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A while back I was watching some videos on youtube about raising the minimum wage (something that should totally be done) and I came across a fox news segment where they talked about a chain in new york city that got rid of tipping entirely and started paying all their workers a living wage instead. And in this segment the lovely fox new hosts showed just how out of touch they are with reality (especially considering most fox news hosts make at least a couple hundred thousand dollars per year). But the male host was talk about how he likes to “impress” the waitresses by “slapping down a fat 5 dollar bill” and they were all joking about how they like to tempt wait staff into working faster/harder by waving around money or some shit. And it just goes to show that people like them literally think us workers should be begging at their feet for tips and it’s so gross. They were all saying how they didn’t want wait staff to get living wages because it’ll make them “lazy” and because without tips they won’t get to show off how much money they have or something and it’s just so gross!!! Stop treating us like dogs who are going to do tricks in order to get a treat we’re people with lives and bills and families that we’re trying to support and you having acting like we deserve to live in poverty because you think we’ll “become lazy” if we’re paid a fair wage is disgusting! 

An X-47B aerosaur sits poised on one of four aircraft elevators of the partially AI-controlled carrier “Dwight D. Eisenhower,” ready for action (or in this case specifically, further flight testing.)

Although the results of this particular deployment will prove to be a little…unsettling.

(Yes I’ll probably end up drawing some of the follow-up stuff from this :D )

Colors are based on the VX-23 air test and evaluation squadron. This painting is in part study, in part headworld story stuff - trying to get in the habit of drawing more of my characters/creatures in a scene to better tell their story, I draw too many things in a vacuum…!


ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER ACCOUNT TO REPORT. Please help report this account. This one tags even the fansites. Again, don’t engage or talk to them they will just live off the attention.

Don’t mistake this as an EXO L, anyone can pretend to be a fan just to cause fandom wars. Just report and hopefully we can have the page deleted. Not sure which one of the report reasons would make it get deleted faster. Why are there people like this :( the seokjin one got suspended already.

KCONs are bad. Idols get mobbed, people tell them nasty stuff thinking they won’t understand it (they are not dumb you people!!), “fans” support them by shouting nasty stuff (you know what I’m saying) and they themselves are pressured to be all smiles and happy even if these stuff happen. I can’t begin to understand their hardships as humans, not as artists. As artists, they go on stage and forget the nasty stuff; that’s the beauty of going on stage (I say this as a dancer). As humans, they grind their teeth and hope for it to pass faster… As an international fan, this was my only chance to meet them; now, I am not so sure I’ll ever go…

BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 4, Part 5)

Enjoy! My proofreaders proofread faster than I can edit them again… please go thank @nakaharachuyaa @mlntyoonqi and @bananasaurr they’re so good at what they do…

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BTW, Level-5 released a press release stating that a) the games will come out in the West in 2017 (yaaay), b) Lady Layton's official romanization/English name is Katrielle Layton, and c) the story will be based around multiple mysteries in London, for a "faster tempo and more comical tone."

Oooh, nice. I’ve seen like ten different versions of her name floating around, so I’m glad they went ahead and released the English name. Apparently a lot of the characters call her Miss Kat? Aw, so cute. 

The faster pace sounds like it might be a nice change-up. But I’m guessing all these mysteries will still connect into a larger one? I’m excited to have a game set exclusively in London. All the environments we’ve seen so far look super gorgeous and a bit more realistic/detailed than previous Layton games.

Aaand we won’t have to wait as long as I thought for a Western release. Yusss.

Made this for my experimental video class….this was sort of my last assignment but I kinda finished it WAY sooner than I thought (only took a few hours)

Either way, feel free to listen to this while watching the gif, have a good night!!


Imagine #47 || Request #42

I am so sorry that I didn’t update faster, but here it is! It took me so long to write the other request because I didn’t know how to set the flow of them but here’s one I just finished now. Hopefully I’d be able to post more Brett imagines :) Sorry for any errors!


Your thoughts were in a daze at the sensation you were feeling as you sat on the kitchen counter with your legs enveloping Brett’s waist, one hand holding your waist as close as he could to his body while the other cupping the back of your head with his lips feverishly kissing yours.

“Brett,” you sighed against his lips making him growl and take your bottom lip in between his teeth and give it a small tug.

“Who were you with?” he asked, the tone of his voice surprisingly calm despite sensing the very obvious possessiveness he was giving off only a while ago when he opened the door to see you walking to the door of the house with another guy who graciously offered you and your friends a ride home. His lips now traveling away from your plump and pinker lips to your cheeks then down to your jawline, his nose was left tracing a line from your cheekbones and jaw bone as he descended further down to your neck.

“I-I was with my friends.” You stuttered getting distracted with a pair of lips that sucked just below your ear.

In all honesty, you really were with friends doing a last minute study just before one of your big final test that was going to be tomorrow. And based from the pace of relearning the lessons with your group of friends-who apparently get distracted just as easily as you, you knew that you’d be staying longer than expected. So you told Brett to go home without you even though he argued with you that he was fine waiting, but of course you won the argument telling him that he needed to rest for their big game against Beacon Hills Cyclones that was tomorrow as well.

