25 Illegal Cityscape Photographs Taken By Fearless Climbers

“Skysweeping” is becoming a risky trend taking over Russia, where young people illegally scale buildings to capture unimaginable and rare views of the world’s most famous cities. Featuring shots around the UK, Russia and China, the photographs are beautiful and frightening to those who fear heights.

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The hollow mask illusion is a feat of optical witchcraft that tricks your brain into thinking that the inside of a rotating mask is exactly like the outside – a face with protruding features. Here, give it a try. We’ll wait.

That was awesome, right? It looks like a regular face, and then it turns out it was only the inside of the ma– wait, you’re saying it didn’t fool you for a second? Well … we don’t want to alarm you, but…

Collaborators from the Hannover Medical School in Germany and the UK’s UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience found that there is a very specific subgroup of people who are totally immune to the cerebral fuckery of the hollow mask illusion: schizophrenics.

6 Tiny Things That Indicate You’ve Got Huge Medical Problems

what instrument would feature in your oc’s leitmotif (bgm, soundtrack, character song. basically whenever the scene is about them)

why do all the book posts i see going around just recommend YA books 

i see so many “queer YA fiction!” and “YA books featuring female protagonists” like why does everyone on tumblr like YA lit so much 


2. Brandon Prust

“Resident bad boy, Brandon Prust is what we in the hockey community call a modern day “goon”. While this term may seem to have a negative denotation, when it comes to Prust, he has his teammates back and is ready to knock down (or out) anyone who gets in their way. He’s a pretty small guy compared to other aggressors in the NHL, and was actually ranked the #1 lightweight in the league, but he truly holds his own when the gloves come off! When he is not playing hockey, Prusty can be found playing baseball, or on the golf course. His significant other of over two years is Montreal native Maripier Morin, a local TV host, and featured on the show Hockey Wives. He also really loves poutine!!”

The negative reviews of Woman in Gold reek of something unpleasant. I didn’t realize the movie was so panned across the board before I went to see it, but given that it’s been received as “Weinsteinesque” by Variety (which I’m taken to understand in the context of the article is supposed to mean “so gawdy beecuz joooz”), and everyone seems really disposed to give the Austrian govt the benefit of the doubt (like the NYT reviewer felt like they were being emotionally manipulated to side with the victims of Nazi looting….sorry?). The movie was beautifully made and like, actually about Jews, positively portrayed an intergenerational Jewish relationship, didn’t feature a goy savior, didn’t rely on cheap stereotypes, and addressed the range of European attitudes toward the Holocaust and Nazi-complicity. The movie also emphasized how all these things are not problems that were left behind in 1945. The fact that all the reviewers seem hung up on the idea that Central European museums have the right to art that was stolen from Jewish homes after all, because “who really owns art” is gross, and you should just ignore them and see it. 

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More on the Avengers Catholic AU featuring Nick Fury

  • Nick Fury has a complicated relationship with God. His mother was very religious and raised him to be as well, but he’s seen a lot of evil in the world. It’s not God’s existence he doubts so much as his mercy.
  • After SHIELD collapses and he’s forced to go underground, he finds himself praying for the first time in years.
  • Fury envies Steve for the strength of his faith. He knows that envy is a sin and that he should look to Steve as an inspiration instead, but this is why Steve is the Good Catholic Boy and he isn’t.
  • Back in his army days, someone gave him a St. Michael medal. He still wears it, under his shirt.
  • Since going underground, he’ll often find himself going to the nearest church and sitting in the back, staring at the tabernacle, asking God over and over again: why. He hasn’t gotten an answer yet, but he hasn’t given up asking, either.
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Hi, 31Women family. 

Yesterday, a pastor told me that “Jesus spent hours in prayer but moments in ministry”. At first I didn’t quite understand, but now I think I do.

We will be closing our 31Women ask box for an undetermined amount of time due to the overwhelming nature of all of us having to respond to 10+ questions (both anonymous and identified) in a loving and dedicated manner a day. While we absolutely love being able to be a support system for many of you out there, it truly is an incredibly taxing commitment to know that so many people are looking to us to give them the perfectly thought out advice that they seek for every question that they ask- especially cause we are all college students and/or have jobs. 

If you are looking for help in specific areas, we ask that you check out some of our more popular questions asked dealing with issues of sex/pornography, self esteem, relationships, suicide/depression, tough situations as a whole, and more. Click on our more general answered questions link to see if your question (or similar question) has been answered previously. Here’s a link to see the past two issues of our 31Women monthly newsletter. View our blog link to see the original blog posts, devotionals, and articles that we frequently write for this site. 

I think that we leaders of this site really need to take a step back, take time to be holy, and resume question answering when we are more spiritually-ready and emotionally available. We love you guys and we hope that you can be understanding of us and this situation during this time. 

Our sincerest apologies, 

- 31Women (Announcement) 

Disney’s “Tomorrowland” animated prequel short films and TV spot

“Tomorrowland” is due in theaters May 22, but Disney has released a backstory to get viewers into the story - now. The retro-styled animated shorts below tell the story of “Plus Ultra”,  a ficticious organization started by four leading  scientists back in 1889. 

Here’s the first, with the origin story of the group:

And this is part two, which goes a bit into the building of “Tomorrowland”.

And this is the latest trailer, “Remember The Future”, which features more scenes from the film:

“Tomorrowland” is written by Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird, from a story by Lindelof & Bird & Jeff Jensen.

Besides George Clooney and Brit Robertson, the film also stars Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Tim McGraw, Judy Greer, Kathryn Hahn, Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Robinson.