#CarmillaMovie UPDATE

Things are full steam ahead over at Carmilla HQ. Since announcing the movie at New York Comic Con, we’re 1/3 of the way to our pre-sale goal which we’re incredibly grateful for. However, we still have some work to do and need your support to make the best and coolest film possible, for you, our dear Creampuffs!

First and foremost, if you’ve already purchased the “Original Creampuff" movie package, get excited because you’ll be receiving your Season 3 Bundle – with tons of behind-the-scenes and extra content (including extra takes of your favourite scenes!!!;) – on October 30th.  

If you haven’t yet purchased a movie bundle and may be on the fence, we’re going to up the ante a little bit… When we get to the 3rd blood drop on the progress bar (2/3 of our goal), we’ll release a video of Natasha and Elise covering Love Will Have Its Sacrifices! I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear Nat & Elise singing like angels?!

Should you feel in the mood, we’ve also turned on the ability to purchase a bundle and pay more than the listed price. Obviously this isn’t necessary, but every little bit helps to move us closer to our goal, and if it’s something you’d like to do, we wanted to make sure the option was available.

We’re also in the process of cooking up some kickass perk packages with a ton of extra goodies you can purchase as an add-on to the movie bundles. Keep your eyes peeled because they’re going to be awesome, and also only available for a limited time. More details to come, we promise!


Hey-o, the Tumblr GIF maker is in iMessage now.

Yup, we’re in your texts. The Tumblr GIF extension for iMessage lets you make a GIF, then send that GIF directly to anyone you want.

The specifics:

  • Shoot GIFs on the spot, or make them from your videos, Live Photos, and bursts.
  • Make the GIF loop faster or slower. Whichever suits your lifestyle and aesthetic.
  • Make it run backwards, even. You maniac.
  • Put text on it. Any color. Three fonts. Three good, strong fonts.

If you’ve upgraded to iOS 10 and don’t already see the Tumblr GIF button among your iMessage buttons, here’s what to do:

  • Open your Messages app.
  • Open a conversation, if one isn’t already open.
  • Tap the app store icon next to the message field.
  • Tap the + icon.
  • Take a snack break. You’ve earned a light, healthy snack.
  • Tap the “Manage” tab.
  • Tap the switch next to “Tumblr.”

Whew. Now you’re ready to GIF things for the people you love.

By the way, you don’t even need a Tumblr account to use this thing. Just search the iMessage App Store for “Tumblr,” download the extension, and start giffing away.


On the second Sid Meier/MicroProse appreciation day we look at immersive UIs. In the 90s, not only were the game logos better, the menus were more imaginative too (wether you think that’s better or not).

Sometimes the menu would be simply embedded into a picture frame on the wall (Railroad Tycoon), sometimes the whole room would be a menu (Pirates Gold, F117-A). When you looked at a map, the map is still on the wall! Not to mention all the lovely clipboards and notepads and desktops—which were actual desktops, virtual yes, but not a disembodied term for a user interface concept. Very whimsical indeed.