When Words Literally Pop Out Of The Paper - A Look At Tolga Girgin’s 3D Calligraphy Exercises

Tolga Girgin is an Istanbul based artist who specializes in calligraphy, lettering and graphic design. She also works as a Electrical and Electronics engineer for a company in the same city. In her latest project, the artist explores 3D calligraphy, a series of handwritten letters intelligently etched on paper to seem as though they are standing upright on the surface of the sketchbook because of the artist’s adept skill with shading and perspective.

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Harry’s brief moment of peace was shattered by the consistent familiar sound of Eggsy slumping down in the office’s guest chair, accompanied by the increasingly familiar sound of a ragged magazine.

“So,” began Eggsy.

“No,” replied Harry.

“So ‘no’ you’re not a good kisser?” asked Eggsy all-too-innocently from behind the magazine.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the younger man.  “Excuse me?”

“I was just reading this interview and according to Colin’s co-star-” he began.

Harry rolled his eyes.  “Oh, here we go.”

“-he kisses like a nymphomaniac on death row.”

“There it is,” he added blandly.  He sighed.  “Please tell me there’s a reason you’ve told me this.”

Eggsy lowered the magazine from his face.  “Haven’t read your script, mate?”

Harry glanced at the ever-growing indistinguishable stacks of paper on his desk.  “Which one of these is a script?”

“Check the pile to your right.”

Harry picked up a file.

“No, your other right, super-spy.”

Harry picked up another file, opening it when Eggsy gave an approving wink.  “‘Mark gives Bridget a longing look and leans over to kiss-’”  He stopped, his eyes reading the script quicker than he could speak before dropping the script back on his desk.  “When is this being filmed?”

Eggsy winced sympathetically.  “Tomorrow.”


“So ‘no’, you’re not a good kisser?”  Eggsy repeated cheekily.

Agent Carter 2×07 Promo Photos
Agent Carter 2×07 Promo Photos Well, now these are interesting. Promo Photos Now Vernon is being seen with the mobster…..As if I need any more evidence to kn…

Find Dory in the latest Finding Dory movie posters.

Admittedly, she’s not very well hidden, but its still a fun look into the much-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo. Dory finds her way to theaters on June 17, 2016.

- Courtney ( harmonicacave )

Vegan Food Lovers Features
Strawberry Mousse 🍓❤️
By @Lylocyv

Two cups of strawberries
Two spoons of vegan peanut butter
One avocado
Three spoons of coconut oil
Three spoons of maple syrup
One spoon of pumpkin spice
One spoon of vanilla
Four spoons of organic coconut.

mix all the ingredients in your food processor and enjoy.


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This is so colorful and obnoxiously vivid. Asher and Scapegoats! They suit his so well. My precious alien goat-boy~ lol I liked drawing this one, especially the Scapegoat tokens. I want plushies XD Well, I am going to give myself a break tonight. As much as I would like to draw something else, resting would be a better idea. Whether or not I’ll get anything done tomorrow or friday I’m not sure yet. The next two days are going to be rough for me at work so we’ll see. Have a good night my lovelies~