Creative Feminine Portraits Composed Of Flowers And Stems 

Chicago based online boutique Sister Golden is headed by a mother and daughter, Vicki and Brooke Rawlins duo who create art and decor items for the home. In the latest series, they have featured portraits composed entirely of natural elements, such as flowers, petals, leaves and stems. 

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Noisy Neighbours Modern AU

Hux and Kylo both live in the same refurbished 1950s block of flats in Sheffield. Kylo lives directly above Hux, and their balconies are stacked so they could hear one another if they both have their windows open, but they can’t see one another. They’re both health freaks and always take the stairs so they’ve never really encountered one another beyond the occasional nod at the post boxes.

Hux is an architect and interior designer, a very successful one, specialising in an odd combination of brutalism and intense luxury that appeals to a certain kind of international businessman. He’s a workaholic, frequently loses track of what day it is and is totally reliant on his digital diary. There’s no real identifiable routine to the hours he keeps- other than client appointments he works when he has inspiration and sleeps when his body can’t last another second.

Kylo is an American expat making his money running a mixed martial arts studio and doing stunt work for films. He’s gained a reputation as a determined and dedicated teacher and now has a long list of celebrity clients that he trains on the side. Thanks to his unorthodox work life and the odd schedules of celebrities he’s frequently in and out of building at the strangest times. The only thing he refuses to be flexible on is the need for three hours personal kata practice every day, that he fits in whenever he can.

Despite the 1950s concrete construction of the building sound still travels far too easily between the floors and Hux is frequently treated to the thunder of Kylo pounding across the floor like a herd of elephants at 4am.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Jamie using the Internet for the first time ever

Jamie circled the metal plate curiously. It lay innocently on the kitchen table, shining in the morning light as though God himself were smiling down upon it. At least, that’s how Brianna seemed to view the thing. He himself was more convinced it was a gift from a far lower realm, from what Brianna told him the thing could do.  

He looked from the bitten apple engraving to Brianna, quirking an eyebrow. “A bite from the fruit of knowledge, is it? Adam and Eve were damned for that, ye ken.”

Claire burst out laughing, and Jamie shot her a rueful look from across the table. 

“Aye, ye’re laughing now, but I remember someone who couldna remember how to spell “help,” even after two years wi’ me.”

She waved him off, wiping her eyes. 

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” Brianna interjected, frowning at the wee machine, “but anyways you shouldn’t be so suspicious. It’s an amazing tool, I promise. Just try it.”

Jamie doubted this, but Brianna seemed so anxious that he learn about it, and he supposed it was only fair that he learn something about her world.

“Well, you have to open it first.” Bree instructed, voice tinged with both impatience and humour.

“Open metal?” Had the lass lost her mind?

He watched, astonished, as she easily reached for the side of the plate and opened it like a metal book. It must be hinged somehow, though he couldn’t see it.

She looked back at him expectantly, so he pushed at the top to get it to lie flat.

“No!” Both Claire and Brianna cried out instantly, jumping up from their seats.

“Da, you can’t do that.” Brianna said, stopping his hand. “The screen is meant to point up. That way you can see what’s on it.”

“Mmmmphm,” Jamie snorted, eyeing the dark screen dubiously.

Ever since he’d come through the stones, his mind had been forced to reckon with machines past the wildest imaginings of even the most fantastical of writers. His lass had informed him that they were called computers, and promised to teach him how to make use of them, as they were apparently the backbone of modern society. Jamie didn’t see how that could be, but then, he hadn’t understood how men could fly either, yet he’d done so himself (at least, Claire told him he had. All he remembered was the inside of a paper bag.) 

Claire had once been as mystified by such contraptions as he was, the faerie stones having taken her to a time in advance of even her own when she’d left before Culloden. However the lass had grown up in this time. To her, these computers were as normal as a sword was to him. 

“Okay, so now pushing this button,” she pushed a wee button with a strange symbol on it and the screen lit up, brighter than any candle, and earily blue. “Turns it on.”

She pushed quickly on many of the wee buttons with letters, and to his shock Jamie saw dots appear in a rectangle on the top plate, which now bore a picture of a kindly looking dog.

“That’s Smokey, our old dog.” Brianna explained.

“That’s no what’s confusing me lass. How did ye get his portrait on here? It wasna here a second ago, and I’d wager on my life there was no sheet hiding it.”

Jamie waited patiently as Brianna tapped her fingers beside the computer.

“You just… you take a picture and upload it. It’s like… copying the portrait. Kind of. And the screen won’t always look the same. That’s kind of the point. It’s like a book, but sometimes you can’t see the pages turning.”

They started at each other in mutual confusion. 

