Lauren YS for “Devolution” at FIFTY24SF.

Currently on display at FIFTY24SF in San Francisco, California and presented in association with Upper Playground is the group show “Devolution” which features brand new work by featured artist Lauren YS as well as new work from Tina Lugo, Benjamin Constantine, and Smithe.  Each artist in the show produces insanely great work that is often bizarre in its nature.  If I were in town, I’d be certain to stop by.


The Custom “OVO” ShueBoxx Signed By The Man Himself

With all the Drake and Meek Mill beef going on and OVO Fest this past weekend, all us sneakerheads are waiting patiently on the release of the “OVO” Air Jordan 10s, but the folks over at blkoutinc were blessed early with a friends and family pair prior to the global release later next month, but then the amazing people over at Shueboxx created a special “OVO” box perfect for displaying the pair, and finally topping it all off signed by Drake himself. 

The box features a mirror gold  OVO owl, mirror gold Jumpman on front Drawer, and special edition mirror gold shuelabel. Don’t you guys wish Jordan Brand drop the shoes with this box each signed by the 6ix God?

Images Via: SHBXX

Tactical Car Seat Cover

Maximize your cars limited storage space with the tactical car seat cover. Apart providing your car with some chic urban-styled decorum, it protects your cars upholstery from stains and features a plethora a differently sized compartments great for storage.


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Blog announcement (for real)

We changed the blog colors, and picked Meredy as the feature character because she got the most unique votes and she was from a game we hadn’t used a character before. 

If the layout is messing up on your browser, let us know (non-anonymously). We’re not going to change colors or characters for a couple of months, so don’t ask about that.

Spotify needs to have a feature where I just put in a handful or artists I feel like listening to and they put them all together in a playlist.


Hank Willis Thomas: The Truth Is I See You opens today at MetroTech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn! 

The exhibition features a series of works centered on the artist’s decade-long investigation of the social, political, personal, and subjective nature of truth. The core of the exhibition is a new series of speech balloon signs that feature universal statements about truth in 22 of the many languages spoken in Brooklyn. The speech balloon form is repeated in two benches of rolled steel that create circular spaces for contemplation, and a large-scale steel tree has branches that seem to grow into thought bubbles.

To celebrate the opening, we are also bringing In Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth) to MetroTech Commons today from 12noon to 8pm. Thomas’s multi-year collaboration with Ryan Alexiev and Jim Ricks of the Cause Collective, will pop up at three other moments during the run of the show.

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Queen of Hayffieland, can you imagine Effie stripping for Haymitch and writing about it? If so, please go ahead and work your magic. xD

Not a Queen, a Khaleesi ;) [X]

Let’s Have A Contest

“You’re just jealous ‘cause she’s sexier.” he argued, flopping on his back on her bed.

He wished she would drop the subject almost as much as he wished for another drink – which was badly. Johanna’s impromptu striptease in the elevator had featured in a good place during that night conversations. Katniss, for what was probably the first time ever, had sided with Effie and the both of them wouldn’t drop it. And the amount of grief the two of them could give him and Peeta for appreciating the show Seven’s victor had put for them was endless.

“Sexier?” Effie hissed. She finally stopped pacing although given that it was only to glare at him, he wasn’t sure it was an improvement.

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An 1888 Folk Victorian charmer in Neponset, Illinois

Why save it? With simplified details borrowed from more elaborate Stick-style and Queen Anne houses of the period, the 1,740-square-foot cottage boasts decorative wood porch brackets and an embellished bay window. Inside, many original features remain, including wide-polank pine floors, hefty baseboards, and a built-in hutch outside the kitchen on the first floor.

See inside details and read the full story at the This Old House site.


Pearl and Amethyst Patches are now available from OneTruePatch!

The Steven Universe line just got started on Storenvy and Etsy! As always, these patches are hand produced one at a time and feature an iron-on backing for easy application. These patches feature shiny specialty thread on their gems and extra care needs to be used during ironing as to not melt the thread.

If the listings show as ‘Out Of Stock’, don’t worry, we will be producing more as quickly as possible and updating the availability once they are completed!

If you are interested in this or other series, please follow us on Facebook and consider supporting us on Patreon to weigh in on what series and characters we tackle next, get sneak peeks and WIPs, and receive exclusive coupons!

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