*falls over and cries*

Incorrect quote #10
  • Rhys: You need them to think you’re stronger than you actually are.
  • Feyre: That’s what you do?
  • Rhys: Me? Oh, no. My power is no illusion. I can fucking demolish you.
  • Feyre:
  • Feyre:
  • Feyre: You cried over a kitten
  • Rhys: (falls to the ground) IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!

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hi! love your account! could you do a scenario of what shinee would be like as preschoolers?

hello there! i’ll try my best anon! 


  • really likes legos
  • does NOT like sharing them 
  • lives for nap time 
  • chicken nugs for lunch all day eryday 
  • pororo band-aids all over him 
  • falls down a lot but never cries 
  • will pass out anywhere 
  • tried to eat a crayon bc he was hungry and couldn’t wait for lunch time 


  • really likes knocking over legos (”I AM GODZILLA”) 
  • therefore is at war with jinki 
  • crazy gelled up hair 
  • is not allowed to have apple juice anymore bc it makes him wayyyyyyy too hyper 
  • “jonghyun stop taking off your clothes”  
  • always has one of those plastic recorders in his hand (toot toot) 


  • adorable!!!!!!! in OVERALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stickers all over his folders and clothes
  • draws on his desk (and taemin) with a tube of lipstick which magically disappears when the teacher looks for it (”you can’t prove it was me”) 
  • learned a curse word
  • will not stop saying it
  • time out time forever 


  • ALWAYS running and the teacher is always chasing him
  • runs like naruto
  • the kid who actually prefers apples/carrots over oreos for snack time 
  • refused to come! back! inside! after recess 
  • buys extra pretzels to share 
  • named his hands and feet 


  • the bowlcut
  • carries around a backpack that is twice his size 
  • literally nothing in said backpack 
  • looks like an angel but is a menace to society 
  • flipped all the chairs in the classroom upside down, refuses to make eye contact when asked why he did that 
  • set the class hamster free 
  • hugs all the girls 
  • a fly landed on him and he was inconsolable for an hour 

The Rifts

old sketch and old idea from awhile back. That the energy (which before I called the Void ahahaa) from the portal when activated can be possibly absorbed by a living being and gain incredible power and knowledge (like Rose with the Tardis soul and Badwolf)

Murder at Stark Manor: Peter Parker X Reader

PART 1 of2

Midtown High Students have come to participate in Liz’s live action role play. The reader wants to confess her feelings for Peter but knows about his crush on Liz. No one actually dies, it’s ok :)

Word Count: 1.8k (OMG I’M SORRY T.T)

Peter Parker x Reader

Based on the board game Clue

Originally posted by she-is-beautifully-broken

It was the middle of the beautiful month of April, and around this time a grand party was about to be announced by the popular Liz Toomes. It was an annual gathering, only certain students were invited to partake in this year’s party. For it would be a party to die for.

“What do you think her party theme is this year?” Y/F/N Y/L/N asked her best friend as they walked through the crowded halls of Midtown High. Peter Parker looked down at her and shrugged, reaching his locker. Y/N picked at her army green sweater as she leaned against the locker next to Peter’s.  She took a moment to admire the spider boy, he was perfect, his hair, his body, even his fingers as they graced the lock.

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@gayradwhitedad i don’t know what im doing rip

Parties were fun now.

It’s not like parties weren’t fun before - it’s just, now that everyone was more themselves after the whole squip incident, it made things ultimately better. Jeremy didn’t feel so alone when he was with these people - his friends - because they all liked him for him and he actually enjoyed going out with them.

Moving across the street, Jeremy watched everyone with fond eyes, his cheeks red and his chest warm from the numbing buzz of the alcohol. Rich and Jake were running around - well, Rich was limping around - way ahead of the entire group, Christine was with the rest of the girls a few feet ahead, while he and Michael lagged behind the rest of them, arms wrapped around eachother for support.

They were all walking in the middle of the street, already a few blocks away from the party they were originally at - they didn’t know where they were going, but they were leaving and Jeremy was okay with that.

Michael suddenly stopped walking, causing Jeremy to look away from everyone and at his best friend, who was staring past him. Turning around, he noticed they were standing in front of their park - the park where they spent most of their childhood at, playing games and chasing each other around like the dorks they were.

“C'mon!” Michael cried, grabbing Jeremy’s hand. Allowing Michael to drag him to the park, he blushed over the warm hand in his, staring down at the ground.

“Look!” Michael shouted, causing Jeremy to look up and - oh no.

“Do you remember when we used to try and climb the tube slide?” He asked, pointing up at said tube slide, which they were standing in front of.

Jeremy nodded, scrunching his eyebrows together as he eyed the Tube of Doom. “Yeah, I do.” The flickering light from the street lamp next to the park made it all the more menacing. He shuddered.

Michael snorted at Jeremy’s actions, removing his hand from the tall boy’s so he could walk over to the slide. Placing a hand on it, he grinned and looked at his friend. “Remember how you could never do it because you sucked at climbing?”


“You were so bad!” Michael snorted again, making Jenemy throw his hands in the air in mock offence.

“I was scared of falling off!” He cried, crossing his arms over his chest. He pouted. “Besides, I could totally do it now.”

