So lately I’v’e been skimming roleplays and every time there’s a poc it’s always Zendaya Coleman, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Kat Graham, and Normani Kordei. While I love them, I just want to put out the various other women that you could use. These are just the first ten that came to my mind. A lot of this info is just from Wiki.

  • Jessica Sula - 21 years old.

Best known for playing the character Grace Blood in Skins. Born in Wales. Her Trinidadian mother is half Afro-Hispanic and half Chinese, her father is half German and half Estonian.

  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw - 31 years old.

Recently starred in Beyond The Lights as Noni, the main star. She first gained prominence in a recurring role in Doctor Who.  Her mother is an English nurse and her father is a doctor originally from the Republic of South Africa.

  • Amber Stevens - 28 years old.

Also known as Amber West, she is married to Andrew J. West. Best known for her roles as Ashleigh Howard in the ABC Family series Greek and Maya in 22 Jump Street. Her father is White American and her mother is black (and part Comanche)

  • Ashley Madekwe - 31 years old.

Best known for her role as social climber Ashley Davenport on the ABC show Revenge. She also stars as Tituba in the show Salem. Born in East London, England to a Nigerian-Swiss father and an English mother.

  • Erinn Westbrook - Age unknown.

Best Known for her role in Glee as the captain of the Cheerios, Bree and in the Awkward as Matty’s love interest, Gabby Richards.

  • Meagan Tandy - 30 years old.

Former Miss California USA. She was a series regular on the Jane By Design and is currently on MTV’s Teen Wolf playing the role of Braeden.

  • Logan Browning - 25 years old.

Best known for playing Sasha in the Bratz: The Movie and Brianna in Meet the Browns. Recently she played Jelena Howard in Hit the Floor. Both parents appear African-American.

  • Antonia Thomas - 28 years old.

Best known for starring as Alisha Daniels in Misfits and Evie in Scrotal Recall. She was born in London, the daughter of a Jamaican mother and an English father.   

  • Bianca Lawson - 36 years old.

Best known for regular roles in the television series Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Goode Behavior and Pretty Little Liars. She  is African-American and of Italian, Native American, Portuguese, and Creole descent.

  • Meghan Markle - 33 years old.

She stars as Rachel Zane on the USA legal drama Suits. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is African-American and her father is of Dutch and Irish descent.

So I reached 200 followers a little while ago but I never did anything tp celebrate so I’d like to make up for that by introducing my very own FACECLAIM DIRECTORY.  There are currently 130 faceclaims (though I’ll be updating it very often).  You can sort using multi-filters by: 

  • gender
  • age
  • ethnicity
  • eye color
  • hair color
  • distinguishing features

If you see a mistake or would like me to add someone, feel free to message me!


anonymous asked:

if someone has a rph what tags to you suggest they use if they are looking for requests?

Depends on what requests you want! I always use “rph, rpc, rpt, rpcha” then if i’m doing shoutouts i use “shoutout and rp shoutout” If it’s fc help “fc help and fch” and if i want recs or opinions “rp recs, recs, rpo” 

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was wondering, I know I saw it somewhere but do you know where I can find a masterlist or a list of ladies that have fighting gifs. or if not, I'm trying to find an fc for this zombie rp mi applying to. The character is a female, 20-28 and is a skilled fighter and has a "badass" or wolfish look. Someone like Lauren cohan? thanks!

I don’t know of a masterlist, but here are some GIF hunts of fighting so you can possibly get some FC ideas from them:

Thanks to zoeyrph for that compilation.


Replacing your faves;; Ariana Grande? Jo Bo Ah.

Yes, we all know that Ariana Grande is your fave. But here’s a FC that not only gives off the same look as Ariana,  but is underused and is actually an actress. Now, before you start with the salt, I know not all Fcs need to be actresses, but let’s be real; Using actresses/Actors as fc gives you a wider range of personalities/tropes and plots to go through. So why don’t we take a deeper look?

Jo Bo Ah (  조보아 ) is a 22 year old actress from Daejeon, South Korea. She has played the spoiled rich girl trope ( All About My Mom, Jang Chae Ri) , the humble Rich Girl trope ( Shut Up Flower Boy Band ( Im Soo Ah) ,  The Hacker Trope ( Missing Noir M; Jin Seo Joon),  The Obssesor/ Psychopath ( Innocent thing; Young-Eun).  She’s also played as a mermaid in the drama surplus princess. Xiaolongrph has a gif hunts for her ( XXX ) and I am currently working on giffing her as her role in All About my Mom.

Now, like I said. I know, Ariana’s your fave,  But  Ariana is just a singer and she doesn’t have that wide range of emotional gifs. (Cue people saying that Kpop stars a just singers and i’m a hypocrite.)  But not only do they look extremely similar, but Jo Bo Ah could play everything that Ariana has played and do it better; All because she has a wider range of gifs. ( But that’s just my opinion.)  Still not convinced? Here’s a clip of Jo Bo Ah in her newest drama going shifting through three different Drunk emotions (Anger, Happiness and Sadness) ( XXX ) (Skip to 0:15)

If you are in need of resources  for her, please feel free to request them from me!