Tactical Christmas Stocking

Have Santa grant all your holiday wishes by having him fill up every nook and cranny of the tactical Christmas stocking. With features like a metal clip, six strips of MOLLE, and a rack for shotgun shells, it’s the ideal way for any military veteran to spread a little holiday cheer.


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I spent a grand majority of my life hating my “Jewish” features. I spent a grand majority of my life being told I was ugly, or pretty for a Jewish girl, or maybe if I straightened my hair I’d be pretty. Affirming my beauty is important to me and I’m not going to let some white feminist ruin that for me.

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we no camphor, girl. we water, whole, holy hell, girl.
we iconoclast, outcasts; we, our own idol & temple, girl.

we gold-leaf goddesses. we word worship through wars
we bicycle-chained, shotgun-schooled, we machete-brooched

we boom, speed, shoot; we no empty rounds, we rip, we rise, we roar
we were hunted out of the sea so now we kiss like a storm-tossed shore

My poem “We gold, girl” has been featured at The Rising Phoenix Review.

For all the women of colour who are trying to find their own Somewhere Beautiful. 

i do feel that there is something wrong with appropriation of culture. I feel that a white woman making it “acceptable” for a black woman to have her god given features is crazy.. however its crazy on behalf of our society/world. Not the white woman.For instance Kylie appropriating dreads or big lips. yes it shouldn’t have taken for her to do it for society to accept my hair. But i don’t think she’s the enemy, all she did was expressed that she likes big lips and dreads…she has no real control over the reaction of society. our real problem is why did society liked it on her and not me. this is really what i want y'all to get.. I’m blk and I’m pro blk but I’m not in any way anti white and ill never place the blame on a white woman simply because that what very one else wants to do. the real prblm is with the hearts of society

anonymous asked:

thoughts on the Luhan blackface thing?

Contextually speaking, blackface was used to mock black people with malicious intent behind it from their pigmentation of their skin to various other facial features. Again, contextually speaking, Luhan’s black face mask is probably for his pores.

Idk. I just think we love to throw the ‘racist’ card around too much.

baymxa asked:

hey omfg

1) First impression : “cami said she cool and she was right”

2) Truth is : yowapeda weeb ur twitter gives me life

3) How old do you look : 17 ???????

4) Have you ever made me laugh : yeeee

5) Have you ever made me mad : no ????

6) Best feature : you’re damn cool AND UR SUPER PRETTY WTF WTFW TGWGWGW

7) Have i ever had a crush on you : friendo crush

8) You’re my : the person who makes facebook looks cooler than it is

9) Name in my phone : -

[photo // post]

[[ Image Description: A photo featuring a jaguarundi looking up from a bath, looking as if saying something in disgust, with a post on it by user otherkinfaq.

The post reads: ““The thing that gets me about Otherkin is that they always identify as cool animals and popular fictional characters! You’ll never see sea slugkin or <insert ‘ugly’ character>kin!”

Maybe you never see us because you make comments like that. Don’t use me as a tool in your anti-Otherkin rants.” ]]

“Life’s too short for bad coffee” by dropsofjupiter-337 featuring black ball point pens

Tartan top / J Brand black ripped skinny jeans, $235 / Converse rubber sole shoes / House of Harlow 1960 pave crystal jewelry / Pastel goth jewelry / ALDO stone ring, $15 / True Utility Keyring System TU45 Key Ring Solution with Keyshackle and…, $5.41 / Saint Laurent Sunglasses / NARS Cosmetics lips makeup, $37 / Eyeliner / OMAS black ball point pen, $515 / Black coffee cup / Spiral Notebook Personalized Notepads

nijimura-relatable asked:


1) First impression : another weird ass jojo fan
2) Truth is : too good for this world, shit taste in husbandos, professional memer
3) How old do you look : 17-18
4) Have you ever made me laugh : YEYEYEYE
5) Have you ever made me mad : nahhh
6) Best feature : ur cute hair / u r too damn funny like for real wtf
7) Have i ever had a crush on you : no that would be gay
8) You’re my : trish trash
9) Name in my phone : not in rip

Untitled #40 by drugsareawasteoftime featuring green home decor

Acne Studios gray shirt / Rag bone black coat / C.R.A.F.T. jeans / STELLA McCARTNEY bra, $135 / Ankle boots, $230 / CÉLINE black purse / American Apparel analog watch / Monki earrings, $6.59 / Ryan Roche black hat / With Love From CA iphone case / H M black hair tie, $2.32 / False eyelash, $11 / Philosophy body moisturizer / Philosophy beauty product / Elvang stones throw, $110 / BULB green home decor

This is a fan-made, digi-themed card deck, organized by my art buddy bishounenizer, and featuring her art, as well as art by nicolechenart, stripedtabby (stripedtabby.weebly.com), and some of my own illustrations. Most of my contribution was for the various different villain cards, which you can see in [this post].  To view more of the art included in the card deck, photos, as well as learn more about the deck, please check out [this link].

Last week we featured @menswearwhisky in this artisan Shepherd’s Plaid, now @lynnemccrossan, stylist, fashion writer and Brand Guardian at @dcdalgliesh displays the versatility of this gorgeous garment.

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