Michael’s eyes lit up mischeviously. “Oh really?”


“Alright, then do it.”

Jeremy froze, staring at him, his jaw dropped. Glancing up at the tube slide, he shuffled a bit, nearly taking a step back. He wasn’t actually planning on climbing it, not right now.

Michael gasped, bringing the tall boy’s attention to him. He was still grinning, but he looked like he was on the verge of laughter, fully leaning against the slide now. “Oh my God - you’re still scared, aren’t you?” He teased.

Jeremy, now wanting to prove Michael wrong, was already moving forward. “Shut up, no I’m not,” “ He cried, voice cracking on the ‘scared’. "YOU’RE scared!”

Michael took a step back, his smile dropping as Jeremy stepped onto the end of the tube slide and hoisted himself up onto it. Taking a step back, he held his hand in front of him as if he we’re ready to catch Jeremy if he fell.

“Jeremy, it’s fine if you don’t want to - I was just joking!” He called, but Jeremy just replied with some random weird noise.

Grabbing at the slide, Jeremy forced himself to moved up higher, ignoring Michael’s giggles and snorts from behind him. There was no,way he was going to back out of this now, they killed fucking super computers together, there was no way a SLIDE was going to stop him now.

Gripping onto the sides of the slide, Jeremy decided to glance down at Michael - and immediately regretted it. God, he was so high up and Michael looked so tiny okay not very tiny but tiny enough and if he fell down he would totally die and then it would be Michael’s fault and then Michael would go to prison and —

“Jeremy, you don’t have to do this to prove a point!” Michael called up, making Jeremy blink. Looking down at his hand, which were white from gripping the slide so hard, he relaxed his grip and continued up.

“N - no!” He shouted, voice cracking. “I did this and now I’m comitti -” Jeremy looked down again and squeaked. “HOW DID YOU DO THIS WHEN YOU WERE TEN?!” He shrieked, earning another wheezing laugh from Michael.

Ignoring his sweaty hands, he closed his eyes and gulped, forcing himself up higher. Just relying on the feel of the slide, he continuously reached up and grabbed the slide, doing it until he couldn’t grab anything anymore no matter how far he reached.

Opening his eyes slowly, he saw his hand sticking in the air, grabbing at nothing. Looking around, he let out a strangled noise when he realized that he did it. He actually fucking did it!

“HOLY SHIT, YOU DID IT!” Michael screamed from below, as if reading his mind.

Jeremy threw his hands in the air in victory, despite how fast his heart was beating against his rib cage, screaming right back at Michael. “I DID IT!”

Feeling himself wobble, he immediately grabbed onto the slide, holding on for dear life. Looking around, he kaufged nervously, then looked down at the boy below. “Hey, uh, I don’t think I can get down.”

Everything was silent for a moment, the two of them just staring at each other before Michael burst into laughter, his voice echoing into the night air.

“You’re kidding!” He managed to wheeze out, hugging himself in an attempt to calm down. It failed.

“I’m not!” Jeremy cried, looking back at the slide. He honesty couldn’t find a single way to get down without falling off. God, he didn’t want to die this way.

Hearing Michael shout a quick “oh my god”, he turned his attention back to him to yell, but froze. There he stood, Michael Mell, laughing his dorky laugh without a worry in the world in front of a flickering street lamp at two in the morning - arms clutching at his stomach, cheeks flushed from the alcohol and laughter, hair sticking up in every place possible, glasses askew, freckles in every spot upon his cheeks that jeremy had memorized so long ago, his signature red hoodie crumpled - a perfect man.

“I love you.” Jeremy blurted out without thinking, so captivated by the man below him.

Michael’s laughter caught in his throat, making him choke and cough. Looking up at Jeremy with wide eyes, he called out between coughs. “You – what?!”

Well, Jeremy was already going to die anyways. Might as well get it out.

“I’m in love with you!” He called out, leaning over the slide to get a better look at Michael.

“Jeremy, you’re slipping!” Michael shouted, though his voice was muffled from the hands that covered it. His entire face was hot.

“I know!”

“Get down!” Michael pointed at the ground, looking around, trying to calm his beating heart and ignore what was happening because Jeremy was insane and he was going to fall off and die somehow.

“No! I need you to know that I love you!” Jeremy shouted, voice high pitched and wavering, not even bothering to hold onto the slide anymore.

“Are you INSANE?!” Michael shrieked, running his hands through his hair, pulling at it a bit. God, Jeremy needed to get down now.

“I don’t know, maybe –” All it took was for Jeremy to lean forward a little bit, and then he was off, hitting the ground roughly with a loud shout.

Gasping for air, he stared out at the sky, the stars twinkling above him brightly. Through the ringing in his ears, he heard the sound of feet tapping against the ground and then suddenly Michael’s face appeared in his vision and all of the stars in the sky seemed dim compared to the freckles on his best friends face.

Jeremy liked that he could see Michael’s freckles now.

“My chest hurts,” He wheezed, his voice coming out hoarse. Michael smiled suddenly, relieved giggles slipping past his lips.

