Ah, VHS, the technology that will never die in the hearts of kids growing up in the 80s and 90s. Early Sunday mornings, waking up to see He-Man, playing videogames … all that good nostalgia. It was easy to dream of playing games that looked like our favorite animated shows, looking at game adverts and projecting all those cool illustrations onto crude ZX Spectrum and C64 pixels. It was all the same in a 10-year-old’s eyes.

Narita Boy feels like all of those feelings compressed into one, and it’s even more powerful in motion:

It’s just a concept for now, but it’ll become reality by the end of 2018 (or well, you know, sometimes after that) since it’s been successfully funded on Kickstarter. 

There’s still time to get in on the action though, this being the last day of the campaign and all. Go check it out here.

Tumblr Staff needs to address Spammers for Creators

If #tumblr #staff can stop people from sending you links in questions then #tumblrstaff can stop people and bots from adding links to your creative content. It pisses me off when someone adds a porn link or any link for that matter in a effort to detract from your work.There is never a good reason to add a link on someone’s work. This issue needs to be resolved quickly. Stop making new freaking stickers and work on the issues that people want resolved. People do not have time to file grievances against these spammers and bots.
No one should be able to add links on content that they are did not originally post. PERIOD.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Final Fantasy

I may or may not have a little piece to post sometime today. I’m working on it now. If I don’t finish it today, I’ll put it up sometime this coming week. 

Here’s to the game that started it all, without which none of us, whatever our favorite title, would be here celebrating. If Final Fantasy, in any of its many forms, has changed or otherwise affected your life for the better, take a moment to remember the original, even if you’ve never played it. 

Open call: what has Final Fantasy meant to you, and which ones affected you the most?

A few things I am thankful for on this fine Saturday:

Justice League trailer

@whenisayrunrun doing the Lord’s work and gifting us with Little Favour gifs. THANK YOU.


Ooh I wonder who these two could be..if you read my tags you’ll know, but I wanted to add them to the Sully gen2 kid group (plus testing new cas poses/background that I got lol)

Why are Maegan and Will’s genes so strong? xD
edit: Just realized their eye colors got switched dang it..