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Classic Nintendo game systems don’t die – they evolve! These Nintendo guitars are custom made fully functional six string guitars with all the working features you’d expect from a real guitar. Available in several wood styles, these electric Nintendo guitars are a must have item.


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this was a sketch and then it turned into a sloppy pseudo painting that sits between good and shit. i had a big stressed out day so it was fun to kind of. take it out on a sketch.

anyway, my monhun getup! featuring my cute bug buddy. i love that lil bug.

the armour’s a mix of kecha wacha and gypceros cos fuck ‘em. Esp gypceros. man i hate that thing.


Friday Five #22 - LGBTQ+ Part 2

Friday Five is an original weekly feature on my blog where I list five book recommendations in a new post every Friday. Anyone is welcome to do their own Friday Five post. it’s not an official feature/meme so you have the freedom to do whatever you like with it - I’d just appreciate it if you linked your post back to my blog.

One of my first Friday Five posts was on books with LGBTQ+ characters/themes and I’ve since read more. The first two books focus more on gender and the others feature only minor gay/bisexual/pansexual/however-else-they-chose-to-define-themself characters but they’re awesome. Only two of these books are contemporary so if anyone is looking for LGBTQ+ genre fiction then be sure to check these out.

1. Micah Grey series by Laura Lam

I’ve only read Pantomime so far but it’s an awesome fantasy book. It is set in a circus and has a kind of historical feel to it as well. It focuses a lot of gender - specially intersex - as well as sexuality.

2. None of the Above by I.W. Gregorio

An upcoming Young Adult contemporary novel about a girl who discovers that she is intersex. It is great in dealing with stigma and the different responses to the situation.

3. Making History by Stephen Fry

Making History is an alternative history novel, where two characters prevent Hitler from being conceived to change history as we know it. In this new present/future in particular, there’s an LGBTQ+ element and a very different attitude towards being gay in society.

4. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

This is a fantasy novel set in parallel Londons. One of the characters, Prince Rhy - who most people are calling the Jark Harkness of the book - is very open about his sexuality and he’s bisexual/pansexual. There’s other characters that have not stated their sexuality explicitly. It’s a wonderful book and Rhy is such a great character.

5. Solitaire by Alice Oseman

The protagonist’s brother, Charlie, is gay. Him and his boyfriend are so adorable. As much as I like the other characters, I can’t help but have a soft spot for Charlie.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’ve already read these books, you’re welcome to ramble about them with me. :)


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Beauty Skin Female V2

New and improved features from my first beauty skin. I created 4 different faces in this version and created 4 different sims to show off my vision.

V1: Caucasian, Eyelids
V2: Asian, no Eyelids
V3: Black, Eyebag and lip shadow
V4: Asian, Eyelid and defined cheek

This is a full body overlay, anatomically correct except for the lower region. Can be used with custom and EA skintones. Works with tattoos. Female, Teen to elder and with custom thumbnail so it is easy to locate.


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Hey! What work did you do for DC comics? I'd love to see!! :)

As part of an artist collaboration series of T-shirts I did a design featuring my version of Catwoman!! I’m not sure if it’s released or not yet… :) x

Spongebob Musical Dreamcast
  • Painty/Patchy the Pirate:Will Swenson
  • "Ahh, Goo Lagoon" Voice Over Narrator (can be prerecorded and used in all productions, ala Into the Woods's Judi Dench Giant):Alan Cumming
  • Spongebob Squarepants (with an alt., as I conceptualize it as an intense high tenor role featuring a song composed almost entirely of Spongebob's signature laugh written as musical notes):Drew Sarich, alt. Curt Hansen and/or Rory O'Malley
  • Patrick Star:Nathaniel Hackmann
  • Squidward Tentacles:Andrew Rannells
  • Sandy Cheeks:Sutton Foster
  • Gary:Earl Carpenter
  • Mr. Krabs (option 1 assumes Krabs is a high baritone and Plankton is a low baritone; option 2 assumes the opposite):Norm Lewis/Harvey Fierstein
  • Plankton (performing in an ocean blue leotard with a finger puppet; option 1 assumes Krabs is a high baritone and Plankton is a low baritone; option 2 assumes the opposite):Patrick Page/Nathan Lane
  • Pearl:Jennifer Damiano
  • Karen Plankton:Ann Harada
  • Mrs. Puff:Audra McDonald
  • Larry the Lobster/Johnny Elaine (prerecorded voice over):Josh Young
  • Mermaid Man:Colm Wilkinson
  • Barnacle Boy:Laird Mackintosh
  • King Neptune:Jeremy Stolle
  • The Flying Dutchman:Ramin Karimloo

Belly (1998)