“You just fell from a ten to fifteen foot slide, I would imagine it would.” Michael replied, his voice high pitched and his cheeks burning, sitting with him as his friend tried to calm his gasps for air, his mind racing. Jeremy said he love you, Jeremy said he loved you, Jeremy said he loved you –

“So..” He whispered without even realizing, basically staring at Jeremy, who was staring back.


“You love me.”

“I.. d - did say that, yes.”

“Did you.. mean it?” Michael asked, his voice as high pitched as it was before, his entire face as red as his hoodie.

Jeremy felt his own face heat up, but he swallowed and forced himself to nod. “I did m - mean that yes!” He squeaked out, his voice cracking on the 'mean.’

Michael made a weird noise and looked away, covering his mouth. The two of them say in an awkward silence, one too lost in his thoughts, the other literally just screaming in his head the entire time.

“I love you too.” Michael suddenly said, watching as Jeremy sat up the quickest Michael haf ever seen him move in his life, his blue eyes wide and full of hope.

“W - what?!” He cried, his voice cracking.

“I love you too!” Michael cried again, wondering if his face could get any hotter before it sets itself on fire.

Jeremy suddenly jumped up onto his knees, scooting closer to Michael, who’s eyes widened from the sudden closeness. He leaned back a bit, covering most of his face except for his eyes again - the taller boy’s own face was red too.

“Why are you blushing, you said it first!” He wheezed out through his hands, somehow making Jeremy turn an even darker shade of red.

“That’s different!” He squeaked, looking away. The two of them sat there for a moment, too close yet not close enough, silent and awkward. Jeremy slowly looked back at Michael.

“Can we kiss now?”

Michael suddenly shot up off the ground, turning around. “You’re so embarrassing!” He shouted, heading back towards the street, moving in quick, long strides. He heard Jeremy standing up behind him but he didn’t turn around or stop.

“Wait, Michael, come back! I fell off of a slide!”


Now that they were standing on Jeremy’s doorstep, awkwardly standing side by side, Jeremy almost wished he didn’t say anything.

The two of them had walked home in dead silence, too lost in their thoughts to even think about anything to say - but now that they were here, the two of them were at a loss for words, avoiding eye contact the entire time.

“N - Nice, uh, weather we’re having tonight,” Jeremy managed to squeak out, making Michael look at him with wide eyes.

Letting a chokes laugh slip past his lips, Michael blushed and looked down at the ground, running a hand through his hair. “Oh my God, you’re making this so awkward.”

The tall boy suddenly looked at him, mouth dropping, hands grabbing at the air as he tried to stammer his way through whatever this was. “Wh – I – shut up, I - I’m trying to figure out what to s - say!!”

“That’s your problem, stop trying to hard!” Michael shot back, shoving his hands into his pockets, making no effort to look at him. He was just so embarrassed and his heart was beating so, so fast..

The two of them stood there some more, Michael picking at his hoodie while Jeremy rocked back and forth. At the time they both looked at each other, opening their mouths, but faltering at the sight of the other one doing the same.

Michael closed his mouth, and Jeremy took the chance and spoke. “T - Thank you, for coming to the party.. with me.” He mumbled.

Blinking, his friend smiled slightly. “Of course, I would go anywhere with you.”

A second past before they both realized what Michael said, and then their faces were as red a cherries. Looking away, Jeremy rubbed his cheek, smiling at nothing and everything at the same time.

“I had a f - fun time I guess -” He reached for the door knob, pulling the door open. He heard a faint shuffling as he stepped inside, turning around immediately to look at Michael, who just looked even more stunning because of the light shining on him from inside his house.

“Y - Yeah, me too!” Michael said quickly. They were silent again, and Jeremy wished for death quietly as he started go close the door.

“O - Okay, goodnight I gue – ” Before he could even finish his sentence, Michael’s foot appeared at the bottom of the door, keeping it from fully closing. Grabbing the door knob, Michael pulled the door open quickly, eyes wide and full of hope.

“Can I kiss you?!” He shouted, feeling his cheeks heat up again and oh my god he’s blushing so bad and Jeremy is staring he should have just left oh god –

“Yeah -” Jeremy squeaks out, his voice quieter than before. Michael jumps at the sound of it, but immediately steps closer to his tall friend - boyfriend? Oh well.

The two of them shuffle awkwardly before Michael just decides to grab onto his shirt and pull him down a bit, their lips hovering just above one another’s, their breaths mixing. Leaning forward quickly, he attempted to initiate the kiss, but their teeth flanked together and Michael’s glasses nearly jabbed Jeremy in the eye, causing him to pull away.

The two stared at each other, blinking, before Michael burst into laughter. Jeremy watched him, noticing the familiar little things like the crinkle near his eyes and the light shining in his eyes. Feeling better, he joined him quickly, feeling the previous tension melt from his shoulders.

“That - that was such a bad kiss,” Michael wheezed, resting his forehead against Jeremy’s shoulder as he laughed. Jeremy blushed, his laughter dying down shortly after that.

After Michael calmed down, the two sat there like that for a while before Jeremy spoke up again. “M - Maybe we should try again.”

Looking back up at him, Michael searched his eyes before softly saying, “Okay.”

Leaning down, Jeremy made sure to avoid his glasses and gently pressed his lips to Michael’s. Feeling his heart beat soar, he reached up and cupped Michael’s face, gently brushing his thumb against his cheek. The kids was sweet and soft and slow, but it was exactly what these boys had wanted for so long.

