The Tribeca Film Festival includes nearly a hundred features. Richard Brody on “Men Go to Battle,” one film that stands high above the others:

[Zachary] Treitz captures rugged country life at a muscular level. The actors’ terse wit, chewy accents, and impulsive gestures suggest great physical force as well as equally great cultural constraints, ambient violence and a fear of God. The production designer, Jacob Heustis, is the film’s virtual co-author; the clothing and the furnishings have the aura of simple authenticity, which is reinforced by the cinematographer Brett Jutkiewicz’s agile impressionism, illuminated by streaky sunlight, flickering bonfires, and dim lanterns.

Illustration by Victor Melamed

A baby echidna is making a remarkable recovery at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, after being left seriously injured when its burrow was dug up by a bulldozer. The puggle was first brought to the Wildlife Hospital at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo with a deep wound to the side of its body, after its nursery burrow was accidentally dug up by a bulldozer in Coonamble just before Christmas.

 Picture: Paul Fahy/Rex Features (via Animal pictures of the week: 17th April 2015 - Telegraph)


Evenfall by My Creative Land (30% off)

Evenfall is a hand written font inspired by modern brush lettering and calligraphy together. Two stylistic sets allow you to create two different text styles.
The font is full of Open Type features and is best used in an open type aware software (such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, MS Word, MS Publisher). There are more than 700 glyphs in the font including discretionary ligatures, initial and terminal forms for all letters and ligatures, stylistic alternates, ornaments, etc.
Font also contains 40+ ornaments and graphic elements.

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Ernie Pyle (8/3/1900 - 4/18/1945)

Famed columnist and war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed on April 18, 1945, while covering the Battle of Okinawa.  He can be seen spending time with members of the invasion force on board ship prior to the invasion of Okinawa, in this Universal Newsreel from April 9, 1945, filmed only weeks before his death.

The brief clip featuring Pyle begins at roughly 0:40 in the video below:

US Marine Corps Brigadier General Timothy Donovan, lays a wreath on the foot of the Ernie Pyle Monument. The monument, in Ie Sihma, Japan, Marks the spot where the famous journalist lost his life to a Japanese sniper, during World War II. The Monument was rededicated on July 22, 2000, to commemorate  Ernie Pyle’s 100th birthday, 7/25/2000

Photo Illustrations

Collage, photo-manipulation, photo-design are rather only the technical features of Elena’s approach that allow her to create uncommon and often surrealistic worlds perceived by a spectator intuitively, on the emotional level. It is a special space that looks rather like a dream filled with reflections and allusions. A space where many things meant to be felt, not understood, where you come back  again and again.

Elena Vizerskaya | blog 

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A Day In The Life - 18th April 1963: The Beatles perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the first time.

On this day, The Beatles top the bill at the Royal Albert Hall, London, for a concert broadcast live by the BBC.

The event, titled Swinging Sound 63, also features Del Shannon, the Springfields, Rolf Harris, Kenny Lynch and George Melly, among others. It takes place in two parts separated by an interval, with The Beatles taking the stage twice - at 8:40 pm and again at 10 pm, introduced both times by George Melly.

The Beatles perform just two songs in their first set: Please Please Me and Misery. Neither are taped or broadcast by the BBC. For the second set, which is transmitted live, they play Twist And Shout and From Me To You.

Following the event, Paul McCartney first meets Jane Asher, who would become his girlfriend and later his fiancée. The actress had earlier that day posed for a Radio Times photoshoot, in which she is snapped screaming for the group.

kathemy asked:

So I will ask to get the ball rolling. Do you think there will be a "happy" endgame for S-C in the finale? Since episode 21 will probably feature her telling Stefan it's over. If that was final, wouldn't that be in the finale?

I honestly do. I think there’s been so much angst with them this season and all these obstacles of grief and death tearing them apart they will have a happy ending in the finale. Because she comes to this realization in 6x21 and we know they only share one scene in that episode 6x22 will be the reverse of what she says. Also it would bring her voicemail to Stefan in 6x01 full circle when she says “they need to be together, and she’s not going to give up on them” the show always likes to parallel the premiere with the finale.

I feel like they’re going to be put into a life or death situation and in the finale and one of both of them is just going to realize they need to stop running from one another. I also really think we’re getting a love confession and I think it would be fitting for Stefan to say it first.

Oh and anyone else, feel free to add your speculation!


Week in review

The suffering of the last few miles of a race seems a little more worth it if the race picture is at least decent - I’m happy with mine and generally (but not entirely) comfortable with how I look at age 48. 

On Tuesday I went to Baltimore as the featured speaker for the local Business Travel organization.  I decided I need to start working harder during my treadmill sessions - that’s my oxygen-starved look when I was done.  

By the time I showered and got dressed, the hotel restaurant was closed so I walked to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner where I was the only diner in the entire bar/restaurant.

The next day I gave my speech and then headed for the airport for an evening flight home.  Sounds glamorous huh?

Mass Effect 4 Story, Gameplay, Special Features Leak Through Survey?

Mass Effect 4 is still a long way from release, but it’s possible that we’ve just unearthed a metric ton of new possibilities for the game. A reddit user who frequently takes part in surveys claims to have received a one such from BioWare asking the opinion of multiple features in the game.

Read some more!


side by side by martosaur featuring Crate and Barrel ❤ liked on Polyvore

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Osteogenic sarcoma of the third metacarpal displaying blastic features.

Osteogenic sarcoma is a bone cancer that primarily affects osteoblasts and occurs most often in teenagers during their growth spurt; the most common sites are the metaphyses of the thigh bone (femur), shin bone (tibia), and arm bone (humerus). Metastases occur most often in lungs; treatment consists of multidrug chemotherapy and removal of the malignant growth, or amputation of limbs.