I just finished the first season of From Dusk Till Dawn and I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions on Kate & Richie!

A quick two disclaimers;  

  • I have not seen the movie, I have no idea how it ends or where the characters storylines go… but this isn’t the movie and I am going to assume they have already deviated in some regards whilst adapting it to a TV Show. So I am treating the show as brand new and though they might follow similar lines nothing is guaranteed.                                                    
  • All the gifs used in this post are not mine, bellow the gif there will be a direct link to the original gifset and the URL of the maker. If any of the creators wish for me to take their gifs off of this post drop me a message and I will do so immediately… I just want to be clear and don’t want to step on any toes!)

Let’s get started shall we?

Emotional Connection.

I love the connection Kate and Richie have, whether you chose to see it as platonic or romantic, my point stays the same; They have a one and one that I don’t think we’ve seen him make with anyone else on the show.

(I believe that he has other emotional connections; Seth & Santanico. But they feel very different to me, Santanico is using him to gain her freedom and winding her way into his mind. Not that I blame her… And Seth obviously has a familial bond with Richard, but it took actually seeing the creatures before he ever really believed/trusted Richie’s “visions”.)  

S: It’s never been easy for you, has it? Simple human connection.

This gif-set here is very telling in gif form but I wanted to elaborate on my thoughts in words.    

From the very first scene when we are introduced to them we get to witness a very lighthearted Richie, whether this was an act or not, I genuinely believe they connected on a emotional level. In their first scene we get Kate opening up to him about her inner turmoils, we gets laughs/smiles and it was the beginning of a link that held strong through the season.

Despite what Santanico said I have always felt Richie was able to bond with Kate easily, which is what makes it so rare that they truly formed a human connection.


I think Kate chooses to see a lot of good in the world and see the best in people. She believes in people, maybe more than she safely should.

F: “[…]But I think someone made him do it.”                                                             K: “I believe that. Richie’s a tortured soul. And after all I’ve seen today, who knows what kind of torture he’s been through.”                    

I ultimately think that Richie needs someone to believe in him, (and not because they need you to free them from a centuries old cage.) but because they’ve chosen to put their faith in him. And trust him.

The scene above was one of my favourite moments for their development because it truly shows her faith in his character. Frederico tells her he’s been tracking a serial killer/and that Richie killed a women in the motel, and she chooses to see the good parts in him and agree that it probably wasn’t done at his will. That there might be more to the story.

Also, I love how she thinks she knows him well enough to call him a tortured soul, they have only know each other a short while but I think they have a strong grasp on each others psyche.



It amazes me that he trusted her enough to put his gun away, take her hand and close his eyes. I do think a piece of him was influenced by the fact she was indulging him with his sight. She was listening to him and not brushing him off automatically as a nut-job and I definitely think this may have swayed him a little. But still, the amount of trust it took to shut his eyes and be vulnerable in front of the captives…Which didn’t exactly work out in his favor LOL


J: You have a light in your soul. Always leads you away from darkness.

I honestly think that not only can it lead her away from darker paths but help others get over their own darkness. *cough*Richie*cough*

We have a prime example in Frost, he was to scared to leave the underground tunnels, hiding under there for god knows how long… And even though leaving the tunnels did not end well for him I think she had a huge part in motivating him out of those fears and seeing clearer the difference between living and what he was doing.

She is light, and pure, and hope. And I think everyone needs a little dose of that. (she is also a badass w/ a chainsaw.)

Random Appreciation Moments.


You know the guy who threatened every single person they encountered on the trip? Yeah, that guy. His brother just snaps an sarcastic retort at Kate in anger and Richie rushes to defend her. You’re protective instincts are shows, kiddo.

“I don’t want you to leave. I want you to see this place for what it really is. I want you to feel what I’m feeling.”

If he didn’t care about Kate, about her emotional state, he wouldn’t want her to feel what he was feeling. It just wouldn’t matter, but he wants her to feel like she belongs, to experience that feeling of home. It ties back to their first meeting at the pool when he saw her pain, I think he relates to her a lot… They certainly formed a rare and unusual link.

Because despite how different they can be, they are similar in some ways.



You’re not like them.

What does that mean though? We know he has seen lots of those creppy monsters (The girls in the pilot, Jacob, and Scott etc…), but never Kate. Why not? Even if in this scenario he is just referring to her being a good person and incapable of pulling his gun. The question still stands, why doesn’t she have one of those disturbing monster apparitions?


There’s a lot more to this story i’d wager, there so much of Kate we don’t know and I hope in Season 2 we get some answers. Why did she use those exact words, why was she so shocked when she pulled back and said “Oh my god.”, I don’t believe it was Santanico messing with his mind because we got no evidence of her meddling… And I don’t believe in coincidences.


“There’s all kinds of markings on these walls, if this is where those things get made, maybe they can get unmade.”

The question I have now is, is it possible to go back? to be human again? Was this foreshadowing or just added in to show Kate trying to be hopeful and find options for her father.


Things ended kind of shaky if you are a Kate x Richie shipper, between him turning in to that creature and driving off with Santanico. But I am honestly not worried… A huge chunk of this show revolves around the Gecko brothers and I can’t imagine the show keeping them apart for more than a few episodes *shrugs* I could be wrong but I really doubt it.

Which means we will get a reunion between Kate & Richie & Seth. I just want scenes between my OT3. And who knows what they will do with this relationship with Santanico. We’ll have to wait and see.

The awesome thing about shipping these two is that they are both my brotp and otp, so I still enjoy Kate&Seth or Richie&Santanico.

There’s a lot more I had to say but I want to a least try to keep it short-ish.

Does anyone know if there is a agreed upon ship name? I have just been tracking the Kate x Richie tag at the moment… But I’d love to know because I have seen several; Kichie, Katchie, Fullcko etc… and don’t know which one is most used. :o)

…Well if you managed to stick through this mess of chaotic thoughts then congratulations on your resolve and thank you for listening to me ramble about another one of my obsessions! I’d love to hear everyones thoughts!

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