Pulling away, Michael gave Jeremy a blinding grin, his cheeks still a dark red.

“That was much better.”

Chocobros, Cor, Nyx, Bonus Ravus : How they handle pregnant S/o


- already has someone design the room for the baby
- He literally can’t stay awake,
- when his s/o is asleep he is too
-baby shower is pretty much planned
- he has enough diapers to last an eons
-he’ll cancel a meeting in a minute if she’s not feeling well (which is almost the whole pregnancy)
-she has to tell him to be king first
-towards the tail end he’s terrified of his s/o
- he is a ghost
- a supportive scared of his wife king
- he asks ignis for advice like everyday
- some days Noctis is scared to come home
- when the baby is here he cries, when the baby is 1 year old he cries.
- if its a boy He names the baby after his father and if its a girl he names her after his mother.
- He spoils the hell out of his kids
- hes def the nice one, his wife is more stern…sometimes


he is so nervous
-“I’m gonna be a daddy, this is a thing”
-he’s taken so many pics of his s/o
-he’s done so much research
-so excited and so proud of her
- already planned all the dad jokes
-decorated the baby room in yellow or purple, chocobos or moogles
-the pantry is packed with food
- his s/o wants chocolate covered oranges at 4am he’s already getting it.
- during her mood swings he acts like a humble servant not wanting to incur her wrath
- she constantly apologizes afterwards but he just kisses all over her
-understands she needs personal space
- Baby is born and he becomes a baby too
- he has twins boys, he’s mindblown
-“How did I help create something so beautiful?”
-“I will be the best dad ever, the dad i wish i had”
- He is taking pictures 24 7
- He buys chocobo, moogle, teddy bear onsies
- when babies get older styles the babies hair like his


-this man has read every book there is
-he’s even trying to educate her
-tries to help her maintain a schedule
- is terrified of being father but excited
-terrified of having a girl, because of teenage years
-terrified having a boy for all of the years
- he hardly gets any sleep
- he watches her like a hawk
-everything she needs is within reach
- he already bought a bugout bag for her
- hes arranged for the best doctors and nurses for her
- he coaches her while she’s in labor
- he doesn’t leave her side till the baby is born
- once the baby is born he holds the baby and cries
- he kisses all over her
- he falls asleep with the baby and they all fall asleep her on the bed in hospital
- he stays up late with the baby to rock them to sleep
- plays educational songs at night
- reads so many books to the baby
- he’s excited to watch the baby grow up, but he’s loving just holding them in his arms.

- Hes an emotional wreck
- the shield has her mood swings
- he will be okay one min then crying the next
- she questions who the pregnant one is
- he goes on jogs with his s/o and does cardio too
- he insits on decorating the baby room
- He’s so nervous like will he crush the baby?
- will the baby like him
- He is sad every time he leaves her side
- she tells him its okay he’s the kings shield
- they spend so many hours cuddled up going over baby names
- His sister kidnaps her to go shopping while he’s at work
- she start to go into labor when there out
- His sister calls gladio and they rush to the hospital
- Noctis, gladio, Prompto, ignis all go to the hospital too
- Gladio gets to hold the baby he melts
- smiling crying and laughing
- “i have another sun in my sky”
- He kisses his s/o and rocks the baby to sleep
- at home he almost always has the baby
- she has to ask for the baby….
- It melts her heart to see her two favorite people cuddled together

- Cor was kind of against having kids because he feared not being around for them
- The fear of his kids not knowing who there father was because he died in war terrified him
- so the pregnancy was unplanned, his s/o was kinda scared to tell him. So she waited a few months
- 3 months later he finds out because she’s doubled over in the bathroom
- Cor is shocked and at first says nothing
- Then he starts crying
- “I’m gonna be a dad, is that something i deserve?”
- Next thing you know his s/o and him are balling there eyes out
- Cor and his s/o decorate the baby room
- Cor never took days off unless it was an emergency
- not in this case he took off ALOT of days
- He takes her shopping
- when his s/o gets bigger she feels insecure and he looks at her and raises an eyebrow
- “Your my wife, and this is natural.”
- He then wraps his arms around her and gives her tons of kisses
- he stays up at night to make sure she doesn’t want anything
- His s/o wakes up to a sleeping cor in a chair next to her
- he makes breakfast EVERY morning
- He even prepares lunch and dinner too
- Makes sure she stays hydrated
- On the special day he holds it together…
- Until he sees the baby
- He holds her in his arms and promises to give her the world
- “you won’t date till your old enough to beat me.”
- His s/o shakes her head
- later he asks his s/o when they’ll have another baby


