The legit first thing I said to Weiss’s voice actor was “Weiss to meet you.” She spent the next minute trying to think of a pun to reply with.

Kara’s face when I greeted her with the pun:

Kara’s face when trying to think of a pun to reply with:

Conflict resolved with a combat skirt high five:

POW! Right in the Kisser!

This is Copic and Prismacolor marker as flat colors with prismacolor pencil and souffle gel pens for all the details and highlights. I used a paper blending stick meant for graphite drawings to smooth out some of the pencil, and to smooth out larger areas like the roof in the foreground, I used odorless turpenoid and a brush. The turpenoid breaks down the wax in pencil and lets you treat it like a watercolor, sort of. @terriblenerd taught me that trick :)

I think this is my favorite corner of the Miraculous Love Square.


So this nigga sings too!?!?

فإنيَ وَهمٌ

وقلبي خَيالٌ

وحُبي سَيبقَى بَعيدَ المَنالْ

فلا تَعشَقيني لأني المُحالْ !

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .
I am an illusion ..
and my heart is imaginary ..
my love will remain illusive ..
Don’t love me, I am impossible!

Let Me (Empty Arena)
  • Let Me (Empty Arena)
  • Got7

Put your headphones on, press play, sit back, close your eyes and imagine you’re at a Got7 concert.

Note: Please use high quality headphones if possible, it really adds a lot to the audio if you do.

[Download Link [Click here to listen to the rest of the album as empty arena edits] [Click here to watch ‘Hard Carry’ and support Got7!]

فمهما يَقولواسأبقى أُحبُّكْ …
وَهُمْ يَعرِفونْ بِغيرِ هَواكِ أنا لنْ أكونْ …
وَهُمْ يَعلمونْ بأنَّكِ حُبٌَّ يَفوقُ الجُنونْ …
لِذا يَدَّعونْ ! لِذا يَحقِدونْ !
لأنَّكِ حُبٌّ سَيَبقَى بِقلبي وِهُمْ زَائلونْ !

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .

anonymous asked:

so you literally don't know how mythology or culture or history or its ties to storytelling work that's pretty goddamn amazing but what did i expect from this fandom. 'myths are fluid and not predefined' has to be one of the most educationally unsound and academically dishonest and flat untrue pieces of that special tumblr brand of pretentious pseudo-intellectualism soaked discourse i've seen in quite some time. go read a book, or a hundred, please, for all our sakes.

look at this fucking turbo nerd getting their panties in a twist over people having harmless fun reinterpreting mythology however they want