interconnectedness, coincidence : a dirk gently fanmix

life out of balance : cristobal tapia de veer journey of the sorcerer : eagles who are you : the who i’m gonna win : rob cantor meditative chaos : cristobal tapia de veer face to the sun : galahad kiss the sky : shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra saint claude : christine and the queens deserted skies : s u r v i v e

Teenage Dream - a Lydia/Gigi mix

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[Golly Sandra Eisley // She’s So Lovely Beck Williams // Wonderin Nicole Reynolds // Closer Tegan and Sara // Midway Bad Bad Habits // Is This How Your Feel? The Preatures // I Do Adore Mindy Gledhill // You Picked Me A Fine Frenzy // It’s Love The Softies // Teenage Dream Tessa Violet and Dodie Clark]

Made for the @webseriesfemslashexchange! Happy femslash february @hideous-ideas-of-a-young-girl!!

i wanna know what love is - a mchanzo fanmix

  • where jesse and hanzo meet in hanamura when they’re young, get separated after jesse goes back to deadlock and gets picked up by blackwatch, and meet each other again in the new overwatch after the recall
  • accidentally loosely based off of the “to build a home” series by qnyan, a co-mod of the @mchanzo tumblr; please give this series a read, it’s awesome!!
  • the title is from the first overwatch video i ever watched, #never forget
  • album art made by @soulfullofold, thank you so much ily

crash - the primitives | stop desire - tegan and sara | perfect (in my mind) - gold motel | then i met you - the proclaimers | gone, gone, gone - phillip phillips | into the wild - lewis watson | trouble - cage the elephant | we’ll meet again someday, or we won’t - bill baird | wish you were here - fleetwood mac | secret separation - the fixx | oblivious - aztec camera | can’t stop this feeling - steel breeze | hold me (early version) - fleetwood mac | the love in your eyes - eddie money

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8tracks alternative

hey, so mourning the slow death of 8tracks, a lot of people are looking for alternatives. i know suan.fm has been suggested a lot but it doesn’t have any built-in community interaction as of yet,, BUT!!!

playmoss.com  is RLY GREAT and it has all the basic fuckin features that 8tracks always should have had like:
- see the entire tracklist
- start the playlist from any point
- unlimited skips and listening
- see how many playlists contain a certain song
- see top listeners of a playlist
- collaborative playlists!!
etc etc !!!  plus while it does have a “subscription”” it Only allows you to upload music files directly instead of linking from youtube and soundcloud. doesn’t add more than that or punish you for not paying

this sounds like an advertisement but i just want a community to start building there so we can rise above 8tracks’ tyrannical management :^)
p.s.  yes it does have a mobile app!!


IN THE NAME OF LOVE a playlist dedicated to Victor and Yuuri. 

Would you let me lead you even when you’re blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there’s no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?

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noc·turné /näktərn/ noun. a short composition of a romantic character suggestive of night, typically for piano.

a dreamy mix for quiet, reflective days. think lonely moonlight, wordless lullabies, shipwrecked shores, broken ferris wheels. listen.

I really think they should have shown the post traumatic effect Tartarus left in this two

snakehips&MØ - don’t leave (i may not ever get my shit together but ain’t nobody gonna love you better) | transviolet - bloodstream (keep coming back ‘cause it’s you i crave) | halsey - strange love (we wrote a story in the fog on the windows that night but the ending is the same every damn time) | olivia holt ft. jordan fisher - thin air (our chemistry is glowing, made the whole world stare) | olivver the kid - attica 71 (i felt love in the strangest depths surrounded by evil & hate it crept) | hayley kiyoko - one bad night (you make me feel like i wanna be bad) |  mckenzie small - caught feelings (you keep running through my mind you got me feeling hazy-eyed) | the neighbourhood - single (i still got a crush that’s obvious, if nobody’s around what’s stopping us?) | sirenxx - i think i like you (i want it out to remind me of the first time willing to fall in forever if it feels right)

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silver hearts [A side] |  a yuri!!! on ice playlist from victor’s pov

body gold - oh wonder // say my name (ft zyra) - odesza // lay it all on me (ft ed sheeran) - rudimental // coffee - sylvan esso // spring to kingdom come - flunk // make you feel - alina baraz & galimatias // grow old with me (dont let me go) -blackbird blackbird // landslide - oh wonder

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