- Nyx is during a mission when he starts having really bad cramps in his stomach
- he’s dumbled over in pain
- everybody is worried about him
- When he gets home he realizes why
- “Omgosh your pregnant?”
- He picks up his s/o into the air and twerls her around
- He’s so happy then nervous….
- Is he ready to be a father?
- And he’s a glaive he’ll be gone..alot..
- she tell him not to worry, we’ll take it one step at a time
- Nyx wakes up every 2 hours to check on her
- He surrenders the whole bed to his s/o
- towards the middle of the pregnancy she gets mood swings, cravings, the whole nine yards.
- Nyx is super hero on steroids at this point
- Getting off work then making sure she’s okay
- Cooking like never before
- He runs off of coffee, love and the future
- she’ll say something smart due to mood swings
- “call me master!”
- nyx goes along with it then kisses all over her
- Which normally does the trick
- He decorates the baby room with the help of Crowe, pelna and Libertus. Who knew Pelna painted?
- Nyx shows off the sonogram pics to everyone at work
- Crowe comes over alot to help
- Towards the end of the pregnancy
- Nyx has the mood swings, the cravings, the cramps
- “why is life so hard. Why can’t the Nifs just go home and fight themselves. Damn it”
- Nyx is an emotional wreck
- Wakes up in middle of the night crying
- s/o pushes him off the bed alot..
- When nyx finds out s/o is going into labor he literally warps from one side of Lucis to the other
- Warps into hospital
- He cries when he sees the baby
- The baby is a girl and looks like his sister
- Names baby after his sister
- King regis even comes to see the baby
- And all of the glaive
- Nyx passes out later with baby in his arms
- At home he sings the baby to sleep
- his S/o takes alot of pics of him and the baby
- Nyx takes the baby on walks
- he’s overprotective already
- once the baby is alittle he buys the baby a puppy


- With everything thats happened in his life he feels like he is too tainted to have a child.
- Though he’s wondered what it would be like to give someone better than what he had..
- Sone years passed and he asked his s/o for a baby
- She was embassared
- Few months later Ravus is smiling from ear to ear when he hears the news
- “I’m having twin girls?”
- He literally falls apart….
- He already knows what he’s going to name them
- Of course he checks with his s/o
- he is constantly at his s/o side
- she is just happy to have him near her
- She cuddles up in his arms
- Until morning sickness kicks in
- He is so worried
- He didn’t know she’d be like this
- Starting to worry if he wanted was the right thing
- She reassures him she’s okay
- From that moment on he reads so many books
- so he can be there for her, he asks luna for advice and help
- He makes sure there are nurses by her sise 24 7 if he’s not there
- He plans a baby shower in Tenebrea
- He buys clothes for her to wear during her pregnancy
- He makes sure the cooks don’t put too much salt
- Nothing to strong in smell
- He calls every hour to check up on her
- she goes into labor while he’s away
- He’s super hurt
- “darn my life who couldn’t i be there now? Some father i am..”
- His s/o reassures him that its okay
- When he gets back he runs home and sees his s/o and the baby curled up in the bed
- He leaves the room and cries
- He goes for a short walk and then cones back
- his s/o hands him the twins
- the babies just smile
- Ravus folds
- the twins are named after his mother and sister
- Once the babies are older he takes them to see king regis
- To make amends
- Ravus feels that his world is complete

First Time For Everything

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Request: Hey! Could you write a fic where you and Dean are together and when they have sex for the first time he’s really rough and doesn’t know she was a virgin. And when they’re “finished” he sees the blood and asks her about it and feels really bad for being so rough. So he does something really romantic for her and then fluffy fluffy fluffy smut? Really slow and sweet with cuddles and kisses and all the romance?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,200ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: I love how sweet this one got…

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work out the knots

It happens again, two days later, when they lose three people to black rain. Three people who, coincidentally, all had spots on Clarke’s list. 

“So, who is lucky enough to make the cut now, God?” Jasper asks her that night. She doesn’t answer him, instead storming off to her quarters and ripping the list to shreds.

Bellamy finds her standing in the tattered pieces, not crying but not exactly keeping it together either. He places both hands on her shoulders this time.

“We’ll figure something out,” he says slowly. 

“I am so tired of figuring things out.”

Bellamy hums in agreement. His thumbs dig into her back and she groans.

“Shit, sorry,” he says, quickly retreating. 

“No!” Clarke turns and grabs his hand. “It, uh, it felt nice.” Then she flushes, struck by the absurdity of it all. “Sorry, never mind.”

“I can, um,” Bellamy clears his throat, nodding towards the couch and keeping his eyes firmly trained on the floor. “If you want me to work out the knots, or whatever.”

Did he just offer to give me a massage? Clarke wonders. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can you make a scenario of hoshi? Make it super angst but fluff in the end. You can do whatever you want I just want to cry right now lmao btw I love your blog 😘

