*felicia day

My brain is an asshole sometimes. (too mean to dream)

#TFW you wake yourself up from a dream because you realize that it is way too unrealistic.

Dreamt I was writing a memoir about a song that I had written after a 20 minute meet and greet I had won with John Legend… at a Star Trek convention.
I realized it was a dream when I started to refer to Felicia Day in the notes I was writing on the draft of the book. It took me referring to an actual person who is famous for being a geek to realize how unrealistic it was to have a M&G with a musical genius at a Star Trek con.

Dream John Legend thank you for being a sweet person. The imaginary riff and advice you gave were legit. Lmao

It was a great dream! The song was a sweet love song as far as I can tell. Damn you brain for being too pragmatic!! Let me enjoy my completely awesome fake alternate realities!


❅ | It was one of those rare instances in which Felicia had the day to herself. And although she wasn’t used to it - it was a nice change of pace. Bellevue is a large city and Felicia decided it was time for a little exploration.

The first place she wandered into was Enyo college. It was vastly different from Oakville University - the latter had old buildings but this one! It was modern and sophisticated. She couldn’t help but let out a few ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as she walked around the place.

There was a rather peculiar noise as she got near a big building (something squeaky?). Felicia peered through the open door and nearly missed getting hit on the face.


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There's No Place Like Home - Supernatural | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | #SciFi #Fantasy #tvseries

While scanning the Internet for suspicious paranormal activity, Sam comes across a video of Charlie Bradbury (recurring guest star Felicia Day) beating up a district attorney. Dean suspects she’s back from Oz and hunting on her own – assuming the district attorney must have been a demon. When they do find Charlie, however, they’re shocked to learn the real reason why she came back from Oz.

There’s No Place Like Home
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: January 27, 2015

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Book of the Damned - Supernatural | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | #SciFi #Fantasy #tvseries

Charlie (Felicia Day) calls Sam and Dean to tell them she found the Book of the Dead, which might help remove the Mark of Cain. The Winchesters race to find her after she tells them she’s been shot by a man named Jacob Styne (guest star Jeff Branson) who says the book belongs to his family and he won’t rest until he gets it back. Castiel and Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) take a road trip to find Castiel’s grace… but they hit a couple road bumps along the way.

Book of the Damned
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Price: $2.99
Publish Date: April 15, 2015

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

01. Quick Introduction: bonjour, cori Here !! I am ancient, at a whopping 28, so I’m most often the protective momma bear in a team setting, though I have also assumed the mantle of drunk uncle due to my age and friendly ranting tenancies!  i am a major gamer and comic nerd, and a super big sucker for high fantasy novels which is probably why i’m even here!

02. Discovering Of Silver Blood: I found it in the skeleton rp tag actually *~*

03. Favorite Faceclaims: I know I’m super late to this as almost all the bios are out but man, i’ve got too many baes to count.  priyanka chopra, aubrey plaza, felicia day, matt daddario, tyler hoechlin, willa holland, bob morley, liam mcintyre, chris wood, adrienne padalecki, chloe bennett, daniel sharman, grant gustin, melissa benoist, shay mitchell, rami malek…..i could keep going but i’ll stop….

04. Favorite Character Type: I’m a sucker for a few tropes, the icy asshole who’s only got one sun that could possibly melt him hence my application for skeleton 014 be still my soul he was so beautifully written but i also love the optimistic sunshine who, despite a tragic backstory, can’t help but be cheerful and funny, though sometimes sarcastic.  my third favorite would probably be the morally gray enigma, who you can never predict or tell who’s side they’re on, and who constantly keep you guessing.

05. Netflix Favorites: I’ve recently just finished binging mr. robot, orphan black and shameless. my guilty pleasure rewatches will forever be friends, the west wing, teen wolf and chuck.  i’m also an addict of suits, all the cw hero shows, once, grimm, vikings, shield and gotham.

06. Red Queen Favorites: I’ve not read the series, which is very surprising as it’s right in my wheelhouse of genre.  it’s on my list now though, for as soon as i’m done with sanderson kicking my ass with the feels game :’) i’m super excited for this game it looks lovely!