The Zodiac Signs As Juvia Loxar Gifs


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Thanks to cana-alberohyeah for this suggestion! But i do want to point out that this one was a hard one to make because i see Juvia as so much more than gray’s fangirl and unfortunately there weren’t many gifs that did not have gray in them but do know that i think these gifs represent the zodiac signs with or without gray in them. 

What I imagine the fan clubs statistics are:

Silver Elite:

  • 75% men (aged 8-18)
  • 25% conscious or unconscious BDSM subs (all genders)
  • 0.00011764705882353% narcissistic scientist who is very proud of his work

Keepers of Honor:

  • 83% women (most above 25, about 76% are middle aged)
  • 17% gay men (all ages, most of them in SOLDIER, this includes the ones who excuse their membership with “Angeal is just a great guy, I really admire him” but secretly save all his shirtless pictures, for..inspiration..)

Red Leather: 

  • 99.98% 12-15 y.o rabid fangirls
  • 0.02% SOLDIER who just wanted to join all the clubs

buffyiisms asked:

Hey darlings. So i've been searching all over tumble for guides and tips on writing fanfiction and I can't find much. I know that alotta people on tumblr write and read fanfic, so there has to be more guides out there. Do you two think you could help me out?


Not on Tumblr:


fairytailshipsgalore asked:

New to this site and a huge fairy tail fangirl. *cough cough* especially for Natsu. Anyways how do you think all the ships would react, the guys, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel etc if they found out their girl was pregnant? Haha sorry for the question, I've been reading too much Nalu fanfictions


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