I’ve created a REDBUBBLE STORE! 

I’ll be honest, I made it mainly for the feature of selling stickers, but as you can see I’ll also be selling mugs, notebooks, and when I have more designs created I’ll sell t-shirts and much more. I’m excited!

Thank you so much for the support and love of my work and for helping me reach a whole whopping one thousand followers, it means the world! I hope you like my store and more designs/products will be coming soon. ^_^


Jason Polan documented all the works on view during his MoMA visits and published the results (here he is in action). This and other responses to the Museum are featured in Messing with MoMA: Critical Interventions at the Museum of Modern Art, 1939–Now. July 1, 2015–September 28, 2015. Mezzanine, The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building. -jt

Jason Polan. Every Piece of Art in the Museum of Modern Art Book (2005).

A new manga magazine is coming! Jump SQ Crown, which will be on sale on July 17, will feature D.Gray-man and the new Kekkai Sensen!!!!

The new Kekkai Sensen is titled Kekkai Sensen Back 2 Back. Can’t tell much yet but it seems like it will be a new series and not just a one-shop promotional manga.

What’s more exciting though, is the return of D.Gray-man!!!!! Honestly I never thought I’d see this series coming back, but here it is!!!


I loved watching becausedragonage‘s fabulous Surana Bloodbath.
It looked like so much fun that I decided to make my own. A Hunger Games Simulator game featuring all of our wonderful city elf wardens!

  • What is the Tabris Bloodbath?

I’m going to create a custom ‘Hunger Games Simulator’ session on BrantSteele, adding 24 custom competitors to the game. Then I’ll post screenshots of how the game goes, and you can tune in to see what (probably unpleasant) fate your Tabris met.

  • Is there a prize for the winner?

Yes! I’m going to draw a bust portrait of the winning Tabris, to commemorate their victory. So if you want free art of your city elf warden, or you just want to see how this gristly competition plays out, this bloodbath is for you! 

  • I have a city elf warden! What do I have to do?

All you have to do is send me fan mail or ‘submit’ your Tabris to my blog! 

Tell me their name, maybe a little bit about them if you’d like, and make sure to include a (preferably square) image of their face! That can be a screenshot, a drawing, or even a face claim if you’d like. 

Please send your Tabris to me ASAP, I’d love to get the game started within a few hours if at all possible! If I don’t receive enough wardens in time, however, I’ll have to wait until more people submit. 

If you don’t have a City Elf / don’t want to participate, please signal boost this anyway so I can get more Tabris submissions! Thank you for reading, and may the odds be ever in your favour. 


We only have one body, love the one you’re in!

Inspired by artist OlayaValle featuring @missvictoryviolet & @aussieplussizebarbie both wearing our Pinup Couture Marilyn swimsuits. Available in sizes XS - 4X now at www.pinupgirlclothing.com. <3 Micheline #coutureforeverybody #bodypositive #allwomenarebeautiful #honormycurves #everybodyisaswimbody #pinupgirlclothing

Three Person Towable Inflatable

Experience a thrilling ride through the sea while seated on the three person towable inflatable. This cockpit styled towable features a boat hull shaped bottom for unparalleled stability and offers ample seating room for you and two friends to ride comfortably.


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#TSLResolutions: Exercise Your Freedom

In this month’s stories we’re setting our sights on featuring up and comers, tastemakers and overall health/wellness enthusiasts whose endeavors and insight will help unlock your motivation and encourage the freedom within to take steps to living a healthier lifestyle.

Photo by Joe + Kathrina