- kwon soonyoung is immortal
- he’s lived for over two hundred years now and he’s somehow still not bored??
- with every new era, he just finds something new to do and someplace new to explore
- he meets many different people and makes new friends
- and it’s just so easy for him because he’s so funny and cute and kind and everyone who meets him automatically loves him
- you may ask HOW is soonyoung immortal??
- we’re going to get into the magic now ok so basically when he was born, words were tattooed on his wrist which said the words “you’re my hero” and turns out they’re the first words his soulmate would ever tell him
- he would grow until he’s 22 years old and then aging would stop for him
- once he finds his soulmate, and if they loved him back, then he would age
- that was the contract. if he couldn’t find them, he’d be cursed to roam the earth forever
- so it’s the joseon dynasty and soonyoung is a foreigner to this little village where he sees this suspicious-looking person jump over a fence and he’s like well this should be fun
- he silently follows them and looks over the fence to see the person practicing their sword-fighting and he’s like WOAH THEY’RE SO COOL
- he overhears two guards approaching and one of them is like “hey we should probably go check if someone’s behind that fence, the queen specifically ordered that anyone found be brought to her”
- and soonyoung’s like NOT HAPPENING and he jumps over the fence and grabs the sword-fighter’s hand who looks at him like ??? UM WHO ARE YOU
- soonyoung’s like “shhh stay down!!” and he pulls them behind this stack of torn-up dummies and chipped wood the sword-fighter probably created while practicing
- they’re both down while the guards walk around the area, and they shift a little closer when one of the guards walks a little too close to the pile
- luckily the guards leave, and soonyoung and the person let out a sigh of relief
- they both sit up and look at each other before bursting into laughter
- soonyoung says “that was close huh?’
- the person nods and says “you’re my hero”
- and soonyoung’s world just stops
- he looks down at his wrist, at the words written on his skin….. and he SMILES because he found his soulmate!!!
- he doesn’t immediately tell them that in fear of scaring them off so instead he says “if it’s all right….. would i be able to meet you here every day?”
- the person just nods their head and says “i’ll be here. you can call me (name)”
- “i’m soonyoung!! it’s nice to meet you!!”
- and they both become acquaintances, meeting there every day, just talking and laughing and soonyoung even learns how to sword-fight a little
- one day soonyoung gets called up to the palace and he’s like WHAT DID I DO I WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE A QUIET LIFE
- but then he gets there…… and sees the sword-fighter in royalty clothing….. and his eyes just go wide
- but instead the queen says “i’ve been looking for someone to watch over (name) for a while now…. someone who could keep up with them, that is. and it seems they’ve chosen you”
- and so soonyoung becomes their knight or bodyguard i guess you could say, and he even gets a nice little room in the palace as per his soulmate’s order
- he’s more like babysitter though because theY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING HIS HANDS FULL
- they’re pretty rebellious royalty
- they’re always escaping the palace to practice their sword-fighting in that restricted area, out climbing trees in the nearby forest, freely running along the fields under the bright sun
- and soonyoung admires their bravery, their adventurous spirit…. it’s refreshing to watch, really
- one night before soonyoung can even get some sleep, he overhears someone trip in the hallway and he already knows who it is
- he gets up and slides open the door only to catch his soulmate standing frozen in front of his door
- soonyoung laughs “what is it now?”
- his soulmate grabs his hand and says “shhh let’s go” while pulling him forward
- they sneak out of the palace and go to the nearby field, where there’s a beautiful view of the night sky sprinkled with shining stars
- soonyoung knows all about constellations so he points at each one and tells his soulmate all about them and they’re so fascinated by it all
- when soonyoung finishes, his soulmate gives him the nickname hoshi
- “why hoshi??”
- “it means star in japanese. every time i look up at the night sky from now on, it’ll remind me of this moment”
- and the nickname just….. sticks
- soonyoung starts introducing himself as hoshi after that
- one night after sneaking out to the field again, his soulmate says “let’s get out of here” and hoshi sits upright and looks at them like…. “what did you say?”
- they say “let’s get out of here. you know…. explore the world? i’m sick of this place”
- hoshi screams “what?! we can’t—anyone caught outside the village’s borders gets killed how could you even think of that?!?!?!”
- his soulmate says “i sneak out every night and don’t get caught, i’m sure we could do it. besides, my mom wouldn’t kill her own child, and she loves you too much to kill you too. the worst thing that could happen is that we get dragged back here. and it honestly wouldn’t even matter if i left….. my sibling could take my place. they’re more fit for the throne anyway”
- hoshi KNOWS it’s such a horrible, risky idea
- if they do manage to escape….. how would the village react to an heir disappearing?
- there would be CHAOS
- but the thought of living an adventurous life….. growing old with his soulmate…… he makes the selfish decision of “let’s go”
- the next night, they pack up some food and clothes and head outside to meet up, making sure to disguise themselves and sneak past guards
- “i can’t believe this is happening” hoshi’s soulmate says
- and when he looks at them….. for the first time since he met them…… they’re smiling genuinely, and he’s starting not to worry anymore about their decision
- they spend a few days walking in the forest, taking breaks for meals, and sleeping under the stars
- but everything goes downhill when they finally pass the border
- they’re caught by the guards of the neighboring village, and rather than giving in and being dragged all the way back to the palace, hoshi’s soulmate takes out their sword
- he’s like “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! YOU SAID WE’D JUST GO BACK IF WE GET CAUGHT” and his soulmate says “i lied, there’s no way i’m going back there”
- hoshi, who really doesn’t want to fight, knows that they can’t fight alone and so joins in on the fight
