He was so kind, such a gentleman tied to the ocean side - A Hartwin AU fanmix

Harry and Eggsy are put on an assignment that sends them to a small town during the summer months. They live in a trailer by the lake.  There are carnivals and nosy neighbors; new friends and growing feelings. 

A Hartwin slow burn story “told” in the style of an indie film. 


1) mind over matter - young the giant // 2) my generation - the who //
3) september - st. lucia // 4) simple song - the shins // 5) mama didn’t raise no fool - magic // 6) baker street - gerry rafferty // 7) sim sala bim - fleet foxes // 8) someone saved my life tonight - elton john // 9) carmine - cloud boat // 10) heard it on the radio - the bird and the bee // 11) left hand free - alt-j // 12) the things we do for love - 10cc 

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gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild: dipper and mabel mix 2

1. gravity falls theme - brad breeck, 2. race against the sunset - lullatone, 3. ghost (viceroy remix) - mystery skulls, 4. star vs. the forces of evil theme, 5. counting stars - onerepublic, 6. looking up - paramore, 7. best day of my life - american authors, 8. candy constellation 8bit - photon dragoon, 9. hot air balloon - owl city, 10. 1pm - animal crossing, 11. made me realize (“thats” extended mix), 12. you know me - air traffic controller, 13. boats and birds - gregory and the hawk, 14.  あの夏へ (Ano Natsu e) / One Summer’s Day (Remix) - sal, 15. leaf tree song - animal crossing new leaf, 16. never meant to know - tally hall, 17. growing up - lullatone, 18. flower fields - kirby epic yarn, 19. みっちりねこマーチ - mitchirineko march, when can i see you again? -owl city

listen here - cover by kaykedrawsthings

disney presents: shameless [listen here]
i. almost there - the princess and the frog (fiona gallagher) // ii. one jump ahead - aladdin (lip gallagher) // iii. i can go the distance - hercules (ian gallagher) // iv. when will my life begin? - tangled (debbie gallagher) // v. i just can’t wait to be king - the lion king (carl gallagher) // vi. fixer upper - frozen (mickey milkovich) // vii. part of your world (reprise) - the little mermaid (mandy milkovich) // viii. honor to us all - mulan (karen jackson) // ix. you’ll be in my heart - tarzan (kevin ball) // x. can you feel the love tonight - the lion king (veronica fisher) // xi. a girl worth fighting for - mulan (jimmy lishman)


and we’ll keep dancing til we die songs that steve and bucky dance and sing to without even realizing that they’re about them

for billycraplan (cover art by alexschlitz)


Title: loose lips sink ships all the damn time (not this time) 

author: mediawhore

paring: louis tomlinson/nick grimshaw

word count: 39k


“Louis Tomlinson is gay,” Fiona announces and she sounds calm at least.

“That’s not a scandal,” Nick replies automatically even though he feels slightly sick. He needs to call Louis back. Now.

“No,” Fiona agrees quickly. “But his underage gay sex tape is.”

the one where louis is outed via a sex tape he made before the x-factor and nick can’t resist flying to america to give him a shoulder to cry on. told through flashbacks, this is a story of getting together and getting back together.

author’s note: written for the 1dbigbang // fanmix by radioactiveblood-nuclearheart

d e s i r e || a heavy and sensual bagginshield mix with folkish undertones

"As they sang, the hobbit felt the love of beautiful things made by hands and by cunning and by magic moving through him, a fierce and jealous love, the desire of the hearts of the dwarves."
/J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit/

i. furnace room lullaby / neko case ii. szárnyaskezű szeretők / ghymes iii. i shall feast / of the wand and the moon iv. solariastion / les fragments de la nuit v. read your book / soley vi. sad story / tu fawning vii. ghosts / tailor viii. strangeness and charm / florence + the machine xi. kings / chelsea wolfe x. demain c’etait hier / les fragments de la nuit


a playlist for life is strange

1. we share the same skies - the cribs

2. miss you - foster the people

3. we are young - supergrass

4. kids - MGMT

5. campus - vampire weekend

6. young folks - peter bjorn and john

7. daylight - matt and kim

8. little talks - of monsters and men

9. whistle for the choir - the fratellis

10. lets get clinical - maximo park

11. after hours - we are scientists

12. youth without youth - metric

13. run - vampire weekend

14. thats where you’re wrong - arctic monkeys

15. sad machine - porter robinson


a mix for the literary potatoes out there. [listen]

I. love like a sunset, pt. 1 / phoenix | II.bloodflood, pt. ii. / alt-j | III. nitesky / robot koch | IV. what you know / two door cinema club | V. i was born / the unicorns | VI. white teeth teens / lorde | VII. atlas hands / benjamin francis leftwich | VIII. i found / amber run | IX. waltz op. 68 no. 2 / chopin | X. sparrow and the wolf / james vincent mcmorrow | XI. uptown funk / mark ronson | XII. no diggity / chet faker | XIII. stay / basia bulat | XIV. riptide / vancy joy | XV. carry me home / hey rosetta! | XVI. fidelity / regina spektor | VXII. keep your head up / ben howard | VXIII. red hands / wote | XIX. sweet thing / change of seasons | XX. little numbers / boy

(album art dedicated to concavepatterns, leftylainmischiefgoddesscomplex​)

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