How many more characters we got to go? I’m hoping the full BTS video gets released the day of/after the last one. (I mean…we aren’t just getting these short instagram clips right?)


  1. Selena Gomez…Arsyn
  2. Karlie Kloss…Knockout
  3. Kendrick Lamar…Welvin Da Great
  4. Martha Hunt…HomeSlice
  5. Jessica Alba…Domino
  6. Serayah…Dilemma
  7. Lena Dunham…Lucky Fiori
  8. Hailee Steinfeld…The Trinity
  9. Ellie Goulding…Destructa X
  10. Gigi Hadid…Slay-Z
  11. Hayley Williams…The Crimson Curse
  12. Zendaya…Cut-Throat
  13. Lily Aldridge…Frostbyte
  14. Ellen Pompeo…Luna
  15. Mariska Hargitay…Justice (not sure b/c the Luna video features her too, but each vid seems to have an individual so I’ll leave it unchecked)
  16. Cara Delevingne…Mother Chucker
  17. Cindy Crawford…Headmistress

Okay so 9 more…, 2 a day = 5 more days. Maybes. We’ll see.

If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport.

If Jack Had by Steven Rappaport. Jack is a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist with a secret second job. Since he was a smart-ass grad student slinking around New York’s Upper West Side and Brighton Beach, he’s been working as an assassin for the Russian mob.

Beginning at the end – that is, with an aged, incontinent, and at last truly alone Jack, his mind made up that tomorrow will be the first day he kills someone he loves: himself – If Jack Had [Black Rose Writing, June 4 2015] tells his story in rearview, providing an all-access-pass into the enviable, high-flying life he clear-cut for himself against all odds…and the (literal) trail of dead he left along the way.

The debut novel from sixty-eight-year-old Manhattan author Steve Rappaport, If Jack Had is, much like its protagonist, more than meets the eye. A caper comedy featuring sex and drugs, blasphemy and blood, far-flung exotic locales and all the other stuff that makes for good, not-so-clean fun, If Jack Had also happens to have a big, beating heart. Beneath the surface, it’s a meditation on family, fatherhood, the indignities of aging, the inevitability of loneliness, and the preciousness of life itself.

Things to consider before hiring hotel security personnel

Security of a hotel is one of the key features that uphold the reputation of a hotel. You might have installed high tech facilities for your guests and innovative amenities to make their stay comfortable and memorable. However, a weak security can create a blotch on your hotel’s reputation. Your guest would feel safe in your hotel only if you ensure maximum protection and state of the art technologies to safeguard the premises.


That last post seems the perfect time to be self-indulgent (when isn’t a good time to be self-indulgent) and share another video of Jett that I found. Particularly since it also features SNOW, and maybe we can use that to help forget about the fact that we are being slowly roasted alive in PDX right now.

This is dated 16 January 2007, so going on nine years ago (Jett was seven). Obviously it’s snowing, and having it stick long enough to play in it is uncommon enough in Portland that it’s always a treat.

Things to enjoy include:

  • Jett being Jett
  • My old apartment complex
  • The background noise of a million geese at one point
  • Me babbling to my dog in several voices, none of which are flattering

I’m going to go wallow in happy memories now. She will always be my little girl, and I will always miss her.

anonymous asked:

No idea when or why I followed you, just came back to tumblr. I agree and disagree with some of your opinions, but then again I don't know much about Marxism and other related methodological branches. What do suggest to learn more on this material?

First of all, read The Principles of Communism. It’s shorter than the manifesto and IMHO better organized. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes. Link.

Then read:

  • Why Marx Was Right by Terry Eagleton
  • The Meaning of Marxism http://socialistworker.org/Featured/MeaningOfMarxism.shtml
  • Anything by Marx or Engels 
  • Anything by David Harvey, but especially his companion to capital vol. 1
  • Anything by Rosa Luxembourg
  • Anything by Lenin
  • Anything by Kropotkin
  • Some things by Trotsky
  • “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich
  • (If you’re a bit of a masochist) Zizek. Just watch his films and lectures.
  • (Personally) Leo Tolstoy’s short stories
  • I would also advise keeping up with Richard Wolff’s Global Capitalism Monthly Update lecture series. They’re fantastic, thought-provoking, and presented in a super accessible way. Democracy Now! is a great resource as well. I listen to the podcasts on a daily basis.
#peasanttop by insaneryk featuring acrylic cups ❤ liked on Polyvore

Abercrombie Fitch white peasant blouse / J.Crew straight leg jeans, $105 / Alexis Harrison tan shoes, $12 / Dolce&Gabbana clear lens sunglasses, $245 / Rösle kitchen gadgets tool, $38 / Crate and Barrel kitchen gadgets tool / Sunnylife acrylic cup / Picnic Table Cloth 12 x 12 Paper / California Paprika | Savory Spice
Your Fate is in the Tea Leaves by maggiehemlock featuring Kusmi Tea

Green dress / Giambattista Valli floral print maxi skirt / Vintage skirt, $1,025 / Lace-up ankle booties / Charm jewelry / Chain jewelry / Agnona cashmere shawl / Arm warmer glove / Laura Geller plum eyeshadow / It Cosmetics green eye makeup / Body cleanser / White flatware / Jars green cup / Crate and Barrel candles candleholder / Cultural Intrigue kitchen dining / Kusmi Tea kitchen dining / Earl Grey Tea Biscuit, $11

my makorra summer project fic is gonna be so fucking long, like at least 10,000 words, unless i buckle down and restrain myself

but here’s something

For a moment their eyes lock, Korra swinging her foot in short arcs under her bar stool and Mako with his arms folded on the counter. The more she looks, the more she remembers him, like a page torn from a book she read long ago - the knifelike line of his lips, the brown flecks in his eyes, the way his features settle into a natural frown. What does he remember, when she touches him? What does he see?

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agender people can't experience gender dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.

my biological sex is female. i have boobs. i have extremely feminine features. 

i do not identify as male or female. i’m agender.

my body and appearance makes me uncomfortable, because it doesn’t match up with what i identify as.


I need everypony that wanted to be ( or was asked to be) in the Cell Clop Tango to comment or like below so I won’t forget to include you!!! COMMENT IF YOU ARE A PRISONER OR A GUARD!!

Some blogs that didn’t ask to be in this project will be included.

I will tag you when you are featured in the comic.

A part of the comic will (hopefully) be posted each day. If not, it will be posted soon after.



IF (for whatever reason) I am unable to finish the Cell Clop tango.. I will upload my revised script, and draw a picture of your character in the planned outfit if I haven’t made you one yet.

THAT IS ALL EVERYPONY. I hope to finish this soon, and I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Isn't renee somerfield a vegan?

Yes, she is an awesome plant muncher so I wanted to feature her, not 100% sure how that’s going to pan out but we’ll see!

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