Brett only hummed at your reply before you felt teeth that nipped your skin replace his soft lips, his hands now running down the sides of your torso down to your thighs-his hands massaging the inside of your thighs and pushing them further apart to get you even closer to him.

You knew that he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon so you tried to push him away to get to your things and browse through your notes one last time before retiring for bed, but of course Brett Talbot didn’t budge.

“Brett I have t-” you didn’t get to finish when you let out a small whimper and felt a small sting from where Brett’s mouth now hovered, his tongue licking at the mark he now left on your neck. Your fingers left claw marks on his back and shoulders while your legs wrapped around his waist, his chest rumbled a low growl at the sensation making him capture your lips once more in a needy kiss and scooping you in one swoop.


“Must you do it every single time?” you asked rather irritated while emphasizing the last 3 words, your hands dabbing on the compact with a makeup sponge before looking back up at yourself on the mirror and trying to blend and cover with as much concealer and foundation as you could on your neck.

“If I have to,” he said, both of his hands on your waist while watching you cover the patches of black, blue and purple around your neck-his lips momentarily placing a kiss to your temple and smiling triumphantly at his craft he left on you last night.

Turning you around, Brett leaned down and pressed his lips to yours making you forget about painting your neck to cover up the hickeys.

“You know,” you said once you pulled away with a smile, a small giggle erupting from you when you noticed that the color of his lips were now matching yours. “I’m glad I’m with a guy who wastes my lipstick more than my mascara.”

And my concealer and my foundation. You thought, remembering the love bites he left on you.

“Well I’m glad,” he replied once you were done with wiping his lips with the baby wipes on your bathroom counter.

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You can put up a donation button for people who want to donate to you, if you want... -EYES GLEAMING WITH PURE DETERMINATION WHILE SLOWLY OPENING THEIR WALLET- You know... If you want that is... Maybe?

I do have one! :D I got the Buy me a Spider Cider Ko-fi link at the top of the page (maybe only viewable on full page not-mobile Tumblr?) and then a Patreon, too (which the link might also be invisible on mobile)!
I mean if you want to donate that’s cool and I super appreciate it but hey, please everyone worry about yourselves first. I’d like to make a living off art, but I do have a job right now, and I mean I can’t really guarantee faster updates so?? Ahaha..

Pants on Fire. [Jack Wilder Drabble].

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Title: Pants on Fire.
Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader.
Words: 696.
Rating: T. (Mild language).

“Don’t touch me.”

That was simple enough to obey, but Jack still found himself reaching for you. You were faster than he was, and with a glare sent his way, you stepped back, barely out of his reach. His brown eyes stared at you for the longest time, a roll of silence breaking between the two of you when he finally decided to speak. It was bare, and you could hear the emotions rising in his voice. That was strange, merely because Jack could manipulate his voice into any tone he wanted on the spot, but he decided to stick to the vulnerability of his guilt and emotions. “Listen—” He cracked, “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean for you to f-find out… I didn’t mean for this,” Jack gestured between the two of you, “To get that far… I mean… I’m glad it did, but it wasn’t intended, (Name)! Listen to me. I’m good at one thing, and that’s… that’s…”

“Being a thief.” You gave him a look, as if to say, ‘you’re only making this worse’ as you pressed a hand against your hot forehead. “How long have you been…?”

“I stopped stealing from you months ago,” Jack admitted in a quiet voice, “I swear.”

“Why did you?” You asked bitterly, causing the man in front of you to draw back a few steps from the severity of your voice, “Why did you steal!? Did you really think that nothing was going to happen? Was I just another… Another toy for you to practice magic on?”

‘I really thought you were just like everyone else,’ Jack wanted to say but kept his mouth shut, ‘I thought you would turn me away and stomp on me the moment you found out what a shitty person I really am.’ Letting a deep sigh out, Jack hung his head and shrugged his broad shoulders. You could see the contemplation of his words reaching out onto his young expression, and you could tell he was battling on what to tell you. He didn’t want to make things worse, but there was not assuring that he could prevent it. And, there was no magic here to help him now. “I-I don’t want this to end like this, (Name).”

“You lied to me for months, Jack!”

“I’m sorry!” He felt like screaming at the top of his lungs, if it meant you actually forgave him for doing what he did.

“You betrayed my trust,” You snapped at him and began pacing in front of him. This was something you did when stressed, unable to think straight. As long as you could control something, and in this case it was your legs and your ability to walk, you didn’t wash away in the overpowering situation you were involved in, “Be-Betraying someone’s trust isn’t a fun thing to do. I’d have loved to have figured it out if you actually talked to me about it! Maybe then, I’d be a bit more understanding!”

‘I’m sorry’, his mouth whispered wordlessly. You could still seem them forming the words.

