New Mikagura merch to be released this month!

First off, an earphone jack collection, to be sold in 10 packs in a box! It costs 5000 yen!

Next is a mini clearfile collection, which features the main cast in casual clothing, among others! It costs 2160 yen!

Lastly, to complement the milk candy that was sold before, milk cookies! it costs 700 yen!

featuring GalooGameLady ‘s Buttons

go with me on this… i was testing out all the new ink brushes and then doodled Buttons unexpectedly, but since i was too lazy to change his expression i made him look like he was reacting to something and then i figured i’d have it be this crossover thing with my oc’s Shaw and Vasco, and because i still wanted to try out my other brushes i drew a pretty background and lovely shading for all of them =D 

now that i think about it i should have drawn a jacket for him


SISTAR’s Bora and Soyu, AOA’s Seolhyun, A Pink’s Bomi, and More to Guest on “Running Man”

It has been reported that an exciting lineup of female stars will be guesting on an upcoming episode of “Running Man!”

According to a broadcast official on July 6, SISTAR’s Bora and Soyu, A Pink’s Bomi, AOA’s Seolhyun, and comedienne Lee Gook Joo are set to appear as guests on SBS’ variety program “Running Man.”

It is said that these five female stars made their entrance at the recording of the show on this day, and are currently in the middle of filming in Gyeonju.

This episode of “Running Man” featuring Bora, Soyu, Bomi, Seolhyun, and Lee Gook Joo is reported to be a ‘Chobok’ (start of summer) special and will be airing around the middle of July.

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why don't you like kr/tk??? i'm not trying to be rude but i'm curious bc most of the ppl i know in the fandom ship it

for something so popular, i don’t see the chemistry between them at all so it’s annoying seeing it everywhere, not to mention a lot of the kr/tk ive stumbled upon features a really ooc kuroo so i just :/
i dont find them aesthetically pleasing either


I’m excited to tell you guys I’m putting on a show!!!!!!!!!! TAKING THE TEARS LIVE!!!!!

Crying New York: SAD FUNNY

A comedy show.

July 16th - 9:30 PM @ Videology Brookyln

Featuring the awesome and very hilarious: 


Hosted by me.

We’re going to have a grand ol time telling the saddest funny tales and screening the best crying scenes in movie history!!!!!!!!!!!  

Best of all? Just like the best things in life (crying!!) It’s FREE!!! 

More info: http://www.videology.info/blog/events/crying-new-york-sad-funny-free/

Hope to see you there!!!!!!!! 

In no way straight or always on flat ground. There will be 🗻hills, 🌄valleys and 🐎hurdles; there will also be ambition, accomplishments, & fun. I want to SHARE IT ALL.
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This is what I am talking about :

Back in the “good old days” of the Local Scene, bands that had acrued a certain amount of what we’ll call Cultural Capital would often take the time and effort to revisit the “underground” which nurtured them in their infancy. It was a blessedly common occurance for a well-known Artist to perform one night at a large nightclub or “ballroom,” then to perform the following night at some “hole in the wall” somewhere in the same city / “market.”

The Market Hotel, Silent Barn, even New Jersey’s own Maxwell’s - these and so many more hosted “The Other Night,” as Adam Reich and I sometimes refer to it, providing an opportunity for these empowered Artists to reject the Minor League mentality which plagues for what remains of the “underground” today, declaring allegiance to the “counter culture” and lending strength to those that would follow. Performing at humble Shea Stadium, Ceremony gives voice once more to those oft- forgotten believers who maintain that Brooklyn need not strive so terribly hard to clone the better-left-dead Lower East Side circa August, 2001.

Is this yet more “bullshit?” Has there ever been an authentic “counter culture” which wasn’t just another consumer commodity, another “fully branded lifestyle,” underneath it all? Didn’t the New York Rock Scene die anyway when Lou Reed quit and went back to Long Island to live with his parents? Perhaps, perhaps, but allow me two small examples before I really must go to sleep.

Ceremony and +@ got to be quite good friends when traveling the United States on the National Business Tour of Autumn, 2012. We all remember fondly the good times, but the painful memories also linger, scars fading without ever completely - such was the night we played at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA.

