Research leads to a golden discovery for wearable technology

Some day, your smartphone might completely conform to your wrist, and when it does, it might be covered in pure gold, thanks to researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Writing in the March 17 issue of the journal Science, the Missouri S&T researchers say they have developed a way to “grow” thin layers of gold on single crystal wafers of silicon, remove the gold foils, and use them as substrates on which to grow other electronic materials.

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‘unicorn pls don’t tempt me to do this thing’

 me, whipping out a list longer than j.unko e.noshima’s rap sheet while pushing glasses up the bridge of my nose: ok but consider this

yanare  asked:

Heya, love your blog! I want to get into Chalice dungeons, I mean making new FCR ones, do you have any chalices that you use for material farming? If so, could you share them? I can't find good glyphs for that, only for gems and lost/uncanny weapons and runes. Thanks already for sharing so much about dungeons, it's really interesting!

Hello! Omg thank you, I’mg so glad you enjoy my blog! :3 Always thrilled to welcome a fellow spelunker!

So as for the ritual material farming… I’m not sure if I’m safe to assume you’re only looking for materials normally purchasable with Insight since getting Tomb Mould and Ritual Blood doesn’t tend to be a big deal because you can buy them with echoes, but let me know if that’s not the case!

Sage’s Hair

Probably the most easily farmable material, fortunately. What I do is farm the red aura madman in qjpktusu - originally I started to farm him for gems because madmen can drop one of the best gems in the game, but with all Eye runes he can also drop quite a lot of Sage’s Hair, usually about 40 per hour. He’s on layer 1, the very first bonus room right after the starting lamp, and the best thing is that he’s facing the wall and won’t see you coming. Easy backstabs!

Alternatively, the dungeons I posted earlier (c8vfpcdc) can be farmed too, with a nice bonus of 10 Red Jellies and 11 Backbones. The only downside is how HUGE the dungeon is, and also the bosses aren’t very easy to get through (Keeper, Watchdog, BLB), but all the stuff you can get there is so worth it! Usually by the time I’m done with this dungeon, I have 2 mil echoes on me, all the mentioned ritual materials + about 8 Great One’s Wisdom (that’s 16 more Insight on top of the Insight you get for killing bosses!).

Yellow Backbone

This is what all my Insight goes into. You can also use this dungeon for farming - y8tqin2h - it’s non-cursed and on top of 6 Yellow Backbones there’s also 3 Sage’s Hair and 5 Red Jellies. Not a bad deal for a non-cursed dungeon!

Bastard of Loran

Now this became a problem. That dungeon getting removed from servers was a big blow. My alternative with 9 BoLs on second layer was removed too. Buying this for 7 insight just isn’t worth it. It might be a while before I find a good alternative, but for now the only saving grace I have is the dungeon that @altairattorney posted with 5 BoLs (+ about 3 Backbones and a lot of Slugs as a bonus), non-cursed Isz dungeon with easy bosses - 6q2imuex

Red Jelly

Yeah, it’s c8vfpcdc here again lol. This friggin dungeon with over 100 insight worth of ritual materials is just so good. In the past I’ve had a dungeon with 16 (!) Red Jellies, but as you can probably guess, that one was deleted too. Easier alternative might be already mentioned y8tqin2h with 5 Red Jellies.

For the past several weeks I’ve only been running Sinister dungeons (I found out the layout is different from FRC dungeons and it has a higher chance of rare creatures/roaming bosses spawn) so ritual materials weren’t much of a problem and it also caused me not to pay too much attention to the loot, but now that I know there’s at least one person who might appreciate dungeons for easy ritual material farming, I’ll start taking more thorough notes. ;3

Thank you again! I’ll see what I find in the dungeons over the weekend - I’ll be sure to share anything valuable.

submitted by @flarechaser:

I am cataloguing artifacts and I specifically wrote down some of the worst labels I saw this week for your amusement and so the people may know Archaeology AU Lance’s pain

  2. Collecting unmodified stone.  Labeling it unmodified stone.  Taking years off my life as I look at this handful of rounded river rock collected at a site by a river where you would expect to find rounded river rock and wonder why would you put this in a bag.  why would you label it.  who hurt you.
  3. Labeling FCR as unmodified stone.  The reason I can’t just immediately throw away a bag that says unmodified stone.  Is because.  They don’t label their FCR as FCR.  I know that most of those unmodified stones were not heated, or at least not with the kind of use you would expect from a semipermanent or even multiuse hearth (ie not visible!!!!).  So why.  Do this.  Its taken additional years off of my life as I have to think and wonder.
  4. no provenience given besides the site number.  like holy shit
  5. strata listed but not the unit it came from?????


(the picture was included w the submission)

my friend i did cataloguing over the summer and let me tell you my horror stories (aka, where i get most of my curator lance hcs from)

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