“Your ‘sorry’ isn’t going to give me back what you stole from me.” You uttered harshly, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “I can’t even look at you just… just leave…”

“But, (Name).” Jack was desperate. Stepping towards you quickly, his dark eyes traced over your face for a few seconds, looking for an opening in your expression that told him he could now touch you. There was nothing; it was like ice. Hard and cold. “Please… I can’t… I-can’t… without you.” There was his weakness. The fault that everyone had, and Jack was usually really good at hiding his under the facade of magic and deception. “I love you.”

“I don’t know if I do,” You told him, pushing on his chest so he wasn’t so close to you anymore. The warmth of his chest under your fingertips lightened up your senses like they always had, but still, something here felt different. “You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands, Jack. And if you don’t mind, I’d like for you to leave so I can pick up the fucking pieces.”

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1. Zelena is just putting baby Robyn to bed, humming some half-forgotten tune that her mother used to sing to her, when the hairs suddenly stand up on the back of her neck. She whirls around, fireball in hand, to see the Queen lounging against the dresser, a bored expression on her face. She shifts slightly in front of the cot, trying to be subtle, but by the tightening of the Queen’s lips, she doesn’t succeed. ‘I’m not here about your baby,’ her sister waves her hand carelessly.

2. ‘Then what do you want?’ Zelena snaps, her heart beating faster. This is the first time she has come face to face with the so-called Evil Queen at the height of her power, and she is surprised to feel a twinge of fear. She extinguishes the fireball in a show of bravery - she will not be intimidated. ‘Can’t I just want a catch-up with my older sis?’ comes the faux-innocent response. The Queen shifts closer with a smile.

3. ‘Forgive me if I’m not in a trusting mood,’ Zelena narrows her eyes. ‘I hardly imagine you were the part of my sister that gave me a second chance and spoke about family.’ The Queen tuts, shaking her head and sidestepping in order to reach the cot. Zelena’s hand shoots out to grasp her sister’s wrist, but Regina peers down at the sleeping baby only briefly, before turning her attention back. ‘My dear, I am the reason my other half knew to give you that second chance in the first place.’

4. ‘All these insipid hero-types would have cast you aside. But you and I are so alike - even my weaker side can see that. You should be grateful to me for showing her.’ Zelena tries to ignore the words, forcing her body between her sister and the cot once more and making the Queen take a step back. Regina doesn’t seem to care - indeed, she laughs and shakes her head. ‘Are you trying to be a hero now too?’ she mocks. ‘Trying to make them love you? Trust me, they won’t.’

5. ‘You can play at being a hero, you can try to be good. But life will always throw your past back in your face, time and time again. What is the point in being good when it just leads to pain and the death of those you care about? Do you really want to risk your little one’s life?’ The Queen’s eyes are glittering in the darkness, and Zelena looks away from the harsh gaze. ‘You are my family,’ her sister continues, her voice deep and smooth. ‘I love all of you - including the Witch.’

6. ‘The “Witch” tried to kill you and your family,’ Zelena throws back. The words are pretty, but she can’t bring herself to trust this version of Regina. ‘All water under the bridge, my dear,’ the Queen smirks. ‘I’m far too busy with a certain other grudge to care about our past. No, what I want now is for us to have some sister bonding time. Aren’t you tired of playing by their rules? Don’t you want to come out and play?’

7. Zelena can feel the pull of her magic, as it twists excitedly at the idea of being unleashed. There are plenty of easy targets out there in Storybrooke. She could keep the Evil Queen in check, and target more deserving people like Mr Hyde. Behind her, Robyn shifts in her sleep, and she hears the quiet sigh of her daughter. ‘I know why you’re really here,’ she tells Regina. ‘It’s not because you want me. It’s because after all this time, you’re used to having family.’

8. ‘You forget, dear. I was in that position just a couple of weeks ago. And now I have people who are giving me a chance to belong. You had that, and now you’re on your own again. But don’t try to drag me down with you, just so you can feel justified in whatever bad decisions you’re about to make.’ She is fired up now, pushing back with anger. The Queen snarls, her hand coming up as if to strike with magic.

9. ‘Auntie Zelena?’ a voice calls, and there are heavy footsteps running coming up the stairs. Regina is gone the instant before the door opens and Henry’s head peeks around. Zelena takes a moment to bend down and kiss her daughter, before smiling towards her nephew. ‘Mom was hoping you could help out downstairs,’ he whispers. ‘They may have found something to help with Hyde. I’ll look after Robyn.’ She nods, takes a deep breath, and goes to join the rest of her family.

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Yay!  Ask Box Fic Anon is the best and you write the Queen so well.  You have no idea how much I wish I knew who you were so I could stalk you and beg inappropriately for fic from you!

so…. i need a rough estimate of how many of you are actually willing to buy a copy of my book when it becomes available. depending on the results, i may be able to get this going a little faster. please favourite this post if you would!

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you were one of the first blogs I followed when I created my blog and I am always dying to talk to you but I'm so shy. you seem so cool and nice! have a nice and lovely day

That’s really sweet of you thank you!! You can talk to me anytime tho! I always reply (sometimes a little late on here tho cause this message system is shit at giving me notifications on my phone), but I always reply ^-^ Thanks a lot tho, hope you have a nice & lovely day too!!


this is the greatest space disaster of all time


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