Time Slice Photography by Richard Silver

New York photographer Richard Silver photographs iconic buildings around the world over the course of a sunset. A technique he calls time slicing, he tells Dezeen:

“The idea behind the Time Slice project was to photograph iconic buildings over the course of a sunset, and assemble them to capture the changing light from day to night in a single image.”

To create the desired effect, Silver captures 60 identical famed shots in one evening. What is revealed is a beautiful transition in both the landscape and architecture between the lines and shadows of a building. As the sunset becomes warmer and darker, the building’s appear more dramatic and stunning. 

Silver’s Time Slice photography series features Herzog & de Meuron’s National Stadium in Beijing, the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore by Moshe Safdie, and Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia basilica.

Silver’s main goal is to compose a time slice of every city he visits. He is most excited about photographing the Eiffel Tower, which he believes will accentuate the beauty of the series. 

View his entire portfolio here!


Paige is set to feature in WWE Studios movie “Santa’s Little Helper” alongside WWE Superstar, The Miz


An Early Sketch Featuring Chris Farley as His Famous Motivational Speaker Character Matt Foley


         swamps. hardly the initial place one thinks of when pondering upon where best to live. of course, the most natural of places to begin at would be a shared apartment, or even perhaps renting a room as a lodger somewhere. alas, as shinji flicked through page after page of properties in the local newspaper, not a single home seemed at all welcoming. cities, bustling with constant life and noise, were never going to call to him as a reasonable place for him to stay, not after the dramatic and frightful events back at tokyo three. no, he couldn’t face another busy metropolis. 

        he had been close to giving up hope when he’d spied the warning, the red-marked exclamation that the local ogre was back to his old tricks. ogres? such things existed? shinji at first though the warning to be a joke, perhaps an april fool’s prank of some kind, but nothing about it seemed to be amusing. the photograph provided featured not only the grim shadow of the supposed beast, but also of its apparent home, a glossy, moss-coated tree root within which had been carved a rather picturesque little home. not one inch of it seemed to be the kind of place a terrifying monster would reside within. in fact, as shinji fingered the photograph, deep in though, he supposed that such a place would be a dream to live in, certainly as opposed to the bleak, loneliness of the intimidating city. 

        it had been a whimsical thought, a fancy which had seen shinji gather up the bag of his belongings and catch a train to the edge of the forest. trees towering akin to skyscrapers greeted him at the forest’s mouth, however instead of terrifying him, shinji felt somewhat shielded by their gigantic might. they were protective walls of natural beauty, something he had only found upon the outskirts of tokyo, as opposed to within its famous streets. 

         the trek through was nothing short of nerve racking. shinji knew not of how best to address an ogre, whether or not the half-dead house plant he had saved from his previous home was a better gift than nothing at all and whether or not he should have called first to ask if it was alright for him to stay. all he knew, simply from admiring the picture in that newspaper now tucked into his back pocket, was that the swamp was where he wanted to be. forget want. he needed to be there. ogre or not, that swamp had called to him as if a siren’s song could hum from the paper’s page, beckoning to him, urging him to venture there.

         after a half hour of nervous, quickened walking, he reached the prized location. all about him derelict tree stumps protruded from the ground, the occasional blip of the heated mud pool causing the timid boy to jump as he walked. of course, it stank rather foully, but shinji was not yet put off. instead, he embraced the aroma as if it was merely a passing fad, a drifting scent soon to be forgotten. reaching the front door, shinji paused. what was he going to say? what if the ogre decided not only to ignore him but eat him as punishment? well, he hadn’t thought of that. fear settled in upon the boy’s brow in the form of freshly formed sweat beads, glistening beneath dampened hair as he raised a fist and knocked upon the door. 

                                                 something stirred from within. 

        although it was too late to turn back, shinji at once began to fear for his decision, regretting instantly that he had come there at all. how could he have been so stupid? of course living with an ogre was a stupid, stupid thing to do! could humans and ogres coexist? the thought was ridiculous fantasy and tears pressed at the corners of shinji’s eyes as he remained fear-rooted to the doormat. however, he was given merely second to revel within his own idiocy for after three seconds of silence, the door creaked open. 

       it was as if the pearly gates above had thrown wide their metal casings, that angels had suddenly risen from their clouded abode to reward him for his plight. yes, the ogre had answered the door, but whilst shinji had been expected a giant, menacing and hideous beast as a future room mate, the truth of the ogre’s beauty had been very much underestimated. a rich, onion scented breeze seemed to catch shinji off-guard, swaying him as he gazed up into the narrowed glare of the pine-shaded beast, his very presence enough to daze the young evangelion pilot almost instantly. with a low, husky voice the ogre finally spoke, in response drawing shinji’s mouth agape as the beautiful monster uttered seven simple yet tantalising words.

                                                  “what are you doing in my swamp?”

Forgot to post this… But we recently got our cover art treatment for our release of THE ART OF MAKOTO SHINKAI ~A SKY LONGING FOR MEMORIES~ approved by Makoto Shinkai and his editor.

This full color art book features hundreds of cels from Shinkai’s movies and shorts. And it also has interviews with Shinkai and his staff about the animation and art process! It’s a must for any Shinkai fan, and a must for animation fans as well!

Preorders are now available for this book. And we recommend people take advantage of some of the preorder pricing as you can find this beauty for a steal.

April’s Monthly Featured Artist is the amazing PUNIMELT! ✨ 

Each month, we’re teaming up with a unique artist to produce a special commemorative piece featuring our one and only Crunchyroll-Hime!

Punimelt says,

”April is the time when cherry blossoms come to full bloom! I’ve illustrated Hime-chanready for a day of flower viewing with her picnic supplies. I wanted to use gentle, bright colours to convey the feelings of spring. I drew this piece eagerly and I hope you can feel how happy I felt at that moment.”

✨Find more art work here: punimelt.com, punimelt.tumblr.com
✨Talk to them here: twitter.com/punimelt
✨Buy things here: punimelt-shop.com

Let’s talk decks and balconies for a minute. They’re such a great home feature, perfect for entertaining or relaxing on the weekend, but in older houses, the wood can get nicked, the stain can wear off and the whole thing can look depressing. As long as the deck is structurally sound, you can revamp it with something better than paint: Rustoleum Restore 4x It’s four times thicker than paint and will fill in chips and cracks, making a dilapidated deck fresh enough for bare feet again. There are a bunch of colors and it really brings new life to an older space.