So apparently I missed Snowager giving birth when I was on hiatus???

They look like a bad fanfic self-insert like

“Hi my name is Nevis Freeze’flake Snowager Negg Fyora and I am the only child of the Snowager (in case YOU couldn’t tell). I’m not related to Queen Fyora but I wish I was because she’s a major frizzin hottie. I am also an ice witch, but im not evil or anything lmao. Today I was walking with my father downtown. I was wearing a slate gray jacke-


Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus
Character Bromides

Teruma as William T. Spears

tagged under motherfucker better not tag this as cosplay

Weekly Fanfic Feature

In this weeks featured Richonne fics:

That Would Be Enough by Bluewalltack

After the group’s encounter with Negan, the road to rebuild and reclaim what was lost has been long and painful. With the war against the Saviors coming to a head, Rick and Michonne must deal with surprising news during the calm before the storm. 
Rated T

Only Time Will Tell by Jls62113

Rick and Aaron leave on a run, Michonne declined the invitation to join them. She needed to sort some things out and in doing so, remembered that she told Rick she would always be with him. 
Rated K

Finding North by Blacklitchick

Michonne goes North and finds Rick. [Spoilers through Episode 7x05]
Rated M