Freak Du Chic Toralei has arrived! She’s drop dead gorgeous!!!!

Bottom row is all the Tor releases to show face up differences. (Minus Ghouls Alive which I do not collect)
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“My fear is that humans of DC will only see their own kind as humans. They will only see the group of people they hang with as humans rather than seeing all types of people that live around them as humans. We all have different colors, but if we love each other we will all be brothers. We separate each other by race and nations, but we are all flesh and blood. That’s beautiful, but it’s not probable logic. It’s not possible. We will always think about our own kind first. If we are all looking for love, why do we fight each other?”


Freak Du Chic Toralei Stripe came in today!

She comes with a stand, “parasol”, and a “poster” card with the doll art displayed on it. It’s very cute. She doesn’t come with a brush. Perhaps it was left out accidentally I’m not sure. This is the only FDC doll I have right now. (working through the Wonderland and Charming dolls of EAH has me tapped out)

Her skirt is two layers and her belt is fabric. The belt is sewn to her dress at two points which causes it to ride up a bit. Her little headband is plastic and features an umbrella and ‘feathers’. She has Purple and black streaks in her long waves. Her make up is a light peach eye-shadow on her upper lid, purple on the lower, and her lipstick is a shimmery strawberry red. Her eyelashes are really different. They seem to be decorated at the ends with a dot. The smaller ones all around her eyes aren’t connected to her eyelashes but in the art is seems like that was the idea. The shoes are like little circus stages decorated with a kitty head on the top of her sandal. The heel reminds me of a popcorn cart wheel. The straps are molded to look rope-like and there is a little pouf shape where it all comes together. The parasol has little cat ears, eyes, and nose. The handle is decorated with two feathers similar to the ones on her headband. Her headband and the handle are both black and unpainted.

She has a hard time holding the parasol. Her elbow is weak and keeps falling over. Also the ‘claw’ hand they like to give her (and other ‘were’ types) makes it difficult to get in the enclosure for her to simulate holding the parasol. I fear that it would mess up her hand/fingers if I displayed her holding it. I may attempt using a rubber band instead. That same arm also won’t go down all the way but I think a bit of flash might be preventing that. She is from Indonesia but her hair is so fluffy soft! I’m very happy. I’ve been trying to find Toralaei with nice hair. I have a Coffin Bean Toralei and while I love her her is awful greasy. I have to tend to it every few weeks and it eats through rubber-band.

Overall very cute and I’m satisfied with the doll. :)

an anon asked if the alligator/balloon-animal shoes were MH, but this was too big to use as an inline reply, so here it is as a new post! (the answer is yes) (they were Honey’s) (though someone else suggested Pinkie and that’s so perfect I kinda want to draw it now)

I’ve been exploding with love for the Freak du Chic dolls because yes, please, this is battling with Haunted for my favorite line ever. (probably a good thing there isn’t an FdC Vandala because my heart would not be able to take it.) still need to draw Jinafire, Rochelle, and Gooliope and then fix all the mistakes and ink and color and then maaaybe do the Ghoul Fair kids if my hand hasn’t fallen off yet?

Hey guys!

So Chris, Brian, and I decided to start up a DC themed blog for all the DC shows going on right now! We will be covering Arrow, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl! Like with this blog, we’ll be making edits and reblogging stuff and keeping you up to date on the latest news!

If you’re interested, check us out at legendsofdc! Keep in mind we LITERALLY are just starting up, so the blog might be undergoing some changes and whatnot :)

Hope to see you all over there!


Hey everyone!

I just figured I’d let you all know that I’ve recently became admins/members to two other blogs (because I am fandom trash).

I make Daredevil edits over at devilmurdocks and will be making edits for the DC shows over at legendsofdc.

Don’t worry, ESM will still be very much active! ;)

So yeah if you’re into that kind of stuff, you should definitely check us out!

I heard a rumor that Freak du Chic will be the next movie after BYBY, which makes sense since I don’t think any regular line would get this many dolls, and I was thinking about how in Frankie’s FDC art she’s pulling Dustin out of her hat, and now supposedly Dustin’s gonna be in the movie with Twyla and if we don’t get that scene I’m gonna be really dissapointed. I’m so excited to hear more about this line/movoe though because it sounds like a great concept!


My Harley Quinn Borderlands mashup cosplay that took 20 minutes to make just for fun. #harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #girlswhocosplay #cosplaygirls #borderlands #madmax #dcgirls #womenofdc #dccomics #cellshade #postapocalyptic #postapocalypse #roadwarrior

There’s a difference between making a character an unnatural color (FDC Clawdeen)  and whitewashing (Nefera).

Clawdeen isn’t going to remain grey in upcoming material. Grey people do not exist (on this planet at least). Grey people do not have a higher privilege than brown people because they don’t exist.

That’s like wondering why no one’s angry that a picture of Clawdeen is in greyscale.