Fallen Angels || Cheshire&Beckett

Though Beckett was nervous, he knew that bad things only happened after the progression of a good thing. In the case of his outing with Cheshire Davenport, the nerves mostly came from getting his skull bashed in, but even that didn’t stop him from wanting to go out. His entire body was tense with anxious feelings, and the only thing that seemed to dull the ache that had settled in around him as of late. So as he started following the shorter female, Beck only shoved his hands in his pockets and trudged along behind her, a small smirk on his face.

“So” he muttered, able to catch up with her at a gentle pace. “I’ve only been to Celebrities like once or twice and I’m not totally familiar with the atmosphere.” The male furrowed his brows, realizing that even the sound of his small talk. Clearing his throat, he let the air around them go silent, figuring that the girl would speak when she wanted to.

Fallen [M]

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If this is wrong, Woozi doesn’t want to be right.

Woozi x reader


i actually kinda like this because nervous jihoon is so cute im emo


When you think of angels, what do you picture in your mind? A kind, loving figure dressed in white, wings of pure light sprouting from their back and a halo of gold hovering over their perfect head? A parent figure, watching over you as you go through your life - a friend, guiding you to choose the right things to do in life?

In reality, angels were the exact opposite.

They were cold, unloving creatures who were appointed to various people in the world. Their personalities helped them to make decisions, leaving no room for bias or understanding - they only dealt with the raw truth, and their emotions were always put behind them.

Which is why Woozi was in so much trouble. The number one rule for angels was to not fall in love. And what did he do? He fell in love.

He knew when he started smiling at every thing you did, he was in trouble. He knew when his stomach started doing a weird flipping thing whenever you smiled, he knew when he laughed at your horrible jokes, he knew when his heart ached every time you cried. He was in trouble.

He remembered the day he had his wings taken away well. The head supervisor, Jin, had realised that Woozi had fallen in love when he failed to fulfill his task (helping you fall in love), and immediately sentenced him to life on earth, clipping his white wings with golden tools that allowed him to sprout pitch black ones, officially proclaiming him a fallen angel.

But, unlike they had hoped, Woozi wasn’t completely miserable on earth. The angels had accidentally sent him down in the same city you were in, landing him in your path. He remembered the first time he had spoken to you, at a bar; the usually stoic man found himself a stuttering, blushing mess, but luckily you seemed to like him, because you asked to see him again, at the same time and place the next day.

Woozi had never looked forward to something more in his life.

You and Woozi became friends quickly. You liked talking to him - he always knew what to do when you had a problem, and he had a way with words that always made you feel better. You liked him.

Soon, not a day went by that Woozi wasn’t at your apartment (after you figured out that he had no place to stay, you instantly let him move in - he was no trouble and didn’t have much, anyway), and he soon knew everything about you.

It was only a matter of time before you figured that there was something strange about Woozi - whether it was the fact that he wore the same clothes, didn’t have a job, or house before he met you, had no friends or family and knew virtually nothing about anything, but you eventually confronted him on what - who - he was.

That was the day you had been shown his wings, feathers of midnight black and tips of shining silver, sprouting from the tan skin on his back and arching into the air. That was the day he revealed his past, and why his future was set in stone. That was the day he confessed he loved you - that was the day you returned his feelings. That was the day you made love for the first time.


“I - I don’t know how to do this,” Wooxi gulps breathily, chest heaving and lips swollen and red. His pale cheeks course with rosiness, embarrassment flushing through his system at his inexperience. “Angels, we don’t - they don’t do this kinda stuff…”

“That’s okay,” you murmur back - one, two, three kisses placed on his soft lips, soft breaths echoing throughout the cold night air. Perhaps, the empty rooftop wasn’t the best place to be at midnight - but it seemed like a good choice an hour ago, fluffy blankets thrown over the cold outdoor couches and the smoggy stars and streetlights illuminating your area. “I’ll teach you.”

He says he has no experience but his hands so naturally trail up your back, grasping at your waist and trying to pull you closer to the growing bulge in his pants, sending shivers down your spine as a hand slips passed your shirt to smooth over your bare skin.