- but they’re no match against six knights
- hoshi is being held down by three knights, while his soulmate clashes swords with the three others
- one of the knights say “drop your sword now or die” and obviously the rebellious royal says “never” and kicks the sword out of their hand before sending a swing at them, injuring their arm
- hoshi screams for his soulmate to stop
- but the world stops instead when one of the knights stabs their stomach
- hoshi screams at the top of his lungs and escapes the knights’ grasp as he rushes over to them
- “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!?” he screams, punching the guard who stabbed his soulmate down
- he of course ended up getting really injured, but he faked being unconscious and was left behind along with his soulmate
- the guards though they were dead so they didn’t bother taking them to their queen
- when the guards are out of sight, he quickly crawls over to his soulmate and lies their head on his lap
- “don’t die don’t die on me come on (name) you’ll be all right i promise you’ll be all right”
- but he knows it’s a lie, and his soulmate knows that very well too
- “why didn’t i just stop you…. if i wasn’t so selfish you’d….. we…..” hoshi cries, covering their wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out and their breathing is slowing down
- they place a hand over hoshi’s and smile “hoshi…. i’m sorry it turned out this way but….. thank you for everything you’ve done for me…. thank you for this little taste of adventure….”
- and their hand falls
- hoshi’s eyes widen and he tries to wake them up but…… nothing
- he sits there with them on his lap while his tears fall on their face while he cries “i’m sorry” over and over
- when night falls, he looks up at the stars and recalls that night they first snuck out together to watch the stars
- unable to withstand that painful memory, he takes back his real name soonyoung
- and he starts to hate stars
- the next morning, he buries his soulmate and places the healthiest flowers he can find on top of their grave
- he whispers “i love you” before getting up and leaving
- he decides to start over in a new village because going back would bring back too many painful memories
- many lonely years pass after the death of his soulmate and while he’s out running some errands, he passes by a crystal clear lake, where he stops to stare at
- but then he sees his reflection in the water and realizes
- he hasn’t aged a day
- his soulmate…… didn’t love him back
- they liked him. they liked him A LOT. but “like” is different from “love” and it isn’t enough to break the spell
- this news hits hoshi HARD because this means he would never age because they died
- he hated it……. he hated knowing that he ruined his one chance and now he would be alone for the rest of his life
- because he knew that he’d outlive any friend he makes
- the happy, energetic and smiley hoshi we all know
- is now the sad and lonely soonyoung
- fast forward a few centuries and it’s now modern day, and soonyoung is living a relatively normal life as a part-time choreographer for a dance school
- and one day this person he’s never seen before enters the dance studio wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and he’s like oh well must be a new student or something
- so soonyoung’s class is normal as usual; he turns on some music and continues with where he and his students left off last class
- when suddenly these two bodyguards enter through the doors and one of them says “we’re looking for (name)”
- and soonyoung’s students are all like omg!!!! (name) is here????
- soonyoung’s like “(name)?? as in the idol (name)?? why would they be here—” and his mouth opens slightly when he sees you place a hand over your lips going shhh!!!
- that’s right you’re the person with the sunglasses and hoodie
- one of the bodyguards says “don’t lie to us, we saw them enter through here” and soonyoung says “you must have made a mistake because only my students are allowed to enter this place” and so the guards just give up and leave
- you let out a sigh of relief when they leave and you shoot soonyoung a thumbs up
- soonyoung lets class end early that day and while you’re packing up your things, he walks over to you and laughs “that was close huh?”
- you laugh and say “you’re my hero”
- the world stops
- and after hundreds of years…… soonyoung’s eyes light up again
- he looks down at his wrist and stares at the tattoo for a while before looking up at you who’s still laughing about the whole thing
- but that’s when you sling your bag over your shoulder and say “it was nice meeting you. if it’s no trouble at all…. would i be able to come back again?” and soonyoung just nods his head while staying silent
- you wave goodbye as you leave the school and soonyoung’s lips curve into a genuine smile for the first time in forever
- he found you
- so you start passing by more often and you notice how good soonyoung is at dancing and honestly he interests you a lot to the point that you even contact him to be your personal choreographer
- and soonyoung doesn’t know what to say because…. this is all too familiar….. he feels like he’d just lose you again
- but he makes the final decision of yes because he realizes that maybe he was given a second chance to find his soulmate
- and this time
- he’ll make it work
- so he goes to your company the next day and you meet him at the door where you officially re-introduce yourself and you both head to the studio to start practice
- but then soonyoung realizes “wait. you don’t dance. you just…… sing. or they’re simple steps?”
- and you grin “so you do know a bit about me. i can’t dance at all….. which is absolutely pathetic considering i’m an idol huh? i was recruited for my voice. my dancing skills are non-existent”
- and you tell him that you always escape the building to clear your mind off of it because it stresses you a lot and hiding is the only thing you could do for now
- soonyoung realizes just how similar you are to his past soulmate but he realizes just how different you guys are too
- you both like to run from things you don’t think you could do
- for his past soulmate, it was ruling as the heir to the throne
- for you, it’s performing like an idol should
- soonyoung grins “okay well i’ll teach you how to dance. your comeback is in about three months right? i promise i’ll help you with dancing until then!”
- and for once, you feel confident in yourself
- he goes through the basics with you with simple choreo but it gets especially hard when you have to sing while dancing
