Influence of the environment: The Marine, Freshwater and Terrestrial Environments.

The physical properties of salt water, freshwater and air have important implications for anatomy, physiology and behaviour of the animals inhabiting them. Let us take a look at the main features of marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments and their effects on animal life.

Post Three: The terrestrial environment

The terrestrial environment is our home, home to humans, so it can be hard to accept that it is the harshest of the three main environments. To begin with, compared to water there is little buoyancy, so all terrestrial animals require some form of skeleton strong enough to enable support and movement on land. Extremes in temperature are much more common, requiring biochemical, physiological or behavioural adaptations to cope with them.

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Kemekem - “I Like Your Afro” featuring Samuel Yirga

Adobe Lightroom CC (6) is Here!

Obviously been to busy to realise the latest edition of Lightroom had automatically downloaded onto my mac. Looks like it has some really great new features that I’ve been desperate for.

- Editing graduated and radial filters with brushes will be incredibly useful.

- The performance is about 5 times faster and from what I’ve seen it makes a beautiful difference. 

- Integrated merge to panoramas will certainly speed things up, but I’ve heard mixed things compared to photo merge in Photoshop.

- I don’t personally use HDR but that is now integrated too.

I’ll have to wait and see if I notice how different the results will be in any future work. But things are looking very good in my opinion! Adobe Lightroom is still the software I recommend to photographers.


Freddie Ardley Photography

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PoC Body Comparison

If you’ve ever scrolled through the body comparison tag, you’ve probably noticed how few people of color there. So, I have created this blog to remedy that. 

This blog is specifically for body comparisons featuring people of color. If you would your body comparison to be on this blog, please either visit the submit page, or tag your body comparison with “poc body comparison”. 

A few weeks ago I featured an Amsterdam based pop-up concept by The Playing Circle called The Loft. This is a small section from within the first styled loft they executed. Much like the second, the original loft was assembled from a generous amount of natural materials; wood, steel, leather, glass and wool. The loft was completely open plan, however with the clever positioning of furniture and objects they managed to shape nonexistent boundaries creating the illusion of cordoned off rooms. The area above was particularly intriguing. Situated within the space of only a few square metres was a bedroom slash studio. A queen bed, cabinetry, a drafting table and a bathtub that butt up to a stunningly tall cylindrical rusted fireplace. If a polished, bohemian loft style of living is something your trying to achieve at home, The Loft by The Playing Circle is certainly a concept worth investigating. #meandmybentley


1987/1989 Great Heroes & Great Moments in Comics

These cards were distributed in sets of 8, and formed a ‘backing board’ for comics sold in 3-packs. They feature surprising array of characters and DC covers. Each multi-pack of comics included 3 consecutive issues of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman. They were shrink-wrapped on a “trading card” backing board. Each board contained 8 trading cards. Most comics were not first printings. Each series bears a different background design.

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sunflowerhide asked:

Hi (;;;

1. first impression: aw, she seems so nice, she’s too precious for this world
2. truth is: you’re a coldhearted weeb. watches really shitty anime.
3. how old do you look: you age. maybe a bit younger
4. have you ever made me laugh: maybe (;;
5. have you ever made me mad: always not as i recall
6. best feature: nothing you’re terrible (; you’re fun to talk to (and you’re really pretty and have an amazing accent and voice)
7. have I ever had a crush on you: always, bae nope
8. you’re my: dog to my giraffe-kun
9. name in my phone: i only have you on snapchat and there you’re called “shizuo-chans’s lover *winky smiley*”
10. should you post this too? you should delete your blog (;

preppy outfit by arrctiic featuring how to wear boots ❤ liked on Polyvore

Vineyard Vines hooded sweatshirt, £47 / STELLA McCARTNEY white blouse, £365 / Lilly Pulitzer short shorts, £37 / Hunter rubber boots, £130 / Lilly Pulitzer beach tote, £98 / Bling Jewelry dangle earrings, £20 / Nautical jewelry, £33 / Nautical jewelry, £6.61 / Alex and Ani bangle bracelet, £19 / Nautical jewelry, £6.61 / Hunter bubble umbrella, £30 / Samsung tech accessory, £9.12 / Victoria s Secret lip gloss, £6.61 / Maybelline waterproof mascara, £9.24 / Eau de perfume, £13 / Essie nail polish, £5.62

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