so we aim & ignite // a happy newtmas fanmix for newtmos

march into the sun : echosmith // i wanna be the one : fun. // sparks fly : taylor swift // i bet my life : imagine dragons // a sky full of stars : coldplay // someone new : hozier // afterlife : ingrid michaelson // state of grace : taylor swift // light a roman candle with me : fun. // i really like you : carly rae jepsen // marvin gaye (feat. meghan trainor) : charlie puth // something i need : one republic


perfect combination

i. A Thousand Years Pt. 2 - Christina Perri ft. Steve Kazee | ii. Is There Somewhere - Halsey | iii. A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay | iv. Everything Has Changed (feat. Ed Sheeran) - Taylor Swift | v. Video Games - Lana Del Rey | vi. U - Mikky Ekko | vii. Tear In My Heart - twenty one pilots | viii. Strange Birds - Birdy | ix. Never Let Me Go - Florence + The Machine | x. Tennis Court - Lorde | xi. Flawless - The Neighbourhood | xii. New Romantics - Taylor Swift | xiii. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap | xiv. Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran | xv. Start of Time - Gabrielle Aplin


attn: fandom artists!

marsh here again! resbang sign ups close TONIGHT at midnight, and we presently have:

100 stories planned, 74 artists, 25 fic betas, and 11 art betas.

and i’m really hoping more people sign up before the cutoff, particularly artists!

so, calling all SE fandom artists:

  • on the fence about resbang? HOP ON OVER
  • not sure what counts as art? SPOILER ALERT: BASICALLY EVERYTHING. 
  • don’t think you have the skills to contribute? YOU ARE WRONG

so you can’t draw. OK, BUT: are you into making AMVs or fanmixes? can you knit? can you crochet? are you unnaturally good at ridiculously cute bento? can you bake and decorate a baller cake? do you cosplay? do you write music? do you make jewelry? do you like making tea blends? are you into photography and making themed photosets? do you sew, do you make origami, do you throw pottery, do you do wood carving, do you leatherwork, do you dance, do you sing??

imagine, if you would, making a voice reenacted scene of someone else’s resbang, complete with sound effects and dramatic music!

imagine shooting your own music video IRL with scenery and music that fits your partner’s story!

imagine making a flash animation of a scene of a resbang story!

imagine making a sculpture out of scraps to bring a character to life!

worried you will get stuck on a fic with a pairing or storyline you don’t like? fear not, if it turns out during claim time that there’s nothing you want to work on, you can drop out and no one will blame/shun/fart at you. worried that your partner is not gonna be impressed with your art? as long as you show the effort, yo skill level don’t matter one bit. 

all resbang authors are desperate for YOU, SE fandom artist! we want you, and we would like to metaphorically get into your animetrash pants.

so don’t miss a good opportunity to get some arting experience in, and meet some fellow fandom peoples! if you happen to know some artists who have been thinking about joining but not sure? DIRECT THEM TO US, WE WILL INSTILL SO MUCH ENCOURAGEMENT THEY WON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEMSELVES OTHER THAN GLEEFUL PARTICIPATION. Or, you know, the mods can answer any questions they may have~

sign up here, before midnight EST tonight! (the forum is down right now because marsh did not sacrifice enough goats to the yuku gods, but they may come back up later)

if the forum is down, send us an email at resbangmod@gmail.com with the following information:

GrigoriWings name:
Other fandom names:
Email you will use to communicate with mods and partners:
Type of medium you will be using:
Preferred pairings (or general/nonpairings):
Collaborator, if applicable:

spend my summer missing you; nothin’ new.

  1. Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey cover), Angel Haze.
  2. Rosa, Grimes.
  3. Hold Me Down, Halsey.
  4. Girls Like Girls, Hayley Kiyoko.
  5. Your Radio, Little Scream.
  6. By The Throat, Chvrches.
  7. Ungirthed, Purity Ring.
  8. I Want You, Mitski.
  9. I Follow Rivers, Lykke Li.
  10. No Wonder I, LAKE.
  11. Rescue Song, Mr. Little Jeans.
  12. Sea of Love (Phil Phillips cover), Cat Power.
  13. White Teeth Teens, Lorde.
  14. Better Times, Beach House.
  15. Pursuit of Happiness (Kid Cudi cover), Lissie.

    // listen.


pretty lights - done wrong // everything everything - no reptiles // the hoosiers - devil’s in the details // amiina - ammaelis // dizzee rascal - bassline junkie // los campesinos! - death to los campesinos! // sleigh bells - a/b machines // modest mouse - this devil’s workday // patrick wolf - accident & emergency // you love her coz she’s dead - bloodlust

TRAGEDY IS INVISIBLE ► a fanmix for the Agents ► [LISTEN

capo productions REDEMPTION // 10 years ONE MORE DAY // the glitch mob ANIMUS VOX // imagine dragons RADIOACTIVE // there for tomorrow THE WORLD CALLING // you me at six THE SWARM // two steps from hell REBIRTH // confidential music ALBATROSS (ORDINARY WORLD INTRO) // ola strandh TAKE BACK NEW YORK


Kira Yukimura Week (August 31st- September 6th)

So, in honor of another successful season, why not celebrate with the best kickass character on the show? Kira has only been around for a few seasons, but there’s no doubt that we all love her. So why not take a week and dedicate it to Kira Yukimura, a time to share and spread the love and admiration for her character. It will take place for a week, a total of seven days, and you’re free to let your creative juices flow. Remember, the point of this week is to spread the love. If you’re fresh out of ideas and need some inspiration, we’ve got your back!

