Freak Du Chic: Act 1


Doll collector problem number one- Where the hell am I going to display all these new dolls.

Doll collector problem number two- Knowing that all potential romantic relationships will end when your date sees how many dolls you own. (And also for me seeing my horde of shopkins)

In other words, I love FDC and the playset was way bigger than I was expecting.

“I have a residency in DC and Richmond, Virginia. I play three to four times a week in DC. The audiences are way different. Richmond is more like a blue-collar city. I am originally from Los Angeles, so I have more of a commercial style for my song writing. I feel like people like that more in cities. I have more of a city sound. It’s artsier in Richmond. I travel a lot for my music. I do really well in New York and New Orleans.”

“I hate to take this to a spiritual perspective, but the Bible talks about discernment. It is up to us to discern what’s good and what’s bad, what’s real and what’s not real. We get so fixated on the picture, but there is something else behind the picture. It’s like Christianity. Everybody is sitting around saying, ‘When is Jesus going to come? When are we going to see the Kingdom?’ Basically, in the scripture he tells us that the Kingdom is already here. It’s inside us. It’s up to us to recognize it, see it, appreciate it, and to enter it. Instead, we are just sitting at the gate saying, ‘Hey, this gate is beautiful.’ If we all just learn how to love each other and respect each other, this world could be the most peaceful place in the universe. It could be the utopia that God was looking for, but because of our selfishness, our own wants, and needs we will never see it. I think it’s possible, but only if people get off their high horses and stop looking at other people as a plague or a disease.”