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Poe getting the chance to pilot/copilot the millennium falcon and fanboying

Poe is trying really hard not to pass out.

The Millenium Falcon isn’t exactly a comfortable thing to fly: Poe’s not a mechanic, but even he can name half a dozen problems just by glancing over the cockpit alone. Everything feels dated and old, like the ship should be on display somewhere on a Core World instead of actually moving, because it shakes and shudders like it’s going to fly apart at any moment.

If she could, Rey would hold it together with sheer force of will.

In fact, Poe is not ruling that out as a possibility of why it hasn’t just completely collapsed in on itself yet.

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Monster Hunter weapon users
  • SnS:Don't exist
  • Great sword:Berserk fanboys or great timekeepers
  • Long sword:Graceful, silent, prone to unfortunate accidents
  • Dual blades:cocky bastards that have a caffeine addiction
  • Lance:Stalwart guardians that will not hesitate to tank a fireball for you
  • Gunlance:Pyromaniacs. Seek destruction of all living things
  • Hammer:Targets only the head. Doesn't bring dash juice
  • Hunting Horn:your best friend. Doot doot
  • Switch axe:Mecha anime watcher/real life paladin.
  • Charge blade:Steampunk fanatic or an actual Norse god
  • Insect glaive:Wants to mount everything like the dirty little whores they are. Only jump attacks
  • Light bowgun:Reconnaissance and support. Great dodging skills
  • Heavy bowgun:Veritable force to be reckoned with. Either lags a lot or has mastered the art of teleportation
  • Bow:Tactical and versatile. Will solo the world
Stages of fangirl:

First I’m like, “Oh, that sounds pretty good”

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Then I’m like, “Maybe I should watch ONE episode/movie to see what the fuss is about..”

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*Watches an episode and loves it* “I NEED TO WATCH THEM ALL”

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*Gets into the fandom* 

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*after a bit in the fandom* “I’m trapped”

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And finally, “my obsession has consumed all of my thoughts, time, life, and money” 

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The end.

ppl be like “oh rhys is so submissive and awkward” in fanfic but that man literally crashed a space station with several thousand, if not more, of co-workers, people he saw and interacted and laughed with every day, just to kill jack. idk i just dont think it makes sense to his character to always make him the submissive assistant when hes so determined and power hungry. if anything he and jack would kill people side by side

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I disagree slightly with your Why Games Journalists Carry DmC's water. I think games journalists were so freaked out by the fanboys gnashing their teeth over the change of hair, that they were embarrassed and ashamed. So they made it a hill to die on, to prove to the world that they're not THAT kind of gamer, no sir! When what, it was probably just a couple weirdos?

The issue is they’ve done this before. ME3 is another good example.

Whenever they get out ahead of something and claim it hot shit and then people hate it, they do this. Which makes me think it’s them being upset they don’t have any real sway over what succeeds and fails.

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I'm seeing deadpool with my 16 yr old brother on Wednesday. on a scale from 1-5, how awkward will it be?

Please don’t take your brother, it’s not for kids or teenagers, trust me on that. It may be a superhero movie but it’s only for adults, if you want my thought, you should wait till the blu-ray comes out.

It’s R for a reason, tons of nudity, sex, blood, gore, violence and swearing. Even if your brother is a hard core fanboy of Deadpool, it’s best to have him wait for the blu-ray, it’s rated R for a really good reason.

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I was just thinking about Peridot learning about Valentine's Day but not really understanding so she goes and gets gifts for all her new friends OwO

Omg, this is so cute, I love it! 

I want to draw this if i have the time. Thank you for sharing that cute idea!!

Exo'luXion Vancouver

They kept promising to comeback so I hope that they do and they had a great time here. I hope they made more happy memories to remember the Vancouver concert to compensate for the fans behavior.

The pit had so much space at the back. Some fans at the back of the pit had their own dance party and were really enjoying themselves. Why couldn’t everyone else in the pit be like them!!

First off the concert was so much fun!!!🙌
The fanboys in our section were lit!! They knew the chants so I had people to chant with! They were so sehun biased 😁😁

I’ll always remember
- chanyeol tried maple syrup and loved it
- xiumin called us maple syrup after because he thought we were sweet
- baekhyun? xiumin? singing step by step to get the standing fans to move back so that the people at the front can breathe
- Kyungsoo saying he was hungry and that he was in charge of the dinner menu
- chanyeol thinks Vancouver is so clean, wants to study here, wants to stay in a home stay, and have exo-l as his teachers
- sehun told us to check his instagram bc he took pics by Canada place, found the people really nice bc they asked him if he wanted a picture with his manager
- suho was the best! He tried his hardest to speak in English, kept saying sunny sunny sunny, haha he meant it was great that the weather turned nice for the concert
- xiumin and chanyeol at the beginning of drop that was a laugh riot, chanyeol spoke in English and xiumin was like oh you speak English? And then chanyeol was like yeah we practice some English before we came here 😍

It was really fun over all even though it was embarrassing that exo kept urging the standing section to move back so many times. I felt so bad for the girls that had to be carried out, if everyone cooperated they would’ve enjoyed the concert to the fullest.

PS mymusictaste staff why was preorder merchandise not available for pick up before the concert. I so badly wanted a light stick to wave during the concert

Edit #1: I forgot to add that exo kept saying that they were surprised that we knew all their songs and their lyrics. And I feel really angry that everyone is generalizing every Vancouver exo-l as rude. The people in the seated sections were for the most part well behaved at least in my area. And I want to know if the rumors are true that it was fansite masters pulling hairs and pushing people away from their dslrs?

Edit #2 the lazers for the drop that/ machine / let out the beast was 💯💯 like it looked so good chanyeol hyping the crowd telling everyone to stand and jump around. Then telling the pit to move back a step bc he wanted everyone to be able to jump and dance along with them. In all honesty I had a blast. The concert was fun. I wish the pit/ GA area was handled better. Maybe lessened the amount of people standing or had seated sections in the GA.

Edit #3 during he lucky/quick change d.o. screamed yah! In the beginning. I wonder what happened


Bangtan fanboys 💕😄 “[MAMA] #Baekhyun - Danger(BTS) อิแบคนี่..เอาช้างมาฉุดก็ไม่อยู่ละ5555555”