From @TheBengalTrio: “This is our lovely Eevee. Since the first day we took her outside the house, she’s been hooked on the outdoor life. Some of the few things she likes to do outside are take walks around the neighborhood, chase bunnies, and sometimes daddy will take her for a ride in the convertible. Rain or shine, she’ll be there!” #CatsTrueNature by @ProPlanCat #spon #ProPlanCatPartner #catsofinstagram
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Tomorrow: See Shezad Dawood’s sci-fi film Piercing Brightness, shot in Preston, England, home to the most UFO sightings in the country. The filmmaker will be on hand to discuss his work. 

[Production still from Piercing Brightness. 2013. Directed by Shezad Dawood. Courtesy of UBIK Productions Ltd. The image features Halo, an artwork by John Kennedy, commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts]


Fox has released three posters for Scream Queens. From the creators of American Horror Story and Glee, the horror-comedy anthology series will premiere in September.

The posters feature Emma Roberts and Keke Palmer, who star alongside Jaime Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Oliver Hudson, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Skyler Samuels, Billie Lourd, Diego Boneta, Lucien Laviscount, Glen Powell, Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas.

My DVD of ‘The Hobbit; the Battle of the Five armies’ arrived a day early, what an awesome early birthday pressie, as I had to miss it at the cinema because I was too poorly.

I just had to share this clip of Martin from the end of the special feature on New Zealand - just because the man is genius. 

Martin: “Meanwhile, the backdrop is so beautiful that people will think it’s CGI. It looks Too perfect.

…You can use that, as an advert for New Zealand, if you want. I mean… Succinct. All snappy. Positive. 

And…. Cut.      Brilliant.      Trademark!”

Doctor Who Meets Scratchman, also sometimes titled Doctor Who and the Big Game, was a planned movie written by Tom Baker and Ian Marter. The story was to feature the Doctor, Harry and Sarah as they faced the Devil known as “Scratchman”. Other enemies which were to appear were Scarecrows which came alive, the Daleks and a small cameo of the Cybermen. The finale was to take place on a giant pinball table. The movie was to have Vincent Price and Twiggy involved […]

This beautiful trainwreck of a fandom. 


Aspirants to the White House, both Democratic and Republican, have, as we all know, begun “announcing,” thus initiating, from a rationalist’s point of view, a media carnival featuring, on both sides, an array of supposedly God-fearing clowns and faith-mongering nitwits groveling before Evangelicals and nattering on about their belief in the Almighty and their certainty that if we just looked, we could find answers to many of our ills in the Good Book.

Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton all spout pious religious lies. We must grill them on what they really mean

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That mirror thing is bullshit by the way you look worse in photos because cameras flatten your features down to 2D also it takes all the movement out and everything which is why to other people you look a lot more attractive than in pictures that's why some people are more photogenic than others some have more easily flattened faces but yeah just so you know it isn't a representation of how you look to others

well that does make sense so like neither mirror or camera shows the true image.

its creepy to know that i dont know what i exactly look like

So, as the banner states, today is my birthday – hurray. Now I’m technically 20 which means I’m no longer a teen. I figured instead of just sitting here doing nothing, I’d throw out a follow forever to celebrate my birthday. Please note that I did not include people who’ve followed me within the week. I also included my blogroll, because I love you all so much. I also just so happened to hit 150 followers today so that’s a bonus, yeah!

Old Friends !

First things first; people I’ve known before coming to this blog. They’ve stuck with me through a lot of fandom hopping, and I’m seriously thankful for that.

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New Friends !

Now these are people I’ve met on this blog, who I either talk quite a lot to or roleplay with quite often. ( Or, in a few cases, have lost contact with only to find them again. )

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Those I Admire !

Now these are people who I have either talked or roleplayer with very little or not at all and am eager to do so. Whenever I see them on my dash, I always instantly stop to read whatever they’re doing. I enjoy their posts so much that I eagerly look forward to seeing them post more on my dash.

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New Doctor Who Novels Featuring The Twelfth Doctor And Clara Coming Soon

Three new Doctor Who novels will be released later this year from BBC Books, featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. While no cover art or official release dates have been announced yet, we know the synopsis and writer for each. Though nothing is confirmed, it is believed that the first of the three books will be released in September, with the next two coming in October and November.

something I’ve been doodling since last night along with other things.

This is a really self-indulgent persona. Whereas I usually try to make most personas representative of me in some way I think this one is just a sketch of a character that has a lot of the features I like.

This isn’t the best example and I’ll post more clear doodles later but I liked this one.

Tiny imp physique, tiny demon wings, horns, point ears and teefs, a tiny tum, and much more. Basically just a bunch of stuff i like slappin on my characters, haha.

I wanted to challenge myself too though and design this lil fella in a way that made him simple. I love character designs that are simple but effective like Bill cipher and folks along those lines.
Hopefully I managed to accomplish that but its still a work in progress. Wooh!