I have a big surprise for you guys! :)

I’m running a new project for this blog, featuring quite a number of korean models .:)

Please look forward to it.


possibly unpopular opinion 

While httyd2 has more features that stand out and takes more risks I feel that KFP2 was over all a more solidly written movie and I am more satisfied with it as a sequel than I am with HTTYD2

I love HTTYD2 and HTTYD in general more but there are things I wish were different about httyd2 and things I think could have been better, while I dont feel that with KFP2

Site Write: Rituals

Since we have gold being generated through our role playing events and from several generous donations from players, I’d like to start giving them out through contests. 

The first shall be a site write contest worth 5k gold. Please write a story under the following theme, Rituals. This will include any habitual thing your character does as part of a personal routine or tradition. It could be significant or less than so. 

Please submit all your contests entries on our website at: http://the-sunguard.com/ using the journal feature. The contest will run until next Sunday where a winner will be rewarded.

Over the years, we’ve received countless fan arts of varying mediums from all over the world and has supported and featured fans through our fan art gallery on our website, Tumblr blog and now here on Instagram. One of the biggest surprise that we got is this body art of Russian fan @emiliafranklyn. Talk about dedication! According to her, she got this tattoo because Eva inspires her and has made a big impact in her life. We think it’s pretty cool that Ms. Green inspires a lot of her fans!

REMINDER: EvaGreenWeb.com respect and supports freedom of expression and art in all mediums. Nasty comments towards other fans and the like is not appreciated and will be deleted. Let’s respect and love each other as much we respect and love Ms. Green 😊✌️


World Premiere of Trust and Believe.

Featuring me!!!! 

Thanks @Keyshiacole for letting me take part in this experience. I appreciate it, even though I played the other woman. I loved it and I love you. 

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Okay so Alan Carr just started. And for the intro it shows various celebs that have been on in little frames, right? Well 1D is featured in one of those frames. But Zayn is cuT OUT I JUST REALISED. WHAT IS THIS.

The new normal. :/


A FACT ABOUT THE AMERICAN BULLY; I’ve brought this up a lot when speaking about American Bullies (other breeds too, but I’ve found this breed to be suffering the absolute most) and I’ll bring it up many more times. It’s a shame people believe that it’s okay to distort the bodies of these dogs and to slap the term “exotic” on them. There is absolutely nothing exotic about a dog that has no neck or a neck that extends far more than it normaly should, with paws that jut almost completely inward as if trying to point to themselves or outward as if the toes are trying to point as far opposite from one another as possible, when their stomachs are forced to drag on the ground because they’re too large or their legs too short, their muzzles so short they struggle with breathing, and more. Those are just the most common features found in these so called “exotic” American Bullies.

Sadly, these dogs are often inbred. Mothers are bred with their sons and brothers and sisters and more. The inbred causes a lot of mutations both physically and mentally. Inbreeding can cause dogs to have an unstable mind and therefore become aggressive or seemingly unpredictable. This was the case when Rottweilers were being severely inbred and was causing them to be extremely aggressive in situations that would generally only cause a simple growl or the feeling of irritation but no outward sign of aggression, as well as some random aggression too. Rottweilers were seen as dangerous dogs for a very long time and still often are viewed that way. Thankfully the inbreeding epedmic came to a close quite quickly, but not quickly enough for the many dogs that had to suffer due to the human’s choices and greed. | More here!

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Hi :))

1. First impression: Mataray? 

2. Truth is: Di pa ata kita nakakausap? Idunno. HAHA 

3. How old do you look: 14 :))

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Not yet.

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nah

6. Best feature: Your blog maybe? :))

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nah

8. You’re my: Co-blogger

9. Name in my phone: Wala eh

10. Should you post this too? Up to you :)

vinvinism asked:


1. First impression: Nangangain ng tao

2. Truth is: Nangangain talaga ng tao. Ang sunget. Wahahaha.

3. How old do you look: 10+ naks

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yahaaa.

5. Have you ever made me mad: Nahp mehn

6. Best feature: Yung pagiging master sa pagmumura

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nah

8. You’re my: Tumblahh friend

9. Name in my phone: Vinvinism

10. Should you post this too?: Ikaw bahala. Buhay mo yan.

WAHAHAHA salamat leche ka.

amazonangiyaken asked:


1. First impression: Maingaaaaay hahahaha

2. Truth is: Maingay at masayang kausap hahahahaha

3. How old do you look: 13, srsly huhu

4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes

5. Have you ever made me mad: No

6. Best feature: Ur smile and ur eyes when u smile; personality

7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Yes beyb ko to eh hahahaha

8. You’re my: Beyb

9. Name in my phone: Tumblr | Almira Beyb

10. Should you post this too? Depende sayoooooo hahahaha i miss youu!!!