You’d think it would have been awesome, considering the super #RARE shows Neil Young played there with The Ducks back in whenever it was (no research this time). It was awesome in some ways, but mostly it was a drag because, unbeknownst to us, the promoter of the show had somehow decided that the show should be opened by the winners of some recent hardcore Battle of the Bands.

The names of these bands are lost to time, but one face, one voice will never be - the singer of one of these hardcore bands I mention, some kind of scraggly, denim jacket type. Backstage, he was extremely, shall we say, “outgoing” - making himself the “life of the party” / “drinking plenty of "the beer” / filling the empty cans with the ashes of his remarkably dedicated chain smoking.

His major joke of the night, in our presence anyway, was his disdain for the band. “I fucking hate yr band,” he jovially opened, gladhanding with an open heart about how he “has to be honest,” something about how he “fucks shit up” or words to that effect. “I want to be like GG Allin,” he said, though I can’t say for sure if it was through word or deed - apparently, he liked to, like, barf on stage or something, though it was clean that night by the time I got to it.

While I try to remember why I brought that up (besides Ceremony also being there), here’s the other anecdote I wanted to relate - I remember almost all of this one too.

A year or maybe two later, I found myself working the door at Shea Stadium one night for one of these shows where they import the scene from some nearby university, usually SUNY Purchase or Sarah Lawrence or Bard or some such thing. These schools in the NYC fallout zone have all got their own little scenes, you know, jamming at the student union, throwing hella endownmnet dollars at obscure, otherwise fiscally hopeless bands (yup - it’s great!), and if it is all just the facsimilie of life these provincial college towns (not to mention basement-rich New Jersey suburbs) usually are, such scenes are generally operated in good heart, most of the time, with special effort often taken for greater inclusiveness - not much like the Big City scene, which is brutal and cruel.

Anyway, there I am at the top of the stairs, and there is a band of, uh, “young men” on stage playing what +@ drummer Eric Harm and I call “bothercore” - it is basically any punk/hardcore-derived music designed to agressively irritate the listener. When I lived at that disgusting squat I told you about (right?), my chambers were situated immediately above the practice space of a band called BBIG PIGG, and if their “rehearsals” at first seemed like a torture perfect enough to prove that God is not only real but furious with me, in time, monitoring their progress and listening to them distill weaponized sonic aggression from so much proverbial splattering of paint, I came to better differentiate music that is merely “bad” and Audio Art which hurts the listener on purpose with ultimately good (if willfully obscure) intentions.

Yeah, so, sitting there, watching these youths - their faces were covered in some kind of makeup, sort of a “Lord of the Flies” vibe, and as the band mangled their instruments, the “frontman” lumbered about the loosely populated dancefloor, yelling incoherently in the faces of his nervously-giggling contemporaries. It was like many “bothercore” performances I have seen - that is to say, a watered-down, over-xeroxed replica of what Double Dagger did to me at Uncle Paulie’s, in the shadow of what would become the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, opening for Green Milk From The Planet Orange in 2005. There is so much embedding to be done in that last sentence, but Ra is rising and there is rehearsal before much longer.

There I was, sitting and watching - there he was, pacing and shouting. In twenty minutes or so, it was over, and the “frontman” stepped off stage and approached the people into whose nervously-giggling faces he had just been shouted. Nervously, he giggled, rubbing the back of his neck and shit like that - they were probably talking about some test they had taken or something, or how drunk one or more of them was (really drunk - like, basically all the way). They’d go back to the safe hamlet in the woods that night or the next day, back to cracking whippits in the library (whippit good?). All would be as it was, as it should be.

“My point?” he wondered aloud, his voice creaking over the first songs of the birds outside his window, the tuning of the great orchestra of our ever-sustaining mother… wait, what? Right - my point - it is this :

The “confrontational vocalist” in Santa Cruz maybe made my night into a nightmare, and yes, he was awesome at being annoying, but he is but one troll under one particular bridge. Those who enter his Sphere Of Influence may always regret it, but it can extend only as far as his lazy, cowardly, ultimately-self-loathing feet will carry him. He may be big on the block, but the block is not the world - thusly, his acts of “cultural terrorism” are true masturbation, an attempt to hammer a veneer of strength onto the Observed Self, so that it may be believed by a fragile, frightened heart - it happens all the time.

As for our student friend, he was perhaps quite annoying also, but was he “hurting anybody” with his performance? The nervously giggling schoolchums liked it, didn’t they?