“Here, perhaps this will make it a bit clearer. Consider this picture of Smokey like the cover of the book.” She looked at him to make sure he was following, and he nodded solemnly. He could almost grasp that. Books sometimes had wee portraits in them. 

“Now, take the mouse…”

Jamie looked around the table, reaching for the wee knife he kept in his pocket.

“Mouse, where?”

“No, Da, this is the mouse.” Brianna indicated a white, half-egg looking thing that seemed to be attached to the computer with a rope made of strange-feeling material. 

“The mouse? Why do ye call it that? It doesna squeak!” He jerked his hand back. “Does it?”

Claire’s head was now resting on the table, her back shaking with silent mirth. Brianna shot her a look that Jamie was pleased to recognize from his own face.

“No, it doesn’t. Promise. I have no clue why it’s called that. Someone just had some fun naming it, I guess.”

Hesitantly Jamie placed his hand back over the mouse. Brianna placed her hand over his and gently pulled the mouse along the table. Jamie gasped. 

“The wee arrow! It’s moving!“

“Yep. That’s what we want it to do.” Brianna explained. “It’s called a cursor. It’s… like our hand. Because we can’t touch the pages of the book with our own hands. At least, not on a laptop.”

This last comment had Jamie more confused that ever, but he chose to ignore it. There was more than enough to learned about with just one of these machines.

“Okay, so when we click on this,” she depressed his finger, and the mousey made a soft ‘click’ noise, which was oddly satisfying, as it was the first word that seemed to live up to what it did.

As she did so, the colourful ball in portrait that their cursor was on top of began to bounce. 

“Ye canna have me believe that isna magic.” Jamie implored.

“It’s not, promise. We just opened a web page is all.”

“A web page?

“Yeah, it’s a… part of this big thing we call the internet. Basically it’s like all the libraries and pubs and stuff in the world connected together as though it’s all part of a big web.”

Jamie eyed the white page dubiously. “I dinna see how a spider could make such a vast thing, nor why it would let us keep pages of information in its web.”

Bree shot him a look that reminded him immensely of his sister.

Yet his mind was still grappling with what she’d told him. The more he thought about it, the more outlandish it seemed “Ah dhia. Where is it all stored? Surely all the books in the world canna fit in such a wee thing.”

“They’re not really in it, you see. Most of it’s stored in the cloud.” She looked hopeful, her eyes begging him to understand, but he was more muddled than ever.

“Ye store books in the sky?” How is the world had man managed this in a mere 300 years? “How does the wee box show us them if they’re up there?”

He ran a hand through hair in frustration

“No! It’s not in the actual sky. I -” She broke off and gestured at her mother. “Mama, can you try? You were computer illiterate too at some point.”        

Claire smiled gently and threaded her fingers through Jamie’s, squeezing his hand in support. 

“She’s right, I was. But now you’ve seen something of it at least, so why don’t we call it a day and take a walk?” 

Jamie sighed in relief. One day he’d figure out the secrets of mice that opened webs in the clouds, for his daughter’s sake if nothing else, but for today he’d had quite enough of the future.



This cottage in Hoosick Falls, New York is in desperate need of a new owner who appreciates its place in local history. The exterior retains fanciful Gothic embellishments like fretwork in the gable end, arched windows, and the original portico. Inside are heart-pine floors, six-panel doors, and several windowed bays.

See full details and more info in the August 2016 issue of This Old House magazine.

Featured on Comics Workbook: Midden Feeder - Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp made Midden Feeder in 2015 and it was printed for Safari Festival 2015. It is now out of print. It’s our pleasure to feature it on Comics Workbook for your reading pleasure. Kemp will be surfing the new waves in contemporary comics and art at this year’s Safari Festival in London on August 27th. Don’t miss him.

Check Midden Feeder out HERE!

A summary of my experience watching 27 hour tv:
- Inoo Kei is adorable
- Hey! Say! JUMP making high school kids scream and cry
- dabbing?
- Nakajima Yuto is awful with girls and I’m concerned
- Pokemon GO
- why the fuck did I have to see Yamada take a shower
- Takaki Yuya is a fluffy sweetheart
- Yamada fell on his face. Twice
- Hikaru is wonderful
- So much basketball
- Cameras love Yamada Ryosuke and I suffer but please focus on everybody else too
- Okamoto Keito is a star!!!!!!!

Magi Monday and... WHAT did I just read?!



…….Aladdin/Kogyoku better NOT be a thing.

Remember when I said that one of my my NopeTPs is Adult/Child and that I couldn’t believe I had to say something like that but because of Toto and Olba, I kinda had to?

I didn’t even get into character specific NopeTPs (for example: I don’t want Hakuryu and Aladdin in any ship. Same with Mogamett, Madaura and Arba).

