I live for:

-the two little dots above JB’s left eye
-the dot under yugyeom’s right eye
-Jackson wang’s godly thighs
-Key’s right eyebrow
-Taemin’s pouty lips
-Ten’s nose (everything about it)
-Nam Taehyun’s sad eyebrows
-t.o.p.’s soft belly and lack of coordination
-daesung’s nose (b tru 2 u)
-suga’s honesty about mental illness
-mark is an introvert and doesn’t care
-can I mention Jaebum’s moles again


Amy: This is the start of the process for Ruby and Merida.
Meghan: Yes, it’s very early.

Amy Manson and Meghan Ory for “Merida in Storybrooke” (OUAT Season 5 Special Feature)

Dan’s Instagram

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): YouTube(rs) - Phil Lester/AmazingPhil & Dan Howell/danisnotonfire

Rating: G

Original Idea: …

Notes: (Masterlist)(About Me) This is kinda cute. It was more a one-shot of practicing descriptions. Enjoy!


“Whatever you do, don’t show her my Instagram,” Dan whispered to Phil.

“Why?” Phil asked.

“Because she doesn’t have an Instagram and I kinda… took a few very aesthetic pictures of her while she wasn’t looking and put them on Instagram since I knew she didn’t have one,” Dan answered. Phil glanced up from his phone curiously.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because she’s coming over right now and I’m not ready so you may have to entertain her for a few minutes.” Dan was half in his pajamas, half in a button-up shirt—not exactly date night clothes.

Phil pursed his lips. “Okay. I won’t.”

“If I’m not ready when she gets here, please let her in and talk to her for a while.”


Phil went back to looking at his phone while Dan rushed off to his bedroom. Curiously, he scrolled through his best friend’s Instagram page, searching for the pictures Dan was talking about. He smiled quietly as he found the very first one—or the most recent one since he was scrolling downward through the feed.

It was her standing on the rooftop of a building they’d been to on one of their dates. She was leaned against the balcony, peering out over the edge that overlooked part of the city. Her long hair was blowing in some breeze—frozen in the photograph. Her face was turned away and her back was to the camera so she had no idea that Dan had taken the picture at all. She was wearing a white dress with pale blue and green flowers and stems twining over the skirt. The caption below it read, “an angel in the wind.” Phil smiled.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock! Knuckles echoed off the door. Phil jumped up and rushed to go and answer.

“Hey!” she greeted brightly as the door creaked slightly.

“Hi!” Phil replied, exchanging quick hugs. “Dan’s almost ready—he just had to finish up.”

She shrugged. “That’s fine. That’s why I told him I’d be here at this time—early for me but he didn’t know that—because I knew he wouldn’t be ready so hopefully we’d get out on time,” she commented. Phil snickered. She was a clever one—who knew Dan almost as well as Phil did.

Her eyebrows lowered and she grabbed his phone from his hand.

“Who’s that?” she demanded, almost playfully. Phil was practically a brother to her so she felt no shame in messing with him. He tried to take the phone back, but didn’t manage to before she was able to get a good look at the picture. “Wait. Is that me?” She turned her back on Phil so he couldn’t reach for the phone around her body. She started scrolling down Dan’s Instagram while Phil groaned in protest.

“No! Dan told me not to show you!” he complained.

She wasn’t listening.

The next picture of her she found was her profile, hair drifting back in the wind and eyes turned up towards the sky and her finger pointing up at something. There was a bright grin on her face and she was wearing more makeup than she usually wore—which meant that she and Dan were probably on an extravagant date or at a convention. There wasn’t enough of a background to tell which—it was just the bright blue sky with a couple fluffy clouds. The caption was very Dan: “v aesthetic and she has no idea smh.” She kept scrolling.

A selfie of Dan’s face with a peace sign and her in the background, her back to the camera, hair pulled back in a messy bun and waiting at a zebra crossing on her tiptoes with the caption saying, “pretty London, prettier girl.”

She was blushing in embarrassment and flattery. He was so cute.

“Sorry I’m late, love,” Dan called, rushing down the stairs, pulling his jacket on. He froze on the stairs as he found her scrolling through Phil’s phone on Instagram. “What… what’s going on?”

“I swear it’s not my fault!” Phil practically squealed. “She just grabbed it!”

“What th—Phil!” Dan protested.

“It’s not my fault!” Phil repeated.

Before Dan could say anything, she’d thrown her arms around his waist and was hugging him tightly. “That’s so cute!” she exclaimed. “I mean, it’s a little bit embarrassing to have pictures on the Internet forever that I didn’t know about, but I think that’s so sweet!” Dan looked over her small head at Phil—whose mouth was gaping open.

She handed Phil his phone back and took Dan’s hand.

“Let’s go!”

She and Dan left quickly, leaving Phil to still look through Dan’s Instagram, wondering how he never noticed these pictures of Dan’s girlfriend before. There weren’t a lot of those kinds of pictures apart from the ones she had already looked at, but they were all sappy as all get out. It was adorable.

The last one he came to was the first one Dan ever posted. She was dozing on Dan’s shoulder, a wisp of hair falling into her face. She had a peaceful expression and the tiniest grin on her lips.

It made Phil grin. Dan was like the little brother he never had, and while they had a very close relationship, it was important to him that Dan was happy. He remembered when Dan was a little bit more… dreary or downtrodden than he’d been recently. And seeing the light in his eyes and the strength of his laughter made Phil feel like a proud parent. He himself had been a big reason for Dan’s happiness (not that he really knew that), but his girlfriend was just another bright and happy person who just rubbed off on Dan.

Phil went up to the lounge to enjoy an evening of watching whatever he wanted without Dan poking fun at it. He smirked in satisfaction and turned his phone off while he turned the TV on.


New bts video about the making of DWH and with lots of Dylan! He looks soooooo good all dirty and covered in mud :) I can’t believe they set him on fire tho holy shit! The set looks really cool too.


@ommanyte tagged me in the ‘your aesthetic but only using pics from your phone meme’ and it was rly fun 10/10 would recommend
i tag: @flowershield @shelgon & @flaaffys and anyone else who wants to do it :-)

No Light: FIVE

four//story page//1dff

five: when it’s over, you’re the start

The palace always had this buzz to it after something big was announced, and it was no different when the news about Florence’s soul mate being found broke. Sure, people knew that he was a servant at the palace and a member of the lower class, but no one cared. At least, no one cared in the way King Edward thought that they would.

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波蘭GIF藝術家的視覺毒藥 令人感暈眩 | CatClawNews
GIF動圖很容易被做成一種視覺漩渦,瘋狂的像素無限循環,一點點把你吸進筆記本屏幕裡面去。有位藝術家把GIF動圖的這個特點發揮到了極致,而且他所用的元素都相當怪異,比如人耳、貓眼、蔬菜等等。這就是波蘭藝術家費利克斯·托馬斯·康查科夫斯基(Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski),他說自己是個“大概從火星來的很粗糙的視覺藝術家”。他的Tumblr上全都是讓人暈眩乃至噁心的GIF動圖,具體到什麼程度要看你盯著屏幕看了多久。 很多GIF動圖能夠引發一種永不停歇的“視覺迷宮”之感,而康查科夫斯基的王牌在於圖像的紋理和世俗化的元素。今天上午之前,我們從未想過一頭栽進一棵花菜裡是什麼感覺,但不知什麼緣故,我們覺得這種感覺還挺不錯的。 據說,康查科夫斯基5年前開始用Photoshop創作,但直到今年4月才學會做GIF動圖。如果這是他4個月的成果的話,不知道他經驗豐豐富後會做出什麼可怕的東西。

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