows away from the stage so i had a pretty good spot haha which was awesome for it was my first celeb panel ever lol. 

ok ill shut up now and go to bed but dont be afraid to ask more questions ok anon? im hopefully gonna be meeting Jim Beaver tomorrow as well. :D 

Went to Planet Comic-Con in KC today dressed as Soos.

It was a lot of fun. I met Dan Scott and he signed my Rally the Righteous, as well as the art print and Angel tokens I bought from him. He was super chill, even though I was kind of freaking out. 

Also, Billie Piper waved at me and I almost got hit by a golf cart driving Felicia Day around.  That was cool.

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Just wanted to drop in and say hi! Hope you're having a fantastic day!!!

Hellooooo!!! I did have a pretty good day, and now I’m on the way to KC to attend Planet ComiCon tomorrow - where, by the way, I’ll get to meet Felicia Day and Jim Beaver!! Hope your weekend is off too a good start! ❤️