LOST AND EMPTY – a destiny playlist by bilvee

“the golden age is over.” [zip]

01. the golden age - woodkid • 02. home is a fire - death cab for cutie • 03. mimeo - efterklang • 04. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy • 05. warriors - imagine dragons • 06. the maelstrom - jim guthrie • 07. do you realize? - the flaming lips • 08. passenger - royal • 09. new year’s song - josh pyke

1. gravity falls remix (season finale remix) - that technique,  2. hanging tree - hunger games soundtrack, 3. ruins (with strings), 4. time - hans zimmer, 5. mechanical lullaby - coraline ost , 6. combat studs - shaun of the dead score, 7. there’s a man waiting at the bottom of the stairs - hot sugar, 8. a happening - hyperstory, 9. power fantasy - clark powell, 10. immortals (music box ver)

listen here - cover by artistotel

lost in your sound || [listen]
“i’ve always been drawn to that side of you. you put on a good-girl face, but inside you’re actually really distant. it makes me want to peel that good-girl skin off of you.”
(it’s a confession of love)

i. young  - vallis alps ii. panther  - made in heights iii. perfume - ji nilsson iv. take me to church - ellie goulding v. riptide - dwntwn vi. stillnes in woe - purity ring vii. compass - zella day viii. replay zendaya

mix for kanae because i just miss him

nature of inviting/ iamx   do i wanna know/ vitamin string quartet split   i come with knives/ iamx   tristan/ patrick wolf   don’t mess with me/ temposhark   i write sins not tragedies/ panic! at the disco   le bien qui fait mal/ mozart l’opera rock   so so fresh/ nico vega   handsome stranger called death/ foe   let’s fall in love/ mother mother   glory and gore/ lorde   i love you/ woodkid

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we close our eyes | an olicity road trip fanmix for the s3 summer hiatus

01 WE CLOSE OUR EYES oingo boingo
(and if you come to me/and if you touch my hand/I might just slip away/I might just disappear)

02 LET’S GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY camera obscura
(let’s hit the road dear friend of mine/wave goodbye to our thankless jobs/we’ll drive for miles and maybe never turn off)

03 NEW EARTH zerbin
(with a full heart and opening eyes/I see the headlights turn into sunrise/we’ll build on real love and heal the deep hurt)

04 T-SHIRT WEATHER circa waves
(we were singing our lungs out/in the backseat together/and the seat belts were burning our fingers/in the t-shirt weather)

05 BLUE SKY patty griffin
(I’ll fly over a rainbow/I’ll be sun kissed/sail around the planet Venus/and send a long letter/way back home/that says all that I know/all that I know is the blue sky)

06 SWIM UNTIL YOU CAN’T SEE LAND frightened rabbit
(and if I hadn’t come now to the coast to disappear/I may have died in a landslide of rocks and hopes and fears/so swim until you can’t see land)

07 FALL AT YOUR FEET crowded house
(lying in the dark/I think that I’m beginning to know her/let it go/I’ll be waiting when you call)

08 CALIFORNIA STARS billy bragg & wilco
(I’d like to dream/my troubles all away/on a bed of California stars/jump up from my star bed/make another day/underneath my California stars)

(hell with it, baby, ’cause you’re fine and you’re mine/and you look so divine/come and get your love)

10 WHAT IS LIFE george harrison
(tell me, what is my life without your love/tell me, who am I without you, by my side)

11 NORTHERN SKY nick drake
(I never felt magic crazy as this/I never saw moons knew the meaning of the sea/I never held emotion in the palm of my hand/or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree/but now you’re here)

12 REASON TO BELIEVE kelly willis
(now my dreams can all come true/an’ my life can follow through/suddenly it’s all so clear/there’s not a thing that I should fear)

13 I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOU rogue wave
(we’re better when our paths combine/I nearly drove past the sign/I’ll never leave you)

14 40 DOGS (LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET) bob schneider
(we’re like good times that haven’t happened yet but will/and I can tell you where we’re gonna be/when the whole world falls to the sea/we’ll be livin’ ever after, happily)

15 A MILLION YEARS alexander
(like exploding sun/let the light unfurl/been a million years full of tears/but I found my girl)

16 LOVE YOU ’TIL THE END the pogues
(I just want to be there/when we’re caught in the rain/I just want to see you laugh not cry)


i’m a pricefield trash lmao

cover art by sutexii.tumblr.com

hit & run lolo // video games lana del rey // riptide taylor swift // favorite record fall out boy // on melancholy hill gorillaz // saturn sleeping at last // blank space taylor swift // uma thurman fall out boy // i will follow you into the dark (music box version) death cab for cutie // arabella artic monkeys // can’t help falling in love ingrid michaelson // fooled around and fell in love elvin bishop // girlfriend icona pop // i’m just your problem nicole // jenny studio killers // king and lionheart of monsters and men // any time at all the beatles // shooting star dexter britain

“Is that it, then?” Bard said, and his voice was shaking ever so slightly but it wasn’t with fear. “You’re going to kill me? Best do it quickly, then. I’ve had enough of your theatrics.”

“It’s not me you should be afraid of,” Thranduil said quietly.

“Oh, I’m not afraid of you.” Thranduil knew he was lying—part of the man was terrified, clinging to the edge of his rope with trembling hands. But that part of him was buried deep beneath the surface. It was the anger that had risen now, as clear and still as a windless lake, but with deadly currents churning below.

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a two part newtmas fanmix


middle distance runner - sea wolf // medicine - the 1975 // you found me - the fray // flares - the script // clarity -  sam tsui & kurt schneider cover // youth - daughter // you’ll never know - general ghost //  if you love me come clean - flatsound 

listen here


yellow - coldplay //  c'est la mort - the civil wars // demons - imagine dragons // echo - jason walker // tomorrow - daughter //  look after you - the fray //  the scientist - coldplay // such great heights - the postal service 

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a jungo torii/airi ban fanmix.


art credit

i. girls just want to have fun / strfkr. ii. give me a try / the wombats. iii. schoolboy / grouplove. iv. i can talk / two door cinema club. v. best friend / foster the people. vi. hey now / matt and kim. vii. you, me, and the bourgeoisie / the submarines. viii. sidekick / walk the moon. ix. beta love / ra ra riot. x. daredevil / fiona apple. xi. west coast / coconut records. xii. northern lights / cider sky. xiii. a world alone / lorde.

L I F E   I S   S T R A N G E  ;;  ( c h a p t e r   t h r e e )

tracklisting: 001. Dissolve Me - Alt-J 002. Punching In A Dream - The Naked & Famous 003. White Teeth Teens - Lorde 004. Fantasy - MS MR 005. Accidental Death - Rilo Kiley 006. Thread The Needle - The Griswolds 007. Sadnecessary - Milky Chance 008. Trojans - Atlas Genius 009. Future Reflections - MGMT 010. Laughter Lines - Bastille 011. Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy 012. Make Me A Bird - Eletrik People