*fan girl*

*At Bart’s*

Greg: *doubted* Do you think it’s going to work?

John: *certain* Definitely, if we just stick to the plan, he’ll admit it

Greg: *convinced* Alright, this is going to be fun!


{In the lab}

Sherlock: *working*

Molly: *reading files*

Greg: *grinning* Hey, what’s up? Need help with anything?

Sherlock: *not looking up; a bit annoyed* You seem happy, any reason?

John: *smirking*

Greg: *confident; smirking* Not really, just realized something recently

Molly: *looking up; nervous*

Sherlock: *disturbed* Something good I suppose?

Greg: *smiling* Well yeah, I would say so *wrapping his arms around Molly*

John: *smirking; knowingly*

Molly: *stiffs, chuckles awkwardly; nervous, pats Greg’s arm*

Sherlock: *looking up; annoyed* What the- Stop doing that

Greg: *on the verge of laughing* Why? What’s wrong Sherlock? I didn’t think you’d care

Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* Well, I don’t

Greg: *mighty* Then what’s the problem? *kisses her cheek*

Sherlock: *stands up; angry* Stop, just stop! *Pushing Greg away*

Molly: *folds her arms around Sherlock’s neck; sighs*

Sherlock: *embraces her*

Greg and John: *laughing; shaking hands*

Sherlock: *confused* Wait, you knew about this?

John: *smiling* It’s not that big a secret, you know. Every time someone just mentioned Molly, a smile cracked over your face. And you’ve been asking a lot about her lately

Greg: *grinning* Yeah! And same for you *puts his hand on Molly’s shoulder*

Sherlock: *relieved*

Molly: *delighted* Well, then there’s no reason to try and hide anything *snogs Sherlock*

John: *laughing* Yes, but you could still pay a little regard. You can do your ‘things’ when you’re alone

Molly: *blushing* Sorry

Sherlock: *starts kissing her neck* then why don’t you leave us alone

Molly: *giggling*

Greg and John: *watching them; smiling*

Sherlock: *puts Molly on a table; snogging her*

Greg and John: *atonished; hurries to the door*

The Truth

A fangirl can act calm, quiet and collective in public until you mention her favorite book/character

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> Why do you like all these fictional characters? They aren't real.<p/><b>Me:</b> Um excuse you but have you seen my sons? * drops a pile of pictures on the floor* And my husbands?? And my babies??? And my boys????? Like look at them what is there not to like???<p/></p>