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as i’m thinking about s3 delphine i can’t help but strangely look forward to all the hate she’s going to receive for just being a deeper character and her own person who doesn’t revolve around cosima. bring it on. i’m going to defend my bby without a second of hesistation.

loveanimationfan asked:

For the tree sentence fic, please: butterfly bog, socerer, knight

Roland’s eyes widen as she aims her sword for his throat, her face cool even as her eyes blaze with triumph and long-denied retribution, and his glorious shining armor seems so brittle, powerless against Bog’s dark magic holding him trapped against the wall, and his voice is almost a whine: “B-but you always said Knights were supposed to defeat Sorcerers, that they were supposed to punish evil!”

Marianne lets the edge of her blade almost glide across Roland’s throat, and smiles softly as she feels Bog step up behind her, protective but knowing she needs to do this, that this victory belongs to her, even as his curse makes Roland’s chain mail twist and burn against his skin, and his growl is almost proud when he answers Roland, “She has defeated me…” - he pauses to give her cheek a soft kiss, and Roland’s eyes grow almost comically large - “…in a manner of speaking.” 

“As for punishing evil…” Marianne murmurs, savoring the moment, the delicious irony of it all, remembering how her false fiancé had dismissed her desires for knighthood, and now here they are, “…why do you think you’re the one with the blade against his neck?”  


Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha - “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)”