- “how do you dance so amazingly?? it’s like you’ve been dancing for centuries”
- and soonyoung’s like “HA you have no idea”
- you say “you should be an idol too. you can sing and dance?? you’re a born star” after realizing what you said, you laugh and say “hey, what do you think of the nickname hoshi?”
- soonyoung freezes
- you continue “it means star in japanese!! i think it matches you well—”
- soonyoung firmly says “no.” and you look up to see his eyes covered by his bangs and his signature smile isn’t on his face like it always is. he continues “i… hate stars.”
- he ends practice early that day and you just wonder what you said that was so bad that made him this upset
- soonyoung immediately feels the regret after saying because WOW HE JUST FOUND HIS SOULMATE AGAIN YEARS LATER AND HE’S PUSHING THEM ASIDE
- but he always feels bad…. you’re his soulmate but…. is he falling for you only BECAUSE you are?? only BECAUSE you remind him of his past soulmate??
- he wants to change that…… he wants to love you for you
- dance practices are kind of awkward now and you both HATE it
- after a long day of practicing, you and soonyoung both part ways and you’re on your way home when you pass by the park and decide to go to your favorite spot to kill the time
- but then you notice that someone’s already there you’re like whO THE FRICK ARE YOU
- the person then turns around to reveal soonyoung
- he says “oh (name)! what are you doing here??” and you say “oh i…. usually go here to kill some time…. not really in the mood to head back yet”
- you walk over and sit next to soonyoung and it’s quiet at first until you ask “if you don’t mind me asking….. why do you not like stars?”
- and he just smiles sadly and says “let’s just say i used to know someone who loved them.” you notice that he said “used to” and you don’t say anything after that
- but one thing soonyoung doesn’t like is silence so he starts a conversation with you and it goes so smoothly
- you guys even find out you have so much in common and you laugh as he goes off about how much he loves shinee and fried chicken
- he then brings up the thing about you dancing by saying “so have you been coming by my dance school to hide from those bodyguards??”
- and you shake your head and say “it may seem like that but no….. the first time i came in was to hide form them but after that, i came willingly….” he asks why and you reply “BECAUSE you’re just so amazing when you dance. you really inspired me to actually work harder in dancing”
- and that’s it. soonyoung’s face warm up and he smiles widely at the compliment
- this becomes routine for you guys: intense dance practice, dinner, park.
- you both become really close because of this and time goes by way too fast because before you know it, you’re already standing backstage for your comeback performance, ready to go up in about thirty mins
- you’re panicking like “what if i forget the steps?? what if i get backlash for dancing so badly??”
- soonyoung notices your stress and leaves the room only to come back with a cold drink in hand
- he walks up to you and holds it against your cheek and you jump in surprise
- you turn around and he grins “don’t stress!! i know you’ll do great!!” and you just kind of blush as you open the can and drink from it
- you finish your drink and you’re called up to perform a few mins later
- you turn to soonyoung for reassurance one last time and he grins at you and says “do your best!”
- you get on stage and the whole audience is AMAZED by your dancing!!! you’ve proven yourself to be a hard-working and good performer!!!
- after the show, you can soonyoung decide to go to your usual spot and by then the sun just went down and stars begin appearing in the sky
- you look up worriedly and ask “is this all right?” and he says “it’s fine.”
- you say “so? do you think i did good?”
- soonyoung teases “ACTUALLY you were a beat off in the second chorus—”
- you’re like “HEY” and he says “I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING YOU WERE GREAT LOL”
- you laugh and look up as stars start appearing in the sky and the moon is so bright and pearly that night
- you smile and tell him “it’s all thanks to you, soonyoung”
- and he’s as humble as ever and he says “no, you’re the one who worked hard to improve”
- you shake your head and say “without you, i don’t even know what i’d be doing now. it’s only been three months but it’s just…… been so fun with you…..”
- you turn to him and look into his 10:10 eyes while he gently places his hand over your cheek
- you both lean in and share a kiss under the night sky, pulling away after a while to look up at the stars once more
- and that’s when soonyoung realizes
- he doesn’t hate stars anymore
- you say “i think i love you, soonyoung” and he just grins and says “call me hoshi”
- one day, while you and hoshi are taking a walk in the park you suddenly run over to the little bridge connecting one part of the park to the other
- you’re waving hoshi over and when he makes it there, you point down at the water below you two and exclaim “i loved this place when i was younger!! i loved seeing all the pretty fish”
- while you’re watching the fish swim around in the lake, hoshi is just focused on one thing
- he aged
- he knows he did, even though the change is so small. he was shorter when you both first met, and now he towers at almost a head taller than you
- while you’re still watching the fish, he takes your hand which surprises you for a second
- you turn to him and see him still looking down at the waters, and you just smile and squeeze his hand a little tighter

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Fume (M)

Drabble game request: Jin + “It’s getting late.” | for anon

Character / Genre: Seokjin x reader | Smut, angry/make up sex. Tried to add fluff - but you know me. | 2,590 words (this happens a lot, I’m sorry)

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Yeah i know I’m late again but here, have a shitty gif to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the gravity falls finale!
Man it’s been one year and I’m still not over this show… *cries*

Wolfsbane: part two. [Smut]

A;N: So, this originally was a request by the lovely @montanagirlatheart and with her permission I decided to continue on the story. Hopefully you guys like it! 

Pairing: Scott Mcall x Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content. 

Word count: .4,857 

Listen to me.

part one. 

Originally posted by whovian182

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