My take on Six Feats Under

After finally catching up to the latest episodes, I want to take a moment to mention how amazing @13questions is and how Six Feats Under has quickly become my favorite internet entertainment group.

Honestly I could go on for paragraphs about each person working this, from Ironicus to AWoodenPalisade and Ambisagrus, to Drakkel, Ikks, Medibot, Gnome, Poorweather, all guests, and the Bonus Feats players as well. But I want to stress something very important that’s being made possible: Six Feats Under is a very queer-friendly, trans-friendly podcast. It’s a podcast that refuses to go anywhere near subjects that shows like South Park and Family guy go to for cheap laughs at the expense of others, and 6FU does humor perfectly fine, proving very easily that no we don’t need to mock minorities for a good laugh.

I’ve had a number of tabletop roleplaying sessions before and while I’ve had one very successful campaign, others have not been so, and there’s always been problems with my usual crew and lately it’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to play with them because a good number of them believe that offensive stereotypes is top-tier humor. I’m still in the closet about being queer and trans to many people I know in real life and having to bear with that crap just drains me of any possible joy I would get from that night.

This is where 6FU provides me a listening experience where I know the players are extremely considerate. I can load a random session, a 13th Age one, one of the many Bonus Feats exploring different games, a tabletalk session, a chat about various aspects of what makes successful games, and I know from the start even if I’m having anxiety and stress, I’ll end the podcast feeling better.

And this is all from a nerdy tabletop game that’s based on D&D 4.0, as if I didn’t love it enough already. 


Guy beats Super Mario Bros. in less than 15 minutes while blindfolded

put a little sunshine in your life (kurotsuki)

Summary: It’s a boring day at the flower shop when Kei is confronted with a very interesting new customer.

Notes: Found this in my drafts and decided to finish it up! This is a weird mesh of old-ish writing and clunky out-of-practice writing but ayyyy why not.

As an unexpected green thumb and the only one amongst his coworkers without a knowledge of floriography, Kei had to deal with a multitude of people every day.

From distraught lovers seeking superficial reconciliation in the form of a satisfactorily-priced bouquet, wannabe womanizers picking out roses to hand out to select passerby, to middle-aged mothers who bicker on about certain flowers not being “red” enough for their living room centerpieces.

You know, the works.

“H-Hello can I buy some f—oh shit!”

And today, he’ll be dealing with a rather tall young man (with what seemed to be an awful bedhead) who’d seemed to miss the small step by the doorway in favor of falling flat on his face.

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This has been going for a good 20 minutes…


            You’re the moon and the stars and the light of my world