You have no idea how long you sit there, kissing and basking in the presence of each other; by the time you decide to move on, your lips are tight with smiles and your hearts are pounding, cheeks burning and stomachs swarming with butterflies.

“You’re so beautiful,” Woozi marvels with wide eyes as you clamber off of his lap with a giggle, raising your hands above your head to remove your shirt easily, leaving you in a lacey bra that has his mouth watering.

“Not as beautiful as you,” you tease back, climbing back onto his lap a second time to reconnect your lips. All traces of uncertainty and shyness are gone - the kiss is sloppy and excited, smiles blooming against each other’s lips and necks.

Woozi is about to argue back, though a throaty groan interrupts his train of thoughts as you suddenly start to your hips roughly against his - his eyes widen as he experiences sexual pleasure for the first time, his eyebrows furrowing and throwing his head back. His voice is extremely musical, you find, moans and groans and whimpers flowing not unlike music through the empty, chilly air (which is gradually growing hotter).

“F-fuck,” he gasps breathlessly, as he begins to experimentally roll his hips into yours. “O-oh - oh my-”

You know he’s so unbelievably responsive because this is the first time he’s ever experienced any type of sexual pleasure. And that, paired with the fact that he looks so incredible underneath you, makes you excited to continue on.

“Let’s take these off,” you suggest with a pant, sliding back onto his knees and starting to unbutton his shirt, revealing an expanse of pale skin for you to mark. Another time, you think to yourself after you’ve sucked only a few red blotches onto his skin. We’ll have more time for this later.

His pants follow shortly, and then his briefs; and then he’s completely bare underneath you, all pale and flushed and looking every bit of the angel he used to be, pale pink hair brushing over his forehead. And his cock - you almost feel your mouth water - equally as pale, not so long but very thick, sprouting from a bed of dark curls with prominent veins running along the underside. You want to put your mouth on him, you want to send him back to heaven - but with how he’s looking at you, wide eyed and desperate, you figure that he wants to get to the main event as quickly as you do.

You hear him gasp softly as the clasps of your bra are undone, revealing soft and smooth skin - and a glance at his face when you pull down your trousers and panties shows you how excited he must be - his mouth is open in a gape, eyes running over your body as if you would disappear if he didn’t. His dark, soft eyes flicker back to yours. “You really are beautiful.”

You smile bashfully as you sit yourself on his lap, almost moaning at the feeling of his cock bumping against your clit, along with the gentle touch of his hands roaming along your back. “Are you sure you want this?” You feel as if it’s too late to ask, but you want to be sure.

“I was kicked out from heaven because I was so in love with you,” Woozi chuckles, meeting your eyes with a surprisingly mischievous glint, “What do you think?”

You shake your head, a short laugh escaping you. “True,” you agree, as you grasp him in your hand, the feeling of him, so warm and throbbing with need driving you crazy. You hear the tiny grunt he lets out as you rub him along your weeping slit - thank God angels can’t procreate -, and you bite your lip, hiding a grin as you start to inch him in, bit by bit.

His eyes widen, pupils dilated, and his breath catches in his throat at the indescribable pleasure that’s coming from something as simple as being wrapped around by you, your walls velvety and smooth and warm and wet at the same time. “Holy - fuck, you feel s-so good, _____…”

“So do you,” you moan in agreement, your chest rising and falling harshly as you begin to bounce. “So thick, and fucking hot-”

The feeling of him entering you and leaving you has you whimpering loudly, clit grinding against his pelvic bone occasionally as you continue to move. The atmosphere is hot and cold and slow and fast at the same time - the contrast of chilly air against your lewd actions has you shivering in arousal, gulping needily as you feel the knot in your stomach tighten. You take a look at Woozi - which is a mistake, if you planned to hold out for any longer:

His head is thrown back, revealing the long slope of his neck, Adam’s Apple bobbing with every laboured gulp he took, his face, sweaty and glowing, contorting with pleasure every time you bottomed out. His hands were locked around your waist, his mouth open in pure pleasure. Fuck.

