Meet @keziahokonkwo founder and creator of @snappeeinc. Snappee’s are cute hair ties that you can use to avoid breakage for your ever evolving looks of Afro’s, up-do’s and puffs that transforms you from day to night or even to work out.

Every attendee will receive a snappee in their swagbag at @nae2curly Favorite Things Product and Style Workshop. Find them at www.snappee.com ✨VIP tix are SOLD OUT✨
GA tix are available but going fast at www.naesfavoritethings.eventbrite.com. #NaesFavoriteThings #nae2curlyfavthings #NaeSProductandStyleWorkShop

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deaths-favourite-mortician asked:

I do think it is about time you met me, don't you?

The demon looked up at the being in front of him and smirked. “Hm…. I’m open to meeting new people….. You seem… different than most.” Bakura licked his fangs a bit. “Might I ask you who you are, and what brings you to me?”