In the years from 1995 to 2000 you couldn’t throw a pair of Tommy Hilfiger goggles without hitting a music video directed by Hype Williams. You probably (should) already know this but the man was the king, KING!, of the music video as short film genre (whispers: “king”). No longer would we have to sit through three static minutes of a band performing in front of a simple backdrop just to hear our favorite song, now we had larger than life sets, baller budgets, vivid color palettes reminiscent of a good shroom trip, and equally on point costumes and special effects. All of this being said, his transition into writing and directing a feature seemed inevitable. And on November 4th, 1998 Belly was released. Seventeen years later Belly’s opening sequence pretty much defines on fleek: that acapella version of Soul II Soul’s Back To Life playing against a black light shootout at a strip club (!!!) Jesus Christ, I’ve got chills just thinking about it. The story of Sincere (Nas at his schwing-iest) and Tommy Bunds (DMX as his least crackhead-iest) however was a little shakier.

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Sterek gameplay - cuz yolo

The Hale Loft should be being released some time today (yay~~~). I meant to have these gameplay photosets before that, but RL and crap wifi, y’know. :\

Ah well; it’s not like I’m doing anything constructive with my life. :P

Read about the Teen Wolf series if you want (no, not the godawful Michael J. Fox movie it’s based on). And here’s the Sterek tag, full of yumminess featuring Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale. 

Y’all can unfollow or block the sims 3 sterek tag if you want.

On a scale of 1-10, I rate Sterek at a solid 5 — as compared to, say, Britin at maybe an 8 - 8.5 (Brian was a douche for like 4 seasons), and Nagron at a 9 - 9.5.

Call it queer-baiting or whatever, but I think Derek & Stiles had a very strange chemistry, especially in S01 - S02. They seemed like they were on a collision course to being best-buds or frenemies or hot/cold hate-you-love-you lovers or something, and then…nothing. O_o Very strange. It didn’t help that I already disliked Derek’s propensity to physically harass Stiles — the steering wheel thing almost turned me off of him completely. But Derek mellowed out a lot after he got Cora, Erica and Boyd, and we finally started seeing real pure wholesome emotions come out of this dude. Poor guy. Some just call Stiles and Derek reluctant allies now, but IDK what’s going on anymore; my gaydar’s flippin haywire with these two. Maybe the upcoming Season 5 will change things; who knows.

But yeah, solid 5. Cuz it can go either here or there — probably won’t go anywhere anymore, with Braeden and Malia around now. Who cares — I’m clinging to the mast of my Sterek ship till it hits a frikkin iceberg and sinks into the abyss.

(Even their automobiles are close :P )


Fox and the Hound Pt0 - Derek

Fox and the Hound Pt0 - Stiles

[More Pending]

Brendon hasn’t stopped though. Which I don’t understand how people don’t get that when they say “panic! at the disco would be nothing if not for ryan” like did P!ATD play at Miss Universe when Ryan was in the band??? Did Brendon get to sing for Billy Joel at an honor ceremony thing when Ryan was in the band??? Did P!ATD get to have a major movie feature their song LIKE AN EXCLUSIVE SONG when Ryan was in the band? How many tours did P!ATD do when Ryan was in the band vs now? How many more interviews? How much more publicity is P!ATD getting now VS THEN? 

And I’m not talking about OOO WE JUST WON A VMA publicity they got for a short while and then tanked when Pretty. Odd came out. I’m talking about how BOTH ALBUMS THAT BRENDON SPEAR HEADED WITHOUT RYAN GOT A SHIT LOAD OF PUBLICITY AND BROUGHT P!ATD BACK ON THE MAP. 

Let’s talk about how The Young Veins tanked pretty fast. 

I’m sorry. I love Ryan. But honestly, it’s all Brendon. Brendon works hard and has brought the band back out of obscurity without Ryan’s help. 

And you know what? He does this while getting constantly shit on by the fandom. He’s not praised to high heavens like Ryan “I don’t really have a job.” Ross. He’s probably the #1 bandom person who gets crap right now. Like you turn every where and someone is saying “yeah that person did something shitty but BRENDON URIE IS HORRIBLE.” 

(He’s not horrible btw.)

And you know what? You could probably be like “Fuck you, Brendon.” in person and totally ruin his day but he’d still act like the next person in line was the best person in the world for coming to see his band. 

So pce

so simple it hurts by sosisbliss featuring a brown backpack

Elizabeth and James long sleeve shirt, 330 CAD / Chicwish green skirt, 49 CAD / Witchery ankle booties, 195 CAD / Candie s brown backpack, 50 CAD / Yves Saint Laurent bangle set, 990 CAD / Fresh water pearl earrings, 86 CAD / Muse eyewear, 110 CAD / Skinnydip tech accessory / Lips makeup, 12 CAD / Nail treatment