You can’t form the words to tell him you’re cumming - your throat seems to close as you meet your end, pussy spasming erratically around him as you release your sweet nectar onto his cock. He must feel you tightening and untightening around, because the sensation causes him to cum - his back arches as he lets out a strangled moan - “I love you, fuck-”

And his seed is filling you up, coating your walls with white and making your fingers cling to the back of the outdoor couch desperately.

“Is this what angels are missing out on?” He asks dreamily as you remove him from inside you, using your underwear to clean yourself up - your apartment is only a few floors down, anyway-, and pulling your clothes on with jelly legs and tired arms. “They always tended to look down on humans for having sex and falling in love.”

And as you help him redress, giggling as he places kiss after loving kiss on your lips, resting your head on his shoulder as you walk to your apsrtment, Woozi thinks about how he’s always been told how this is wrong.

He doesn’t think he wants to be right.

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Son las 3:26 y estoy en la cochera de mi casa esperando a que mi mamá llegue,ni si quiera se me pasa por la mente sacar copia se alguna de las llaves para no tener que estar aquí sentada como estúpida.
Los vecinos que pasan se me quedan viendo súper raro,y es que conocen a mis papás y a mis hermanos pero a mi no,nunca salgo,ni a la tienda,quizá me vea raro porque piensen que estoy loca;una niña de 15 años sentada en la cochera escribiendo notas en su celular porque ni si quiera tiene saldo para marcarle a su mamá.
Espero que no tarde tanto en llegar,hace un sol que parecen 3 y yo,como de costumbre,estoy vestida de negro.
Escucho que un motor se aproxima,y de verdad deseaba que fuese ella pero no,es uno más de los tontos vecinos que rodean la colonia.
Enfrente de mi casa hay un parque;no tan grande,pero es realmente hermoso.
Puedo ver sus grandes árboles que sobrepasan los cables y postes de luz. También observo la arboleda que está en todo alrededor del parque,es fantástica,veo flores de todo tipo,me dan ganas de ir y arrancar una rosa de el rosal que está a unos 10 metros de mí;pero sé que el vecino que se encarga de el mantenimiento de el parque es un gruñón y que,a penas acercándome al rosal ya estaría tirándome una cubeta de agua helada,mejor no me arriesgo.
Mi mamá acaba de marcarme para avisarme que ya está a unas cuadras de aquí,me entró emoción porque ya entraré en la casa,pero también nostalgia,y es que hizo falta que mi mamá no estuviese en casa para darme cuenta de las maravillas que tenía frente a mí, literalmente.
A veces uno mira hacía atrás cuando lo lindo está hacia adelante.

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I was tagged by @mahstatins to name 10 things I love list and tag 10 people and while I usually put these off because I’m doing a million other things.  Today I’m happy for the opportunity to be distracted from the ‘adult paperwork’ I’m trying (and not really succeeding) to do…

1. My family                                                                                                           2. Captain Swan                                                                                                   3. Cats                                                                                                                 4. Dogs                                                                                                                 5. The sound of the ocean                                                                                   6. Chocolate                                                                                                         7. Music -except rap and I just can’t                                                                     8. Reviews on my Beach House                                                                           9. My kids’ laughter                                                                                               10. A good  OUAT speculation discussion

Tagging 10 friends, some of whom are new that I’d like to get to know better. @winterbaby89 @stubble-sandwich @cupcake-killian @hookinakilt @afairytaleprincess @apirateandaprincess @revanmeetra87 @captainanimeswan @thesschesthair @onceupona-fallenangel

New RP blog + Others

I haven’t exactly made the new blog but it will be called; fallenangel-moms (and it will be SFW)

Other RP Blogs I have:

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Please check them out, and feel free to send in anons/rp starters/etc..

If you want to do a NSF|W rp, please either private message me, or send me an ask off anon so I can reply privately. That can go for all RP blogs except Raptor-Ego and Fallenangel-moms

Yes. That means Author is up as well.

Keep in mind, I’m not used to straight rp’s, so if it ends up awkward/one-liners, I’m sorry. And I’m just not used to rping NSF|W anyway.

So uh.
Thanks for reading.
I’m going to go find an icon for the new RP blog now

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