Just a reminder that D&D have given Bronn a bigger storyline than Stannis Baratheon.  Bronn will appear in S6 (no disrespect because I love Bronn the character and Jerome Flynn).  I still can’t get over this though.  Characters that GRRM had written as minor characters and finished their arcs long before the point we are now in the series are still around.  Meanwhile Stannis Baratheon’s storyline was disposed of in ten minutes of farcical nonsense that I suppose was actually meant to be dark humor.  Because it was so rushed and such a series of unfortunate events that it could only be viewed that way.  Haha see he got what was coming to him.  He was treated as the pathetic king wannabe and not a serious contender.  Stannis Baratheon was written on the show as comic relief.  I get it now.  I’m still not over it.  That is all I wanted to say.  I’m still not over it.  

Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative! (serial killer au) - Aybike

Summary: A dark multi-chaptered serial killer AU on the rise and fall of America’s most beloved Drag couple. Loosely based off of the Scream movies.

 Warning: Future chapters will include violence, blood play and a lot of messed up stuff.

Enjoy the show ~Aybike

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Awesome Lao-some Food

What’s up ya’ll! This week the FAF crew went out into the Mission district get our hands on some Laotian food. And at Maneelap Srimongkoun we found what we were looking for. 

Unlike last week, the kind of flavors that were gracing our tongues were very subtle and refreshing. We were all aware and have tried Thai food but were not familiar with its neighbors food. 

We started off with what we knew. Beer. We tried Chang beer which is a Thai beverage. It was super light just like what our meal was about to be. Here we did a family style dinner. 

First off was the Kang Om which was a pork spare rib dish. This was probably the most bold in flavor. They were chewy and a little crispy. They had just a little kick to them but it was more like they were saying  "hey we’re here and we’re gunna chill so don’t be worried,we ain’t gunna burn your tastebuds off.” 

The next dish was such a pain in the ass to eat due to all the freaking bones but it was so worth it. We ordered their marinated deep fried quail that had a Thai Sriracha chili sauce on the side. These were like little deep fried nuggets of joy. The skin was crispy and so flavorful in such a subtle way. It’s a good thing quail is such a struggle to eat because if they weren’t I’d eat them all the time. 

This next dish was the most unique of the bunch. It was the Sai Ooa which is a type pork and herb baked sausage. The thing that made this taste so different was that the texture wasn’t like any sausage that we’ve tried before. It wasn ’t as meaty or dense like other sausages, it sort of had a texture similar to a meatball and the flavors you tasted were mostly from the herbs.

The last dish was the Or Lam. It was a Laos beef style stew that had mushrooms and onions. The taste was so refreshing for a stew. It was very light and had a minty taste to it but was also kind of spicy. The beef was nice and tender and the veggies added a nice texture and flavor to compliment the meat. 

Overall the food here was super light and refreshing. Nothing was too in your face or overwhelming. It was nothing like I’ve tasted before and it was a nice change of pace. So if you guys ever feel like having a unique and refreshing foodie experience, head over to the Mission and try out Maneelap Srimongkoun.