While preparing my next Retronator Magazine article I was looking at how CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors display colors. It turns out they use three phosphor types in various configurations that would glow red, green or blue when hit with the electron beam.

And so I came across an article called Designing a Large-scale Phosphor Filter/Shader by Hunter K., which explains just what it says, how to make a pixel/fragment shader that creates the phosphor CRT look, suitable for ultra high-res (4k) displays of today. 

You’ll have to click on the above images to appreciate the finer details. I know I did. I could stare at (simulated) CRT scanlines for hours.


Who keeps letting chanyeol stand on platforms, the boy clearly cannot be trusted

Hey @staff ,
as someone who has been on tumblr for years and found inspiration, saw cool ideas and discovered new talents from all places, it is truly sad to see how tumblr is destroying itself. After losing the curating feature – which was actually how I found my favorite blogs/artists and what made it so special – now ads (not even good ones) are popping up between the posts?! And not to mention you deactivated one of the most valuable blogs which is ARCHatlas! I don’t know what you were thinking while doing these things, and you probably won’t even read this, but I’m begging you: please consider that such actions will have repercussions. And that loyalty comes hand in hand with respect – which you are slowly losing.   

Girl Brigade - Pump it Up {a ladies-only mix the girl brigade listens to in the locker room}


1. hit me with your best shot - pat benatar | 2. titanium - david guetta ft. sia | 3. fly - nicki minaj ft. rihanna | 4. flawless - beyoncé ft. chimamanda ngozi adiche | 5. masterpiece - jessie j | 6. born this way - lady gaga  | 7. work b**ch - britney spears | 8. bo$$ - fifth harmony | 9. bad girls - m.i.a. | 10. the baddest female - cl | 11. problem - natalia kills | 12. crazy - 4minute | 13. prima donna - christina aguilera | 14. like a boy - ciara | 15. king of anything - sara bareilles | 16. do it like a dude - jessie j | 17. pretty girl rock - keri hilson | 18. wannabe - spice girls | 19. fire - 2ne1 | 20. can’t hold us down - christina aguilera ft. lil kim | 21. salute - little mix | 22. fight song - rachel platten | 23. one girl revolution (battle mix) - superchic(k)