finals week.
  • student: um we need to talk about my grade because this is freaking ridiculous
  • me: yes, your grade in my class is pretty freaking ridiculous, glad we agree, good talk, bye felicia
For anti-cegan shippers

You guys are idiots for thinking we (cegan shippers) condone or support pedophilia. You guys are idiots for thinking that we don’t see the unhealthy characteristics in cegans relationship. You guys are idiots for judging us when this ship doesn’t even effect you and is none of your damn business. We aren’t gonna stop liking something because you tell us not to. Block me right now you dumb fucks.

Bye Felicia!


I’m honestly a bit annoyed by Olishitters saying that Laurel can’t call Olivr, Ollie. Because for them, Ollie is pre island Olivr and he’s not that guy anymore
I beg to disagree.

They are just bitter that now Laurel is the only one able to call him by such a cute and intimate nickname and that Felicia can’t and never will.

He’s still Ollie for Laurel, because they are Laurel And Ollie. All of a sudden she won’t just stop because of you guys. That’s called continuity !!
Get over it and stop making up bad excuses.

Legit just had a guy hit me on kik saying I’m not the slut I claim to be and if I was I would tell him all the slutty things I’ve done. If someone comes at me like that why the fuck would I carry on a conversation? Calling me a liar before we even start talking is a good way to bring out my bitchy side.

Bye Felicia..