Sure, they liked it, and that is why I am so tight. You see, dear reader, when a facsimilie of rebellion is presented as though it were the real thing, a perverted alchemy is performed in the mind of the suggestible observer who takes the display as authentic while knowing that it is ultimately harmless / “just fun.”

Our “confrontational frontman” had been very scary on stage, yelling and saying “fuck it” to everything the way he did, but it was only a movie. He didn’t really want to “fuck it” - “Fucking it? Fuck that!”

Is it not his right to say “fuck it” whether he means it or not? Well, sure it is - this is America and, what’s more, the rotting carcass of the NYC DIY Scene, so he can say whatever he wants. I’ll just go ahed and give myself the same freedom now (as though I hadn’t before) :

When the observer has been shown the fake “fuck it” so many times, they cannot help but be conditioned to hear “fuck it” and internalize it as “I’m just kidding.” Having been spoon fed the fake “fuck it” for so many years, the taste of the sincere “fuck it” is bizarre, hanging obscenely on the tongue like milk fresh from the cow for the first time in a 2% life, like the burning hot light of the sun on the prisoner’s eyes when stumbling from Plato’s cave. If the hidden irony inherent in the “rebellious act” is impercptible, even absent, it can / will be projected by a defensive, threatened audience until the abominable sentiment is invalidated into oblivion, the rabble-rouser banished to the ass end of our thoughts.

This is why The System loves it when a prominent Rebel is willing to ally with them, so that their once-potent message can become neutered in the process of its commodification. This is how time can turn a genuine villain (anti-hero?) like GG Allin into a smug college kid, just like that. Copy it and copy it, buy it and sell it - soon enough, it’s just more paper, just more one’s and zero’s, more decimal places, more brushstrokes along the Bottom Line.

The Artist is out there somewhere right now, whispering a secret truth into the Listener’s ear, some sacred sentiment which was always influential if never fully articulated. The Listener is validated, a tiny bit less alone in the big, dark, horrible world. Sighing, the listener’s eyes close, as the Artist whispers, “…you know… like that shoe I told you about.”

Meanwhile, across town, two youths are talking - one ambles through life enthralled with society’s many opiates, while the other has grown disillusioned with said opiate life, seeking now to overturn the influence of The System - perhaps not around the globe, but at least within that one’s own life.

“‘Rebellion?’ 'Revolution?’” the first of them cackles, “You mean that shit from my shirt?”


Bedtime now - if we don’t get to talk again for a while, please know I am thinking of you and I will find some way to communicate with you, when the time is right - until then, listen for my name on the wind xoxox



3 Reasons why you should join us at our next concert July 27th.
1. Venue - We’re hosting this show at the infamous Silvana in ‪#‎Harlem‬ ‪#‎NewYork‬
2. Featured Artists - Who Would want to miss this awesome guy? ‪#‎lindoYes‬ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHLHmAfobls
3. It’s FREE!!! In fact, it’s our first ever free show. So come thru for the after work event of the year!
@ Silvana
300 W 116th Street, NY 10026
Doors open 7pm
Free w/ purchase of food or beverage

visit http://missreignproductions.eventbrite.com to register for tickets or the ‪#‎OpenMic

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Anything featuring that gorgeous body of yours ;)

Sorry, I’m having a bit of a hard time with my body image atm, and wouldn’t want to disappoint my lovely Followers with awful photos 😘

Out this Wednesday is issue 14 of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor, the penultimate issue of year one. I have a two page back-up comic in it as always and as promised features River Song.

So this one’s about Facebook or um Bookface for legality reasons. It was a lot of fun to write, it might just be one of my favourites of my run even if it took me forever to colour and put together (you’ll see when you pick it up) so I hope you enjoy it!! ┐(‘~`;)┌

Here are some preview panels that aren’t sequential to one another but I was looking for a preview panel to show and I couldn’t decide so though what-the-heck I’ll choose both.

After this issue, it’s issue 15, the big finale. I’ll be sticking around during the crossover having just submitted art for #1 of the Four Doctors (the backup written by Paul Cornell himself!)

Starhealth Sh-c2 Pink Oled Display Finger Pulse Oixmeter, Spo2 Monitor, Pulse Oximetry

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