Here’s a short list of ideas for creators:

  • Classics: Color Porn, Hair Porn, Outfit Porn, etc.
  • Kira & the Fox/Kitsune
  • Some kickass Kira!
  • AU’s! ( Werewolf!Kira, Nogitsune!Kira, etc.)
  • Fanmixes, Art, Fics.

Those are only some of the ideas, but you’re free to create as you wish! We will be tracking #kiraweek during that time period, so don’t forget to include that in your tags. 

Cartson Week will begin August 10th.

Monday: Something canon.
Tuesday: Something AU.
Wednesday: Something romantic.
Thursday: Something epic.
Friday: Something sad.
Saturday: Something happy.
Sunday: Something different.

Cartson week is here to spread any form of Cartson. Fanvids, fanfiction, graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, fanart, headcanons…ANYTHING! Just tag it as “Cartson Week” in one of the first five tags.

Please reblog and spread the word!

welcome to reigulus and lupinpotter’s 1k tumblr awards!

we both recently hit 1,000 followers and decided to collaborate and hold tumblr awards to celebrate!! so here we go:

- how to enter:

• mbf lupinpotter and reigulus

• reblog this post

- awards:

• best newcomer award (blogs with 500 followers or less)

• best original creations

• best url

• best icon

• best theme

• best overall

• lupinpotter’s personal fave

• reigulus’s personal fave

- prizes

• all winners and runners up will get a follow back and friendship from both of us!!

• all winners and runners up will get a place in the updates tab on my blog!!

• all winners and runners up can request a blograte and fancast from either of us

• all winners will get a screenshot promo on request

• all winners can request writing from me and/or a fanmix from oli

- other information:

• reblog this post until august 27th and we will pick winners sometime between september 2nd and september 4th

• you may reblog as many times as you want but likes are for bookmarking only

• there will probably be one winner and one or two runners up for each award (depending on how many people enter ofc)

• to be considered for the original creations award or the best newcomer award, you must be willing to send us your creations tag and/or submit your number of followers to both of us

get reblogging!!

living in a rhythm : 10 tracks, 31 minutes

conqueror : estelle // resistance : muse // walking on a dream : empire of the sun // stronger : kanye west // hardest of hearts : florence + the machine // stay awake : ellie goulding & madeon // freedom : pharrell williams // say my name : odesza (feat. zyra) // don’t upset the rhythm : noisettes // sum of our parts : mary lambert

tomorrow is another day

special words from your closest friend, fredbear (a fnaf4 fanmix)

🎈 broken bones (chvrches)
🎈 in the room where you sleep (dead man’s bones)
🎈 cry baby (melanie martinez)
🎈 run, boy, run (woodkid)
🎈 human (daughter)
🎈 friend, please (twenty one pilots)
🎈 hiding (daughter)
🎈 ghosting (mother mother)

listen 🐻 HERE 🐻

Romy Fanmix 2.0

Listen to the whole thing for free here.

1. Alice Cooper – Poison
2. Better Than Ezra – Diamond in my Pocket
3. R.E.M. – The One I Love
4. P!nk – Just Like a Pill
5. Placebo – Scene of the Crime
6. Portishead – Sour Times
7. Shinedown – Call Me
8. Passenger – Let Her Go
9. Phillip Phillips – Home
10. Jewel – Foolish Games
11. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
12. The Big Pink – Velvet
13. KISS – Anything for my Baby
14. Jo Stafford – You Belong to Me

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL: Songs for the boy who fell in love with his own reflection to sing into the mirror (because you know he does). He doesn’t look at the reflection, he romantically gazes into his (own) eyes, admires ever line of his (own) face, feels himself becoming more and more enamored with him(self) every day. His mirror is a lake because walls are not worthy of surrounding such a view. He’d be a fuckboy to himself if he could, but for now he’ll just sing into the lake where his reflection lies until all the fish have long swum away. [LISTEN]

1. FRANK SINATRA i’ve got you under my skin 2. FRANK ZAPPA i’m so cute 3. PAOLO NUTINI coming home to you 4. INCUBUS you will be a hot dancer 5. ARCTIC MONKEYS you probably couldn’t see it for the lights but you were staring straight at me 6. THE USED i caught fire (in your eyes) 7. BILLIE HOLIDAY i’m a fool to want you 8. GREEN DAY fell for you 9. TWENTY ONE PILOTS can’t help falling in love