I am also vocal that I feel that Kogyoku is one of the few human characters left, while Aladdin became inhuman after the Alma Torran arc. And pairing those two, irrespective of the fact that they barely ever interacted and that one is an adult woman and the other a teen boy with mommy/women issues (I’m sensing a pattern, Ohtaka… -_-) and yeah…

…Needless to say, any hints that way will fall flat with me.

But since the word ‘marriage’ isn’t mentioned, I take at least comfort in that after the last shipping fiasco.

So back to what is actually mentioned: Yes Kogyoku knew. But played no part. She truly is a female character in Magi! /spitesnark

We’re also retconning another post-time-skip thing! LOL. Guess what? Apparently Hakuryu didn’t abdicate because he ran away with Aladdin and Morgiana, apparently he abdicated because of Sinbad’s machinations! *insert facepalm here*

Yet despite going through the trouble of deposing “Good Emperor Hakuryu” Sinbad then lets Kogyoku jump over Hakuei in the line of succession, thus rendering Sinbad’s troubles moot. Wat? Either Kogyoku is still under Zepar or this makes no sense. But why the hell would Aladdin go to a Zepar’d Kogyoku?

…Yaddayadda Alibaba and Kogyoku have a shippy moment yaddayadda Alibaba is sooo in love with Morgiana that he wants Aladdin to risk getting caught so that he can tell the world about his marriage and how he wont be a virgin joke anymore yaddayadda no mention of Morgiana actually doing something or having a reaction yaddayadda Kobun is apparently jealous and that’s more important than Morgiana’s reaction yaddayadda…

“Shitty Empress Kogyoku” also makes an appearance because it’s not like she’s a better ruler than “Good Emperor Hakuryu”! We must make really sure that she fumbles everything the moment the men let her take the reins (Alibaba being gone and Komei vowing to follow whatever decision Kogyoku makes)! And this time she’s even letting her pride (that she tossed aside last time we saw her) get in the way!

Was there anything else? Oh yeah, Sharrkan is family-zoned again. By this time, Yamraiha has made her feelings of familial love perfectly clear in multiple chapters, omakes and backstages, so putting these two together would be too forced and even incestuous on Yamraiha’s part and…

……*Puts face in hands and starts mumbling curses*

Okay, so if Kogyoku is Badroulbadour (whose name I misspelled last time, sorry Full Moon of Full Moons!)… Please tell me that Hakuei wont get together with Koen or Komei (fat chance, Ohtaka has been teasing those ships forever despite Hakuei being both first cousin, half cousin and their adoptive sister, and unlike Hakuryu, she actually accepted her sisterhood with the Ko-sibs).

Well whether Kogyoku or Hakuei are Badroulbadour, I’m against it since they’re fully grown women and Aladdin is a child and Aladdin is Aladdin and he’s a main character so it wont be as easy to ignore as Toto/Olba.

WATCH: Calvin Harris And Kim Kardashian Party Together Following Their Taylor Swift Feuds

We never would have thought that Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian would have anything in common but they appear to have finally found common ground in Taylor Swift.

The pair were spotted chatting together at Jennifer Lopez’s Las Vegas birthday party, although it is yet to be confirmed whether they discussed their feuds with the star.

Speaking to Us Weekly, a source explained: “Kim and Calvin did talk and interact, smiling and chatting for awhile.”

They also posed for a photo at the glitzy do at Caesar’s Palace, Nevada.

Together, Kim and Calvin have been celebrated on Twitter for “outing” Taylor for lying and trying to “bury” other stars.

Originally posted by spicyegyptian

It all kicked off when Taylor’s team accused Calvin of refusing to credit her for co-writing and featuring on his newest track, with Calv eventually having enough and revealing that she was the one who had asked him to credit her using a pseudonym.

Seething on Twitter, he wrote: “I figure if you’re happy in your new relationship you should focus on that instead of trying to tear your ex bf down for something to do.

"I know you’re off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy [Perry] ETC but I’m not that guy, sorry. I won’t allow it. Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life because you’ve earned a great one. God bless everyone have a beautiful day.”

Before long #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty was trending worldwide, with Taylor’s long-term nemesis Katy acknowledging Calv’s support.

Just days later Kim had enough of Taylor lying about her husband Kanye West, so took to Snapchat to share a recording of the rapper’s phone call with Taylor where she can be heard approving the controversial lyrics to his track ‘Famous’ and calling them “tongue in cheek” and “a compliment”.

Taylor had previously denied that the phone call had ever taken place and bashed Kanye for the “misogynistic” rap.

Needless to say, the internet went into a frenzy following the leak and #KimExposedTaylorParty was the top worldwide trend.

If that isn’t the foundation for a beautiful friendship then we really don’t know what is to be honest.