Glow In The Dark Nuclear Soap

Give yourself a healthy dose of radioactive freshness by lathering up with the glow in the dark nuclear soap. This handmade item features a unisex rainwater scent and comes shaped like some of the most radioactive elements on the planet like Uranium and Plutonium.


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This guitar of Kurt’s first appeared at Hordern Pavilion gig in Sydney, Australia in January 1992. It originally had a sunburst finish, but Kurt sprayed the whole body with blue latex paint, and carved out a heart and Courtney’s name on it.

Kurt played this Telecaster regularly until the infamous gig in Rio on January 16, 1993, when he broke the guitars’ neck and threw it into audience (Courtney can be seen in the above photo with the body of the guitar).

One of the RHCP crew members picked up the neck, while the body was featured on one of the 2008 Californication episodes (S02E07)


Blitz the Ambassador Creates A Fantastic World of Magical Realism in New Video for ‘Shine’.

Wearing several hats as director, producer, actor and musician, Blitz the Ambassador returns with a follow-up video to his first single, Juju Girl, released off his upcoming album Diasporadical.

Inhabiting worlds that weave between the real and imaginary, we follow Ama, a young girl whose journey home turns into a beautiful and enthralling spiritual world of dance and merriment.

Filmed in Brooklyn, Shine is the second part in Blitz’s Diasporadical Trilogia. The next single will feature visuals captured in Bahia. Shine was produced by IAMNOBODI.

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anonymous asked:

i mean like i agree that the post is corny af but something rubs me the wrong way about u as a white girl commenting that on a post about how non white features are deemed ugly like..........

the person who wrote it was white and has brown eyes and they wrote it and tagged it self care.…

anonymous asked:

How much do u fuck w black girls? Should I start fuckin with them???????

I fuck with the Nubian Queens hella! For so long they’ve been slept on because of their features and shit now everyone wants to praise the features they been had. You and many others been sleeping on these Queens I been woke. Shoutout to the Queens 🙌🏾

Officially in London!

Hey y’all! I made it to London!!! More posts and pics from my trip to Tanzania coming this week. 

By the way, I turned back on the anon-feature on my tumblr again since I am back to the land of wifi and can answer y’alls questions more frequently!

Hope you all are having a fabulous summer so far :)

lol Idina Menzel is totally the Julia Roberts of the Tonys right now. like both hugely popular to the masses, kind of looked down on by the ~serious~ ones in the field, but undeniably powerful in their popularity, but also they manage a handful of nominations in their respective award, but only once a decade lol


Julia Roberts: 80s, Steel Magnolias (Supporting Actress 1989, nominee), Pretty Woman (Actress 1990, nominee), Erin Brockovich (Actress 2000, winner), August: Osage County (Supporting Actress 2013, nominee)

Idina Menzel: 90s, Rent (Featured Actress 1996, nominee), Wicked (Actress 2004, winner), If/Then (Actress 2014, nominee)


Noiz x Clear Large Patch Set Available on Etsy!

We have one set of Noiz and Clear patches up for grabs at a large size and reduced price! These patches were prototypes for our hatless Noiz and Clear designs and came out too big to match the rest of the team! Since they’re perfectly sized for each other, we are selling them as a set with an OTP patch!

There is only one set so don’t miss your chance to get these oversized sweethearts! Each patch measures ~2″x3.5″ and features an iron-on backing! They are prototypes so they may contain errors. Please refer to the photo for the quality of the patches. If you have any questions, please message us before purchasing!

Regular sized Noiz and Clear patches can be found in our DRAMAtical Murder collections on Etsy and Storenvy!

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[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a playful kitten on its hind legs, looking at the viewer while poking its tongue out, with a post on it by user lipstick-autistic.

The post reads: “Every time I see someone describe a person or character as ‘brilliant but autistic’; ‘clever but autistic’, ‘beautiful but autistic’, etc, I want to scream.

Autism doesn’t negate positive traits. I’m not beautiful and clever but autistic, I’m beautiful, clever, and autistic.” ]]


The first image here is a repost of one that featured a few weeks ago. It shows Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle leading Paris-roubaix in 1994.

Note the front suspension used on all three bikes. Just visible on the second bike, ridden by GB MG’s Johan Museeuw, is the compact position of the top tube, part of Bianchi’s dual suspension system.

The second image shows the 1994 bike used by Museeuw. The third image is an updated version from 1996, built from titanium rather than aluminium and with redesigned rear suspension.